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What Documentation Necessary for AS9100?


This presentation talks about mandatory documents required for AS9100 Certification. The key documents like manual, procedures, work instruction, audit checklist, etc required for certification are described in details. Also give information about how users can get AS9100 Documentation toolkit. For more information visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What Documentation Necessary for AS9100?

AS9100 Documentation Requirement
  • - Aviation, Space and Defense Organization

What is AS9100 Standard?
  • AS9100 is the international management system
    standard for the Aircraft, Space and Defense
    industry. The standard provides suppliers with a
    comprehensive quality system for providing safe
    and reliable products to the aerospace industry.
    AS 9100 also addresses civil military aviation

Benefits of AS9100 Certification
  • A well designed and implemented Quality
    Management System, based on AS9100 or ISO 9001
    has been shown to provide organizations with the
    following benefits
  • Reduced costs are obtained through improved
    product reliability
  • Better process control and flow
  • Better documentation of processes,
  • Greater employee quality awareness
  • Reductions in product scrap, rewords and
  • Proven business credentials through independent
    verification against recognized standards.

Why AS9100 Documentation Required?
  • The biggest portion of the AS9100 Certification
    is looking at current processes, and redesigning
    them to address all of the requirements of the
    standard. Once you have modified or developed
    processes to meet the standard, you will need to
    control those processes. Documenting the
    processes as Quality System procedures is part of
    this control. To achieve AS9100 certification,
    organizations must have to implement quality
    management system and prepare documents that
    confirming requirements of AS9100 standard

What to Include in AS9100 Documentation Toolkit?
  • AS9100 Documentation toolkit include set of ready
    to use templates designed as per general version
    of standard requirements. This readymade AS9100
    documents consist of following list of documents
  • AS9100 Manual
  • Procedures
  • Process Approach
  • Exhibits
  • Sample Forms and Templates
  • Work Instruction
  • Audit Checklist

AS9100 Manual
  • AS 9100 Manual covers sample copy of quality
    manual for Aviation, Space and Defense
    Organizations. It is mentioned as a useful
    document for companies to incorporate. It
    describes all requirement of AS 9100D. It covers
    list of procedures as well as overview of
    Aviation, Space, and Defense organizations.

AS9100 Procedures
  • AS9100 procedures are also called operational
    procedure, as they are a snapshot of the actual
    activities taking place in a company at a
    particular point of time. They are considered to
    be the core of the system documentation for
    AS9100 achievement and assurance and confidential
    documents. It covers sample copy of mandatory
    procedures covering all the details of AS 9100D

Process Approach
  • Process Approach covers guideline for processes,
    flow chart and process model useful for process
    mapping. It covers process flow chart and
    activities of all the main and critical processes
    with input-output matrix and reference of
    documented information generated by process for
    manufacturing organization. It helps any
    organization in process mapping as well as
    preparing process documents for own organization.

  • The AS9100 Exhibits are very helpful tool to
    teach all employees and staff about how to
    implements and improvements quality requirements
    and get number of benefits. Following are list of
    Exhibits covering all the details of AS9100
  • Skill requirements
  • Disposal of Non Conforming Products
  • Quality Process Control Plan
  • Document codification system

Sample Forms and Templates
  • It covers sample copy of blank forms required to
    maintain records as well as establish control and
    make system in the Aviation, Space, and Defense
    Organizations. The samples given are as a guide
    and not compulsory to follow and Aviation, Space,
    and Defense Organizations is free to change the
    same to suit own requirements.

Work Instruction
  • It is often necessary to have separate
    step-by-step instructions on how to perform a
    particular task. The structure of work
    instructions can be the same as the procedures.
    This can include sequential steps, tools
    required, and methods to be used. The level of
    detail in your work instructions is directly
    related to the competencies required to perform
    the process.

AS9100 Audit Checklist
  • The AS9100 audit checklist is a good tool for the
    auditor to make audit question to make effective
    AS9100 internal audit for organization. It covers
    sample audit questions based on all the AS9100
    requirements. It helps the auditor to make own
    audit checklist for quick and perfect auditing to
    ensure all the AS 9100Drequirements are fulfilled
    by the Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations

Documentation Consultancy
  • The ISO Documentation Consultancy for all ISO and
    other International System certification with the
    years of experience of developing various ISO
    systems helps to document accurately which
    accelerate your ISO certification process.

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