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Diabetes Medications | Diabetes Treatment – Realhealingproducts


Realhealing products gives 100% diabetes medications and gives a better result in your body diabetes treatment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Diabetes Medications | Diabetes Treatment – Realhealingproducts

100 Real Healing Products
  • Unfortunately, diabetes is a very common
    condition that many people deal with. You and I
    both probably have a handful of people you know,
    family, friends, etc., that are diagnosed with
    this disease. For those of you who may not know
    diabetes is a disease in which the body is unable
    to properly use and store glucose (a form of
    sugar). Glucose backs up in the bloodstream
    causing one's blood glucose (sometimes referred
    to as blood sugar) to rise too high. There are
    two major types of diabetes. In type 1 (formerly
    called juvenile-onset or insulin-dependent)
    diabetes, the body completely stops producing any
    insulin, a hormone that enables the body to use
    glucose found in foods for energy. People with
    type 1 diabetes must take daily insulin
    injections to survive. This form of diabetes
    usually develops in children or young adults, but
    can occur at any age. Type 2 (formerly called
    adult-onset or non insulin-dependent) diabetes
    results when the body doesn't produce enough
    insulin and/or is unable to use insulin properly
    (insulin resistance). This form of diabetes
    usually occurs in people who are over 40,
    overweight, and have a family history of
    diabetes, although today it is increasingly
    occurring in younger people, particularly

Effects of Diabetes On Your Body
Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease includes blood vessel
disease, heart attack and stroke. It is the
leading cause of death in Australia and America.
The risk of cardiovascular disease is greater for
people with diabetes, who often have increased
cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Smoking,
having a family history of cardiovascular disease
and being inactive also increase your risk.
Eye Conditions
  • Retinopathy is with retinopathy, the blood
    vessels in the retina become damaged which
    eventually affects your vision. Retinopathy has
    various stages. In its early stages, there are
    usually no symptoms, so having a full diabetes
    eye check is essential to detect it early.
    Regular eye checks help detect any changes and
    allow for early treatment where needed to prevent
    further damage
  • -Macular oedema is the macula is part of the
    retina and helps you to see things clearly.
    Swelling of this area can happen when the blood
    vessels in the retina are damaged, causing fluid
    to build up. This can lead to the macula being
    damaged and vision may become blurry. Treatment
    is available. Early detection is important
  • -Cataracts is the lens of the eye becomes cloudy
    and can cause vision to become cloudy, distorted
    or sensitive to glare. People with diabetes can
    develop cataracts at an earlier age than usual
  • -Glaucoma is the pressure of the fluid within the
    eye builds up to a higher level than is healthy.
    This pressure can damage the eye over time.
    Glaucoma occurs in people with and without
    diabetes, but is more common in people with

Kidney Disease
People with diabetes are at risk of kidney
disease (nephropathy) due to changes in the small
blood vessels of the kidneys. Kidney disease is
painless and does not cause symptoms until it is
Teeth and Gum problems
People with poorly managed diabetes are at
increased risk of tooth decay and gum infections.
This is because the small blood vessels that help
nourish your teeth and gums can become damaged.
(Dental and gum infections can also lead to high
blood glucose levels.)
Diabetes Treatment
About this product
natural diabetes support. All natural prebiotic
Xylo-oligosaccharide regulates insulin and fights
the bacteria that causes diabetes. DIABETES TYPE
2 SUPPORT - This product has been shown to
naturally regulate insulin and improve your
quality of life. May help improve Diabetes 1 as
Kosher, Certified Halal, FDA Approved, ISO 9001,
14001 18001 - Insulin UC (Under Control) is
safe for men, women and children. Children
suffering from diabetes may take half the dosage
- Reduces glucose HbA1c, metabolizes blood sugar
in pre diabetic subjects, reduces OGTT 2-h
insulin response in pre-diabetics
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