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Tips For Financial Planning - WiselyInvest (1)


WiselyInvest is a top Financial Planner which has qualified investment professionals who guides individuals and corporations to meet their financial goals. We are specialize in Systematic Investment plan (SIP), Tax Planning, Bonds Investment, Portfolio Management and Mutual Funds Automated Re-balancing System (MARS). For more details visit : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips For Financial Planning - WiselyInvest (1)

  • Your Financial Planner
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About Us
  • Certified Financial Planner and Advisor in Surat,
  • Cater to financial planning needs of customers
    from various walks of life
  • Provide Investors need based solutions to
    accomplish their goals
  • Superior Financial Services of pre-investment and
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Our Services
  • Systematic Investment Plan
  • Tax Planning
  • Bond Investment
  • Portfolio Management
  • Mutual Funds Automated Re-balancing System
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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
  • It is an investment vehicle offered by 
  • mutual funds to investors, allowing them to
  • invest small amounts periodically instead of
  • lump sums.
  • The frequency of investment is
  • usually weekly, monthly or quarterly.
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  • Planning your taxes is an integral part
  • of your financial planning.

1. Systematic Investment Plan
  • Sec 80C of the Income Tax Act allows you
  • to claim deductions from your taxable
  • income by investing in certain investments.
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Bonds Investment
  • in which an investor loans money to
  • A bond is a fixed income investment 
  • an entity (typically corporate or
  • governmental) which borrows the
  • funds for a defined period of time at
  • a variable or fixed interest rate....
  • Owners of bonds are debtholders,
  • or creditors, of the issuer.
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Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Management Services account
  • is an investment portfolio in Stocks,
  • Debt and fixed income products managed
  • by a professional money manager, that can
  • potentially be tailored to meet specific
  • investment objectives. 
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Mutual Funds Automated Re-balancing System
  • MARS manages asset allocation of your
  • Portfolio in line with the market movement
  • based on solid NJ research
  • It helps in capturing the upside in the market
  • while protecting the downside. Also, your
  • money is invested in consistently performing
  • schemes, shortlisted based on NJ research.
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Why WiselyInvest
  • WiselyInvest has a professional financial
    advisors who suggests
  • and renders financial services to clients
    based on their financial
  • situation. We also offer many financial
    services, such as investment
  • management, income tax preparation and bonds
  • We lay high emphasis on educating the investors
  • providing them need based solutions to
    accomplish their goals.
91 93747 26576 
91 93747 26576 
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