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Humidity Meter - Measure the Parameter of Environment


Technical appliances has improved the functioning of the industrial sector and offered a concept that was almost impossible few years back. Our daily requirement of work and life is incomplete without electronic gadgets. Humidity meter is one of them and it is widely used in the industries to measure the humidity and temperature of the environment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Humidity Meter - Measure the Parameter of Environment

Humidity Meter (Measure the Parameter of
  • Will it see low humidity each manufacturer has a
    unique sensor element bug most commonly used
    technology is capacitive. This humidity meter has
    the faster response time to notice the changes in
    the humidity and read accurately at a low level
    of humidity as well.

  • Are any chemicals or contaminants present Each
    sensor has weakness and strength with certain use
    of the chemical. So, it is recommended for you to
    know the list of chemicals where the sensor will
    be installed. Compare the manufacturer
    compatibility chart. It will help you to select
    the right humidity meter.
  • What accuracy is required It depends on the
    application of the gadget. Accuracy is a critical
    but important element of the gadget usage. You
    need to understand the complications of the
    accuracy. For example, if you need a higher level
    of accuracy in your work environments such as
    hospitals and labs. If accuracy is not your
    primary concern, then less accurate RH sensor can
    work also.

  • What drift rate can I accept Drift is the
    inherent feature of the humidity meter and it
    occurs over time due to humidity meter features.
    This happens with the regardless of the
    manufacturer concern and it is recommended to
    select the sensor with low drift value of less
    than 1 per year.
  • What is the operating temperature range Is the
    sensor is installed in the narrow temperature
    range such as an operating room? Do you want to
    install in outdoor or duct applications where it
    can see a wider range of temperature? Consider it
    before your selection.
  • Does the meter have temperature effect and is it
    compensated Manufacturer compensates with the
    Humidity meter as they are all affected by the
    temperature. This temperature effect is expressed
    as C or F. Most humidity meters are calibrated
    at 77F(22C). So, it is recommended to select
    low-temperature effect humidity meter.

  • How does the manufacturer calibrate the sensor
    Is it NIST traceable?- Each manufacturer has a
    different calibrated meter. Many meters are
    manual calibrations at only 3 RH values. The best
    humidity meter is digitally calibrated at
    multiple RH values against NIST.
  • Can the humidity meter be recalibrated in the
    field Due to quality, drift and installation
    environment, RH sensor needs to be recalibrated
    or can be replaced? These do not have the
    additional cost but surpasses the original
    purchase price if consider at the beginning of
    the project. Most humidity meter can be
    calibrated with the use of a potentiometer. The
    solution is to have interchangeable humidity
    meter which is computer-calibrated and are less
    expensive and does not require additional devices.

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