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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Arizona


A serious disease, addiction to alcohol can affect one both mentally and physically and lead to problems in one’s personal, professional and social life. Owing to its addictive nature and severe withdrawal symptoms, it is often difficult to treat alcohol addiction on one’s own. To ensure a long-lasting recovery, a comprehensive treatment at alcohol addiction treatment clinics in Arizona combines medically assisted detox along with behavioral therapies. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Arizona

Arizona Alcohol Addiction Helpline Call
Our 24/7 Alcohol Addiction Helpline (866)
About Alcohol Addiction
  • The Arizona Alcohol Addiction Helpline is here to
    help you find the assistance you need in
    combating alcohol addiction. We provide
    information on alcohol addiction, let you know
    what treatment options are available and connect
    you with the treatment program that best fits
    your needs. If you or a family member have
    questions about alcoholism or are seeking help,
    please call the Arizona Alcohol Addiction
    Helpline to speak with a member of our team. They
    will be happy to assist you.

Alcohol Addiction
  • People drink to socialize, celebrate and relax.
    Numerous people drink alcohol almost regularly
    without issue. When alcohol is being used to
    function and cope with daily life, it denotes a
    serious problem. How much is too much? Why do
    some people become addicted while others do not?
    The effects of alcohol vary from person to person
    depending upon how much and how often they drink,
    their age, their health status and their family
    history or genetics. Alcohol addiction, also
    termed alcohol abuse, is prevalent throughout the

Causes Of Alcoholism
  • Alcoholism is influenced by genetic,
    psychological, social and environmental factors
    that impact how a persons body and behavior is
    affected. For example, a person who is the child
    of an alcoholic is more at risk to develop
    alcohol addiction than someone else. Likewise for
    someone who has dealt with trauma and/or abuse.
    Alcohol addiction occurs gradually for most
    people. As the condition progresses brain
    chemicals change, affecting how a person
    experiences pleasure, judgment and the ability to
    control their behavior.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  • Those struggling with alcohol addiction should
    seek help sooner rather than later for the issue.
    Our goal at the Arizona Alcohol Addiction
    Helpline is to provide you with treatment options
    and provide information as to what is available
    to help you. Alcohol abuse is a disease which
    affects the brain and body. A person addicted to
    alcohol will continue to drink even in the face
    of obvious harmful effects. Refusal to
    acknowledge alcohol abuse is common and many
    suffering from this disease will blame other
    people for their continued use of alcohol.

Therapy For Alcohol Addiction
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, shortened as CBT,
    is usually one-on-one with a therapist and also
    in a group setting, led by a therapist. This
    therapy focuses on replacing negative thoughts
    with positive thoughts by redirecting old habits
    into new channels leading to a healthier outcome.
    Most therapists have patients practice these
    methods outside of therapy as homework. Coping
    skills are taught such as how to deal with
    cravings and how to develop strategies to avoid
    alcohol and prevent relapse.

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