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Exadata Training | Oracle Exadata 12c DBA Online Training-GOT


Exadata Training is an data appliance,fastest database machine.Oracle Exadata 12c DBA online Training,X6 by corporate trainers at reasonable price in GOT – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Exadata Training | Oracle Exadata 12c DBA Online Training-GOT

  • https//www.globalonlinetrainings.com/exadata-trai
  • info_at_globalonlinetrainings.com

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  • Exadata Training is Data appliance. Oracle
    Exadata is pre configured cluster data sever. The
    first version of Oracle Exadata created in
    2008.It was collaboration between Oracle
    Corporation and Hewlett Packard. Oracle Exadata
    is worlds fastest Database machine.Oracle
    Exadata is best platform for all database
    workloads. Exadata Training Eliminates
    long-standing trade-off between Scalability,
    Availability, and Cost. 
  • The Exadata machine created by oracle and
    software by sun. Oracle Exadata 12c Online
    Training is a best platform for All database
    workloads. Exadata is a fully managed service. We
    can also build a lot of applications without
    writing any code.Global Online Trainings gives Exa
    data Training by best Trainers. 

Features of Exdata Training
  • Below are the some essential features of Oracle
    Exadata Training
  • Smart Analytics
  • In this queries are moved to storage but not
    moved storage to quires.
  • Automatically unload and correspondence quires
    across all storage servers.
  • Using the above two features it works 100 times
    faster in Exadata Training.
  • Unload scans on encrypted data with FIPS
  • Smart Storage using hybrid columnar Compression
    we can reduce the space occupied by data tables
    by 10 times of normal occupying data tables. In
    exadataTraining the hybrid columnar Compression
    is used for organizing data in Exadata smart
  • Smart OLTP we can reduce the complication in
    OLTP (Online Transaction processing) workloads by
    Exadata using managing mixed workloads.
    InfiniBand protocol empowers the maximum speed
    and minimum latency Of Online transaction
    processing. The InfiniBand is used in computer
    networks to increase the performance of speed and
    reduce the latency in between computer servers in
    Exadata training. 

Configurations of Oracle Exadata Training
  • Different configurations those are available in
    Oracle Exadata.
  • Full Rack
  • Half Rack
  • Quarter Rack
  • Full Rack Full Rack contains 8 Database Servers
    and 14 storage servers. We can get the three
    racks in same tower. In full rack it will be full
    from top to bottom. It is before configured for
    best, effective performance. Redundant power
    distributions Unit (PDU) are available in this
    full rack.
  • Half Rack Half rack consists of 4 Database
    Servers and 7 storage servers. In half rack the
    half will be empty. It is also before configured
    and for good performance. In This also PDUs is
  • Quarter Rack Quarter Rack consists of 2 Database
    Servers and 3 storage servers. In Quarter rack
    the will be getting quarter of the half rack will
    be full rack. It is also configured before for
    effective performance. Redundant power
    distributions Unit (PDU) are available in this
    rack also.

Exadata Training Cloud Services
  •  Oracle Exadata is ideal database service which
    is fully managing priority. It is Oracle Exadata
    12c dba Online Training and includes lot of
    development tools. And its conveniently priced.
    Ideal use case for Exadata is small and medium
    size production databases and also used for
    development and test databases. Exadata is a
    fully managed service. We can also build a lot of
    applications without writing any code using
    application express frame work which is part of
    Exadata express. Using this exadata training we
    can build web applications, web based mobile
    applications and also web sheet application
    without write any code. And also get prebuilt
    applications for free. If we want to deploy a
    simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
    and also simple departmental survey are
    available.We provide best Oracle exadata training
    with real time experts.

Advantages of Oracle Exadata Cloud Services
  • One database services for all workloads on
  • No need to use different services based on
  • Run any infrastructure component in any location.
  • Every application runs without change.

Important things of Oracle Exadata Database
  • Database Cluster Database clusters runs in the
    Intel based Database Servers on Oracle Linux or
    Solaris11and Oracle Database 11g.
  • Storage Grid Storage Grid runs on Intel based
    storage servers, 504 terabytes of raw disk and
    5.3 terabytes of flash storage.Global Online
    Trainings provides Oracle Exadata Administration
    material also.
  • InfiniBand Network It is one of the most
    critical networks to the Exadata training
    machine. And internal 40 Gb/sec network. So
    Communication between internal components of
    database machine is leaving part.Infiniband
    network is unified server and storage network.
  • Exadata Training Built-In Hardware Redundancy
  • Redundant Database Server In Oracle Exadata
    Highly available clusters servers and hot
    swappable power supplies and fans in active
    configuration. And also redundant power
    distribution units like fans are available.
    Oracle database certification training also
    available in our GOT and trainers will trained
    very well.
  • Redundant Storage Grid Data influenced across
    storage servers redundant and non-blocking IO
    paths. Youre not compromising of multiple
    workloads of exadata machine.

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