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Learn Management Consulting Skills by Expert Toolkit


Learn management consulting tools & techniques by Expert Toolkit. Over 150 pages of how-to instructions, templates & tips to get you proficient fast. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Learn Management Consulting Skills by Expert Toolkit

Learn the Core Skills of Management Consulting
Learn the tools and techniques used by the best
management consultants from the leading firms.
  • Learn the tools and techniques used by all the
    leading consulting firms. If you want to learn
    how to be a great consultant and build a solid
    foundation of skills, these are the skills you
    just need to know.
  • The Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle
    toolkit contains 10 tools and over 150 pages of
    detailed how-to instructions, templates and tips
    from the experts to get you to maximum
    productivity quickly. 

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Tool 1 Workshop Facilitation
  • Learn how to run workshops of 10 to over 100
    participants like a professional facilitator.
  • Master the techniques used by the leading
    management consultants who know how to
    orchestrate large business audiences to solve
    complex problems and design new ways of working.
  • You'll get details how-to instructions and tips
    on everything from managing difficult audience
    members through to the practical instructions for
    preparing and running a successful workshop

Tool 2 Hypothesis-based Analysis
  • A vast majority of high pressure top-tier
    consulting projects used hypothesis-based
  • Also known as inductive reasoning,
    hypothesis-based analysis is a key to making
    consulting engagements move in a fast and focused
  • Once you learn how to perform hypothesis-based
    analysis, your productivity will increase
    substantially and you'll be capable of getting to
    the root of critical business problems without
    any wasted time or effort.

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Tool 3 The Five Whys Method
  • The Five Whys method is a disciplined and
    structured method for conducting root-cause
  • It is extremely effective in workshop
    environments and one on one settings.
  • As a competent practitioner of the Five Whys
    method you'll know how to uncover business
    improvement opportunities quickly and reliably.

Tool 4 Affinity Diagrams
  • Affinity Diagramming is a flexible method for
    taking disparate ideas and information sets and
    bringing structure and organization.
  • Affinity Diagrams are highly effective in group
    environments for gathering a wide range of ideas
    and inputs and looking for common themes and
  • Affinity Diagrams are useful for brainstorming,
    requirements gathering and root cause analysis.
    Become a master of Affinity Diagramming.

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Tool 5 The RACI Process
  • The RACI process is a powerful tool that aids in
    ensuring appropriate allocation of work across
    team members in a consulting engagement.
  • It is also a useful business analysis tool that
    allows a deeper understanding of how work is
    distributed in operational environments. Get the
    instructions and templates to do RACI right.  

Tool 6 Data Collection Planning
  • All good consulting projects start with a clear
    data collection plan. Data collection planning is
    an essential part of high quality business
    analysis - ensuring that the right data is
    gathered in the right ways in order to build up a
    deep understanding of current operational
  • Knowing through data how the business operates is
    a foundation step necessary before improvement
    can take place. Get the templates, expert tips
    and instructions on how to do data collection
    planning effectively.

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Tool 7 Brown Paper Process Mapping
  • Brown paper process mapping is one of the most
    powerful (and possibly underrated) management
    consulting skills.
  • It involves facilitation, stakeholder management
    and disciplined process analysis skills. Master
    this technique and you will be able to drive
    incredible business value in an accelerated time
  • Get detailed instructions, expert tips, templates
    and you'll be a master of brown paper process
    mapping in no time. 

Tool 8 PEST Analysis
  • PEST analysis is a proven, reliable method for
    understanding and analyzing market dynamics,
    industry trends and the macro-environment.
  • This allows formulation of strategies and
    initiatives to drive business growth and secure
    market share against the competition.
  • You'll learn how to do PEST Analysis with
    detailed instructions, templates and tips from
    the experts. 

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Tool 9 Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  • Porter's Five Forces works hand-in-hand with PEST
    Analysis and is a very effective, reliable
    management consulting method for analyzing market
  • You'll get step-by-step instructions for how to
    use Porter's Five Forces Analysis, templates and
    expert tips to avoid common mistakes and maximize
    the value you deliver. 

Tool 10 Business Improvement Benefits Cases
  • Writing a robust business case for any business
    improvement initiative is a critical management
    consulting skill. In this guide you'll learn how
    to create a benefits case, how to test it and how
    to extrapolate the results as you scale your
    business improvement program.
  • You'll get detailed instructions for writing a
    benefits case, a fully worked example and a
    proven template for writing your next benefits

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These tools will make you a better management
consultant or your money back!
  • The team at Expert Toolkit are so confident that
    the Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle with
    its 10 tools, detailed instructions, tips,
    examples and templates will make you a better
    consultant that we offer a complete money-back
    guarantee should you not be 100 satisfied.

  • Buy it today, start using the tools in your
    business and with your clients and if youre not
    completely satisfied, simply let us know and
    well issue you a prompt refund.
  • Get the Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle
    for only 49.99. You will receive an email with a
    secure link to your product within 5 minutes of
    completion of your order.

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