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Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease is a dreadful ailment which could start as simple shaking of the hands, but may lead you to getting bedridden! So, be alert and approach a specialist as soon as you observe shaking or rigidity in your hands. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinsons disease is a disorder related to the
nervous system that affects movements of the
various parts of the body, which starts as small
feeble symptoms, but gradually grows into bigger
troubles. Because it is a neurological disease,
you may think that you will need a neurologist
to help you treat this disorder, but youre
wrong. You need specialists to treat this
disorder someone like Dr. Shivam Om Mittal the
most successful and recognized Parkinsons
disease specialist in Bangalore.
How is Parkinsons disease developed? When
Parkinsons disease strikes, the brain of the
patients progressively stops producing dopamine,
a neurotransmitter that is produced by brain
cells to relay messages to different parts of
the body, which results in smooth coordinated
muscle movements and functioning of the body.
Therefore, the loss of dopamine results in
difficulty for the patient to coordinate the
movement of his muscles. How can you identify
Parkinsons disease? Parkinsons disease begins
with very unnoticeable signs like small signs of
trembling of hands. Others may experience
stiffness in the hands and slowing down of
movements. While these signs may be neglected
and ignored, they may lead to bigger problems if
you dont have them diagnosed quickly. So,
whenever you notice your hands trembling or
becoming stiff, or you notice slowing down of
your movements, slurred speech, or difficulty in
fine motor skills, you must immediately contact a
What are the possible reasons for Parkinsons
disease? While Parkinsons disease may be genetic
and may have come down to the child from his
mother or father, other factors like advancing
age or over exposure to certain toxins could
also be a reason. So, while there is nothing that
we can stop doing to avoid Parkinsons disease,
we know that we can restrict the disease from
growing further, if we have it diagnosed and
treated as soon as you notice a change in your
movements. How is Parkinsons disease
diagnosed? When you approach a specialist and he
sees any possibilities of Parkinsons disease in
you, he will ask you to undergo various tests
like MRT, PET Scans, blood tests or physical
examinations. How is Parkinsons disease
treated? Although there is no permanent cure for
the disease at present, yet you can be treated
with certain medications or surgeries to provide
relief and hinder the growth of Parkinsons
disease to a further stage. The first
possibilities to treat the ailment could be
through medications like Syndopa or Tidomet,
which break down to dopamine, which is the main
element whose loss in the brain results in the
disease. Other medications could include
ropinirole, pramipexole, rotigotine, or
amantadine. If the medications dont work, the
Parkinsons disease specialist in Bangalore would
then have you operated for a Deep Brain
Stimulation surgery, which is a USA-FDA approved
treatment. This surgery stimulates a small area
in the patients brain which improves the motor
symptoms of Parkinsons disease like tremor,
rigidity, and slowness. However, even after this
surgery, the patient is given a dosage of oral
medications. For more information, visit our
website http//