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Aggressive Driving in Texas


Causes Of aggressive driving and tips for avoiding aggressive driving. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Aggressive Driving in Texas

Aggressive Driving In Texas
Causes Of Aggressive Driving
There are many potential causes of
aggressive driving. The most common include
stress and anger, personal problems, and running
late to work or an appointment. Aggressive
driving often leads to accidents, and usually
doesnt actually get people to their destination
that much faster. Even if you dont get into an
accident, there is a good chance that youll get
an expensive ticket. The average cost of a ticket
in the United States has hit 150, so obviously
this is something you want to avoid. For an
in-depth discussion of the causes of aggressive
driving and tips on avoiding it, read on.
According to the American Psychological
Association, a full one-third of Americans are
struggling with extreme stress. Dealing with
stress while driving can lead to excessive speed
and rash decisions. Some accidents are sadly
unavoidable, but many avoidable accidents are
caused by excessive speed and poor
snap-decisions. Keep in mind that listening to
aggressive music may increase the stress youre
Personal Problems
Everybody has problems in their personal
lives that can cause angry or distracted driving.
Many people try to deal with personal problems
while driving through texting others. While you
may want to try to deal with serious personal
problems right away, its vital that you wait a
little while and focus on driving. In 2013, 3,154
people were killed in texting-related accidents
in the United States, and experts believe this
will only continue to increase. Many states have
passed laws giving police officers the authority
to write tickets for people caught using their
phones while driving, but enforcement of these
laws in most places has been somewhat lax due to
the difficulty of proving such instances. This is
another reason to avoid distracted driving Even
if youre not texting, someone else might be. You
should be alert and drive defensively.
Running Late
Tardiness is a common problem for
Americans, with 19 of people being late to work
at least once a week, according to Forbes. Many
people also run late to other appointments. It is
natural to try and make up for a late departure
on your journey by driving faster than you
normally would, but this makes an accident much
more likely.
Dangers of Aggressive Driving
Driving in an overly aggressive manner
often leads to damage to property or loss of
life. If youre reckless on the road, one small
distraction can cause a serious crash. Many
people think that it is extremely unlikely to be
killed in a car crash given the advancements in
automotive safety. However, in 2016, 37,461
people were killed in car accidents in the United
States. Keep in mind that getting into an
accident, even a minor accident, will result in
your journey taking much longer.
Tips for Avoiding Aggressive Driving
There are several quick and easy strategies you
can follow to avoid aggressive driving. One way
to try to stay calm during driving is to listen
to soothing music. There is a great deal of
instrumental and ambient music made specifically
to calm and sooth its listeners. Possibly the
simplest way to avoid aggressive driving is
simply to leave early, which will help you avoid
stress. Plan ahead and set an alarm to give you
sufficient time including traffic and weather
conditions. If you do feel stressed out, take
care of yourself by stopping for a short rest. If
you are too upset, make arrangements for
alternate transportation such as ride share,
public transportation or a taxi. It's also
important to avoid distracted driving. Try to
stay away from cellphone usage at all while you
drive. It can wait until you arrive at your next
location. If you must use your cellphone, and
both your cellphone and vehicle have a Bluetooth
system, link your phone to your car for
hands-free usage. Whatever you do, don't text and
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