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How To Overcome Challenges In Mobile App Development


Mobile app development challenges are faced by organizations, regardless of the country or industry. For those who cannot afford to invest in an in-house team, this collateral is for you. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Overcome Challenges In Mobile App Development

How To Overcome Challenges
In Mobile App Development
The Status Quo
  • Revolution is a tricky subject, in theory, and in
    practice. As and mobile application development
    technology has progressed from being a linear and
    rigid approach to being non-linear and flexible,
    mobile app development challenges have also
    progressed similarly.
  • The fact of the matter is, the revolution isnt
    over. Its just the beginning. Mobile app
    development challenges are many but HokuApps has
    the solutions that you may be looking for.
  • Users are moving from the wily desktop to wilier
    mobile technology. This has led us to this topic
    of ways to overcome mobile app development
  • The solution is quite simple, i.e., mobile app
    development platforms that create well-designed
    and agile mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Challenges Solutions
Mobile App Development Technology What kind
of app should I invest in? is a common question
our customers ask us. The HokuApps mobile
application development platform offers two types
of mobile app development solutions in answer to
this particular challenge. HokuApps is a mobile
app development company that offer both options.
They are Native Mobile Apps Native mobile apps
are developed specifically for one platform,
i.e., for iOS or Android. These mobile apps are
built from scratch and are known to deliver
excellent user experience and enhanced app
performance. Hybrid Mobile Apps Hybrid mobile
apps are written in a common language to suit
iOS, Android, and the Web. These mobile apps can
be built using reusable codes so that the
delivery is excellent.
UI Experience
  • A users perspective will define if the mobile
    app will make or break the app.
  • There are many mobile apps made by our
    contemporaries who are working towards creating
    great user experience by concentrating on unique
    and distinguished mobile apps.
  • However, there is one caveat here. Most mobile
    app development processes take months or years,
    in comparison to HokuApps which delivers quality
    apps in days or months.
  • And in this short time, HokuApps mobile app
    development platform created apps are those that
    stand out from the crowd.

Mobile App Development Costs
  • Normally, mobile application development
    technology comes with a heavy price tag.
  • This is true with traditional and modern mobile
    application development companies.
  • However, with HokuApps, our mobile app developers
    have at their fingertips the most advanced mobile
    app development platform to help create apps at
    10X speed and of exceptional quality.
  • The speed of mobile app development process
    ensures that the app is ready in days or months,
    which reflects directly on the costs of mobile
    app development.

System Integration
  • In our experience, we notice that our competitors
    dont stress on the need for system integration.
  • We, however, believe that system integration is a
    necessary requirement for any business.
  • But what is system integration? Companies over a
    period of time will invest in various software to
    help them with their business requirements.
  • Software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and
    Supply Chain Management (SCM) software are some
    examples. All these software collect data and
    offer analytics.
  • With the HokuApps system integration solutions,
    clients can view all data on one dashboard where
    data from various silos can talk to one another.

Rapid Solutions for a Rapidly Evolving Business
  • In our Darwinian era, businesses are faced with a
    dire requirement for mobile app development
    technology-driven solutions.
  • And as customer habits and trends change the
    world at large, businesses have to keep up with
    these changes with advanced technology to drive
    their digital transformation journeys.
  • Mobile app development challenges that businesses
    are currently facing can be curtailed with the
    HokuApps mobile application development platform
    solutions and services.
  • Talk to our experts to know more about our
    affordable pricing options and how we can
    transform your business from end-to-end.

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