Importance of abacus and vedic maths for kids. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Importance of abacus and vedic maths for kids.


why abacus and vedic maths is importants for todays generation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Importance of abacus and vedic maths for kids.

Importance Of Abacus and Vedic Maths for Kids
  • Salma anjum

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  • Abacus and vedic maths help kids to solve
    mathematical arithmetics in easy and faster way.
    Abacus is mechanical calculation device which
    requires manual operation for finding solutions
    to arithmetic problems .
  • This ancient tool of calculation has now become a
    supplementary education to strengthen children's
    skills for fast and accurate math ability with
    enhancing and polishing the brain functions like
    concentration, focus, listening, analyzing,
    comprehending, imagination, retention, memory,
    perseverance, creative intelligence etc. so the
    modern definition of abacus is changed to, ' a
    math tool for brain exercise".

  • There may arise a question in ones mind that why
    is there a need to teach children to use abacus
    or to teach them solving arithmetical problems
    using abacus in this time of advanced technology.
    But the fact is that even if the advancements are
    made in the technology making it possible for
    human beings to perform complex calculations and
    to explore new dimensions in the field of
    knowledge, the mind of the child is completely
    empty and it is to be written on. Childs mind
    could grab some things with difficulty and has
    the tendency of forgetting learnt topics after
    some time.
  • With the help of abacus simple arithmetical
    functions are easy to learn especially
    multiplication which may seem easier to an adult
    to perform but are very difficult for the
    juvenile to understand.

  • Intelligent mind is the need of this time. since
    ages, education system around the all the parts
    of the world is developed to give an opportunity
    to access accumulated knowledge of work done by
    precedents in various fields, of science, social,
    math, literature, history, skills etc and in the
    modern world now the definition has improved
    with, creating opportunities for it students to
    learn and contribute back to its ever increasing
    knowledge bank.

  • Grabbing opportunities at right time brings
    success, you have to be capable enough to know
    what is an opportunity, how to grab it, what to
    do with it after you grab it the power lies in
    the brain our brain is a thinking organ that
    learns and grows by interacting with information
    through perception and action.
  • Mental stimulation improves brain function and
    actually protects against cognitive decline, as
    does physical exercise. mental functions like the
    ability to memorize, ability concentration,
    ability to analyze, listening skills, creative
    intelligence, play a key role in making our
    children acquire knowledge, understand and if
    possibly create and present distinct information
    out of the same.

  • Vedic mathematics on the other hand is a
    collection of techniques/sutras to solve
    mathematical arithmetics in easy and faster way.
    It consists of 16 sutras (formulae) and 13
    sub-sutras (sub formulae) which can be used for
    problems involved in arithmetic, algebra,
    geometry, calculus, conics.
  • Vedic mathematics can definitely solve
    mathematical numerical calculations in faster
    way. Some Vedic math scholars mentioned that
    using Vedic maths tricks you can do calculations
    10-15 times faster than our usual methods
  • More than 1700 times faster than normal math
    this makes it the worlds fastest.

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  • Salma Anjum is an organization that provides
    classes for abacus and vedic maths in nagpur and
    Mumbai which helps students explore new
    dimensions in the field of knowledge and
    stimulate their minds.
  • The primary objective is to impart children with
    those skills that are essential for life, but not
    necessarily taught in school. The classes seek to
    teach children to love learning for its own sake,
    and to develop a scientific and questioning

  • For more info visit
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  • Contact
  • 91-8888882670 9960646291
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