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More About Tennis Court Construction


1. Tennis Court Resurfacing. 2. Tennis Court Installation. 3. Tennis Court Construction Planning. 4. Construction Requirements For A New Tennis Court. 5. Tennis Court Contractors. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: More About Tennis Court Construction

More About Tennis Court Construction
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • Tennis Court Installation
  • Tennis Court Construction Planning
  • Construction Requirements For A New Tennis Court
  • Tennis Court Contractors

Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • When you find a construction company that can do
    the job for you, make sure that the professional
    team is using a crack repair system with trusted
    components. You also want to work with a company
    that has a team skilled in levelling the court if
    need be and restoring the surface of the court if
    you havent been able to play on it for an
    extended period of time. If youve decided that
    you want to make some aesthetic changes to your
    tennis court, its important to work with a team
    with experience in changing the surface material
    or surface of the court. You may also want to ask
    about a maintenance program that the building
    company has. In most cases, this will entail a
    professional coming out to your property annually
    to take a look at the tennis court and make minor
    repairs if necessary. Its best that the
    companies you work with have experience handling
    asphalt and concrete and can renovate your tennis
    court in a way that allows you to play for hours
    without putting strain on your knees or other
  • If there are cracks in the tennis court, these
    will be repaired with a concrete solution that
    will seal the crack and keep it from spreading.
    Depressions and low spots are also repaired and
    filled in so the surface of the court will be
    even. When the court is level, its more
    difficult for water to accumulate on the tennis
    court and cause damage. After taking a good look
    at your tennis court, your professional repair
    team may need to make corrections to the
    perimeter to make the court bigger or smaller
    depending on the design aesthetic you want for
    your property. This is also a good time to have
    rust of corrosion removed from various parts of
    the tennis court, and to have the tennis court
    checked for quality and durability. After you
    complete the first tennis court resurfacing, you
    may want to have a professional to add another
    coat of protectant every three years or so, just
    to make sure that there are no hidden damages in
    the tennis court that could get worse over time.

Tennis Court Installation
  • Once you have a clear idea of the type of tennis
    court you want, youll need to figure out where
    you want the court to be positioned. If you
    decide to have the court built on slightly
    elevated terrain, its best to have a special
    drainage system installed so that the rain and
    snow wont ruin your court.
  • Youll also need to get fencing for the tennis
    court. In most cases, its best that the fence is
    not higher than 6 feet, but depending on where
    your tennis court is positioned, the fence can be
    between 8 and 12 feet. The fence is an essential
    part of your tennis court, because it gives you
    privacy and protects your court when its not in
  • Dont forget that the lighting for the tennis
    court is important as well. When you have proper
    lighting for the court, you can play well into
    the night, which means that you dont have to
    stop playing tennis once the sun sets. Lighting
    also comes in handy if you enjoy playing tennis
    during the warmer months of the year. The right
    lighting makes it easier for you to see the ball
    when youre playing and you can even include
    various coloured bulbs in the court lighting to
    customize the space and make the tennis court
    coordinate with the rest of your outdoor décor.
    Be sure to ask the builders to make the lights
    easily accessible, and be sure that the lighting
    is not too close to the court, since this could
    cause a glare that could make it difficult to see.

Tennis Court Construction Planning
  • Be sure to have the ground tested in the area
    where you want to build the tennis court. Make
    sure that the ground is solid and will provide a
    sturdy foundation for the court. If the ground is
    hilly or slightly elevated, it may be best to
    choose another location or to have a landscaper
    level the land before the tennis court is
    constructed. A landscaper can also tell you
    whether the ground will sink in due to constantly
    wet weather or extremely cold conditions. This
    will let you know how to care for the tennis
    court once it is constructed as well.
  • Your tennis court contractor will then measure
    the area where you want to have the tennis court
    construction and give you the perimeter
    specifications. This part of the process is also
    necessary if youve purchased a property that
    already has a tennis court and want to make it
    larger or smaller. The court should be spacious
    enough for you and your colleagues or loved ones
    to enjoy an entertaining game, but not so large
    that it becomes difficult to maintain, or you
    dont have room to install other amenities in
    your yard.
  • Once the perimeter of the tennis court has been
    determined and the asphalt is laid, you should
    also ask the contractor if special types of
    concrete are needed to fill in any sunken areas
    of the tennis court. You may also want to ask
    about protective covering for your tennis court.
    This coating will keep the court safe during snow
    or rain, and you can even have it customized to
    feature the theme colors of your business or the
    decorative theme of your residential property.
    Creative tennis court contractors may also be
    able to include your company logo or your
    familys monogram in the center of the tennis
    court to further personalize this addition to
    your property.

Construction Requirements For A New Tennis Court
  • The normal tennis court for playing doubles is 60
    feet by 120 feet, and the measurements are from
    fence to fence. If you want to build more than
    one court in a battery, its best to add at least
    48 feet to the width of the court. For instance,
    two tennis courts would be 108 feet by 120 feet,
    which means that three tennis courts would be 156
    feet by 120 feet. These factors depending on
    court site topography, as well as the
    requirements for drainage and the tasks youll
    need to perform for landscaping. If its
    necessary to cut down and clear trees in order to
    build the tennis court, the area should be at
    least 15 feet past each side of the tennis court.
    Of course, this also depends on the type of trees
    youre clearing and the size of the trees.
  • The tennis court should be positioned north/south
    on your property, because the net line is
    supposed to be on an east/west axis. This keeps
    the sun from getting in your eyes while youre
    playing during the early morning or late
    afternoon hours.

Construction Requirements For A New Tennis Court
  • Its also very important that your tennis court
    has great drainage around it. This will allow you
    to play even when there is light rain and will
    keep the court from getting ruined by water
    damage. If you build the court on steep land,
    youll need different drainage methods than if
    you build on level ground. Retaining walls are
    often best the higher up the court is.
    Landscaping around the perimeter of the tennis
    court should be kept to a minimum so that you
    wont damage the drainage system.
  • Youll also need to think about installing a
    fence around the tennis court. The average height
    for a tennis court fence is 10 feet, but you can
    also include a fence for the court that is
    between eight and 12 feet tall. Its not
    necessary to install a fence on the sides of the
    tennis court in all cases, or you can make the
    fences on the sides shorter than the rest of the
    fence by three or four feet. Galvanized chain
    link fences are best for tennis courts, or you
    can choose a chain link fence with vinyl coating
    that has a steel or wood frame.
  • Depending on the weather where you live, you may
    also want to get a windscreen for the tennis
    court. This will keep the wind from interfering
    with your game and gives you more privacy when
    youre on the court. Its best to keep the
    windscreen at 6 feet or shorter, unless you
    reinforce the screen to ensure that it wont fall
    over during intense weather.

Tennis Court Contractors
  • First, make sure that the tennis court
    contractors you choose have a wealth of
    experience, especially when it comes to
    installing tennis courts on property that is
    similar to yours. For instance, if your backyard
    is on a bit of an incline, youll need to work
    with tennis court contractors who know how to
    build an attractive court even when the ground
    isnt level. You should also ensure that the
    contractors youre working with know how to work
    with the materials that youve selected for your
    tennis court. If you need a special type of
    concrete or want to make sure the asphalt that
    the court is made from with withstand harsh
    weather conditions, discuss this with your
    contractor before the project begins.
  • Next, youll need to see that all the accessories
    for the tennis court will be added according to
    your preferences. You may want to lighting around
    the tennis court so that you can easily play a
    game or two during the evening hours. If so,
    youll need quality lights that are positioned in
    a way that wont cause a glare while youre in
    the middle of a game. If you want the asphalt for
    the tennis court to be particularly soft so that
    you wont cause damage to your joints during the
    course of a game, let your contractors know this
    so the right materials can be used to create your
    tennis court. Youll also need to take a look at
    the materials that are used for the tennis net to
    ensure that it will stay in place game after

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