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Darjeeling Black Tea – What’s so special About It?


Darjeeling Black tea is special for its flavors, texture, and aroma. The tea is the original variant of the Chinese Camellia Sinensis, but the unique climatic conditions make it more flavorful here. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Darjeeling Black Tea – What’s so special About It?

Darjeeling Black Tea  Whats so special About It?
  • Grown on the foothills of the Himalayas, the
    Darjeeling tea is known for its unique flavors,
    taste, and texture. However, a very few people
    know that when referred to this beverage, there
    are actually a list of variants like black,
    green, oolong, and white. Among these, the
    Darjeeling black tea is the commonest of all.
    This has a characteristic downy shoots. The color
    of the hand rolled leaves range from green to
    dark chestnut brown.
  • Why is it special?
  • This beverage is popular all around the world for
    its nutty, muscatel flavors. Because of its
    unique taste and aroma, this is often called the
    champagne of teas. Not just good in terms of
    taste, but this product also has a plethora of
    health benefits. It is a beverage that you can
    enjoy at all times, ever day.

  • The Himalayan hills are the perfect regions for
    the growth of the best variants of teas in the
    world. The plants are grown at an altitude
    between 400 to 2000 meters. The rich, loamy soil
    of this region, accompanied with lots of rainfall
    creates the best of conditions for the growth of
    black tea variant.

Unlike other teas, the Darjeeling black tea is
not completely oxidized, thus, the original taste
and flavors of the leaves are well
preserved. Knowing Darjeeling black tea
better It is said that the first tea plantation
was started by the Englishmen who brought tea
seeds from China. The tea grown in this region is
original Chinese Camellia Sinensis that was first
planted here towards the middle of the 19th
century. The exceptional climatic conditions of
this region lead to the unique color, taste,
flavor, and texture of this tea. This crop is
harvested around five times per year first
flush, in-between flush, second flush, third
monsoon flush, fourth autumnal flush. Among all
these, the spring first flush is considered to be
the most flavorful of the teas. The leaves are
mostly from the youngest of the shoots, often
called the golden tips. It is less oxidized as
compared to the other flushes. Connoisseurs
across the world love this first flush variant of
Darjeeling black tea.
Benefits you can enjoy As you take sips of the
worlds best teas, you must know the health
benefits as well. This beverage helps in boosting
metabolism, relieved diarrhea as well as
constipation, reduces heartburn, and relieves
stomach discomforts. So, wait no longer to
search for a suitable seller of authentic
Darjeeling black tea. Buying tea online is
recommended as it is convenient as well as
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