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Wall Art Paintings for homes is a unique way of making your homes beautiful. It defines the people and their artistic bend of mind. mostly for wall art wall decor,wall painting for bedroom,hanging wall decor,wall hanging art. visit us at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 11 Different Types Of Wall Art Paintings - ShowFlipper

11 Different Types Of Wall Art Paintings

  • Wall Art Paintings for homes is a unique way of
    making your homes beautiful. It defines the
    people and their artistic bend of mind.
  • Wall Art ideas are many but there can be many
  • Let us check out the 11 different types of wall
    art paintings which will define your walls and
    beautify your homes.

Contemporary Abstract Wall Art
  • Abstract contemporary wall art paintings are
    unique and define the times of people living in a
  • This type of wall art could be anything from just
    colors or shapes etc.
  • They add a pop of color to otherwise empty and
    boring walls over cabinets.

Aboriginal Abstract Wall Art Painting
  • Aboriginal art is the oldest ongoing traditional
    art form.
  • Aboriginal art is all about story telling that
    uses earth colors and fluorescent.
  • Aboriginal wall art paintings can be a great
    impact piece for hallways or living areas.

African Wall Art Paintings
  • African art is expressive with earth and human
    life themes and abstract elements. These canvas
    drawings give a meaning to wall décor.
  • This type of art can give new meaning to old
    rooms or can be a great addition to the dining
    room wall.

Graffiti Wall Art Paintings
  • Graffiti or Urban Art and art sketches are a
    colorful expression of views, stand points and
    also include socio-political messages with
    stunning artwork.
  • This type of art is well suited for the walls of
    teenagers and for strong opinionated adults.
  • This type of art goes well on walls of bachelor
    pads or studio apartments or homes.

Japanese Wall Art Paintings
  • Japanese wall art paintings are a league of their
  • It has elements of feminity and manliness to it.
  • This type of wall art is best for womens retreat
    rooms or homes which has cherry blossom prints
    and geisha themes. Or with warrior strength or
    war images, it can style a man cave.
  • It can also define the plain interiors of
    bedrooms with both themes for delightful results.

Chinese Wall Art Paintings
  • Just like Japanese fine art paintings for walls,
    Chinese wall art has its own style with blossoms,
    dragons and pagodas.
  • This type of art is a masterstroke with subtle
    use of tone and color.
  • As this is heavily inspired by ancient times, it
    can definitely lift up the décor of your bedroom
    or living room areas.

Islamic Pattern Wall Art Paintings
  • Islamic art is the art of dreams for any interior
    decorator and designer. It has symmetry, is
    complex in nature, has a color scheme and a
  • This type of patterned art goes well with the
    color on the wall, color and pattern on the
    cushions and rugs. It can be a great addition to
    almost all rooms in the home.
  • It can also be used as a great accentuation to
    the walls of the bathrooms, a tradition found in
    traditional Turkish Baths.

Indian Wall Art Paintings
  • Indian art is mainly opaque watercolor art with
    themes of gold, kingdoms, animals and flowers
    with depiction of emotions.
  • It is a graceful form of wall art décor for any
    room in a house.
  • It specially goes well with hallways, dining
    rooms, living rooms etc.
  • It can also add a rich feel to offices, and
    commercial and semi-commercial establishments.

Fantasy Wall Art
  • Fantasy wall art is heavily inspired by magic,
    mythology, mystical or can be inspired by
    cartoons, folklore and legends.
  • This type of wall art is best suited for intimate
    rooms such as bedrooms etc for couples that
    inspire romance and love.
  • It can also add charm and intrigue to living
    rooms or guest rooms. This wall art can also help
    inspire children if used in proper ways for
    children rooms.

Sci-Fi Wall Art Paintings
  • Sci-fi wall art is niche type for homes that have
    an open mindset.
  • This type of wall art could be a great addition
    to the office accent walls or the wall of the

Spiritual Wall Art Paintings
  • Spiritual wall art décor is a matter of personal
    choice and is very limited to personal tastes and
  • This type of wall art can be a great pop of color
    for archaic interior settings or empty walls over
    old fire places.

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