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3 Benefits of Yoga for Senior Citizens


Yoga is one of the best types of exercise that serves to all age groups without lacking a full experience. It is safe and effective program to keep a person active and mentally relaxed. There are countless benefits of yoga for youth as well as senior citizen such as increased flexibility, enhance sense of community. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 Benefits of Yoga for Senior Citizens

3 Benefits of Yoga for Senior Citizens
  • If youre a newcomer to the world of
    exercise then the sheer amount of types can be a
    little daunting at first glance. While many
    exercises claim that everyone can join in and
    find something which appeals to their needs,
    genres which truly embody this togetherness
    sense. Yoga is one of the types of exercise which
    caters to all generations without lacking a full

  • One way in which yoga has gained an intense
    following across all age groups is its ability to
    give senior citizens a safe and effective program
    to keep them active as well as help to alleviate
    common issues which become more apparent as we
    age. There are countless benefits seniors can
    gain from regular yoga participation, but below
    weve selected three top benefits to consider if
    youre looking for a program which gives you a
    total workout without pushing too far then check
    out our list below to learn more.

Arthritis Treatment
  • Yoga offers both mental relaxation as well as
    physical fitness. For seniors suffering with pain
    such as arthritis or limited mobility, yoga might
    be the perfect remedy to help in minimizing the
    effects of arthritis. Different types of yoga re
    especially helpful to those with arthritis, such
    as restorative yoga. Gentle poses modified to
    meet your needs can help decrease inflammation
    and ease suffering.

  • Arthritis is a widespread issue which impacts
    a majority of people as they age. Starting a
    daily regimen of yoga a program which can often
    be modified to accommodate your needs is a
    great way to not only help your arthritis
    symptoms, but slow down its progression.

Increased Flexibility
  • Remaining flexible as we grow older is a
    vital part of remaining mobile. Senior citizens
    are often prone to encountering mobility issues
    as they age which means a variety of health
    problems can arise. These can include arthritis,
    weakness, muscle pain, as well as falls from
    lowered coordination.

  • Weekly or daily yoga classes can improve your
    mobility to prevent possible falls, as well as
    increase flexibility. Being active as a senior
    citizen is what can keep your mental health high
    as well as physical health in a positive stat.
    Gaining more flexibility with yoga can be a major
    benefit in helping you maintain a fit and active
    lifestyle no matter what age you are.

Sense of Community
  • This benefit on the list might seem a little
    different than the above two for good reason. A
    major benefit for the elderly thats often
    overlooked is a sense of community within yoga.
    Weekly classes can lead to a feeling of family
    amongst your classmates. One major hurdle which
    many seniors face as they age is a sense of

  • To combat this loneliness, joining a yoga
    class can open new doors and a new community.
    Forming relationships in your class can help
    improve your overall mental wellbeing. Connecting
    with fellow classmates can develop new
    friendships which can lead to activities outside
    of yoga class as well. Inside the class your yoga
    family can inspire you to try new poses and moves
    you never thought was possible before. A sense of
    community in your senior yoga class can boost you
    to reach your goals and create new ones.

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