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Order Latisse For Attracting Eyes With Long Eyelashes


Latisse eye drops is one of the best and most powerful medicine for the management of open angle glaucoma and hypotrichosis. Generic of Latisse is Bimatoprost eye drops. Order Latisse eye drops online in USA - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Order Latisse For Attracting Eyes With Long Eyelashes

Latisse Eye Drop Helps To Enhance The Glance Of
Eyes With Striking Eyelashes
What is Latisse eye drop?
  • The Latisse eye drop is an ophthalmic formulation
    used worldwide for the treatment of Hypotrichosis
    or Madarosis condition of eyelashes. Thus,
    Latisse eye drop is efficient in not only
    treating the glaucoma condition but is also
    effective in making your short and lacking
    eyelashes to be thick, long, and dark. This
    enhances your face beauty with eyelash glance
    with protective nature of preventing the entry of
    foreign material into eyes.

What is the working mechanism of Latisse eye drop?
  • The Latisse eye drop is a popular brand for
    generic Bimatoprost, which acts as a
    prostaglandin analog and thus this moiety helps
    in maintaining the ophthalmic pressure. In
    addition, Latisse eye drop helps in increasing
    the darkness, length, and thickness of deficient
    eyelashes by prolonging the duration of hair
    follicle stay in anagen (growth) phase and by
    declining the duration during telogen (resting)
    phase. This makes the eyelash hair longer,
    thicker, and darker.

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How should you apply Latisse eye drop?
  • The Latisse eye drop is marketed in the form of
    an eye drop in a bottle provided with an
    applicator for the application as this solution
    is applied externally for eyelash growth. Hence,
    you have to place a drop of Latisse eye drop
    solution at the tip of this applicator or you can
    take the help of a clean and dry eyeliner brush.
    Then, apply this solution in the form of a line
    at the margin of the upper lash line drawing from
    the inner side to the outer point. Use it once
    nightly before going bed and close your eyes
    after wiping the excess flowing liquid. This will
    cause contact with the lower lash line so that
    you do not require application at the lower lash
    line. Use Latisse eye drop continuously for the
    duration of 12-16weeks to attain results within
    the period of 8weeks. Order Bimatoprost Eye Drops
    Online in USA.

What irksome effects are observed while using
Latisse eye drop?
  • User applying Latisse eye drop may notice some
    adverse effects such as dry eyes, headache, red
    or itchy eyes, iris pigmentation, sensitivity
    increased to light, hazy vision, or mild sense of
    burning at the solution applied area.

When should you not use Latisse eye drop?
  • You should not apply Latisse eye drop if you have
    any other ophthalmic or medical complication.
  • The Latisse eye drop is not for the use in
    children, geriatric individuals, pregnant women,
    and nursing mothers.
  • The Latisse eye drop is conflicting to be used if
    you have an oversensitivity to any moiety of this
    ophthalmic solution.

What are the safety precautions while using
Latisse eye drop?
  • Avoid touching the tip of Latisse eye drop bottle
    to fingers, eyes, or any other surface else, this
    may contaminate the medication.
  • You should remove your contact lenses or any
    makeup if wearing prior to the use of Latisse eye
  • Take a gap of 10-15minutes after applying Latisse
    eye drop if you are needed to reinsert the lenses
    or taking any medicine.

Where can you buy Latisse eye drop?
  • Buy Latisse eye drop online at affordable rates
    from our drugstore with exciting offers and safe
    home shipping.
  • http//www.chemist247online.net/buy-latisse-eye-dr
  • Toll Free Number 1888-609-2505
  • www.Chemist247Online.Net
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