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Hearing aid fitting kits for kids (1)


Hearing loss problem can affect the development of kids.For the better development hearing loss fitting kits are very necessary.Hearing aid fitting kit for kids is a ppt to know about the Causes of hearing loss,Need for hearing test ,Kinds of hearing aids, Need for cochlear implant in kids and its cost , Difference between Hearing aid and Cochlear implant and the prevention you should keep in mind before using hearing aid kits for kids. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hearing aid fitting kits for kids (1)

Hearing aid fitting kits for kids
  • A kid with hearing loss can affect the
    development .
  • To develop better hearing skills in kids use of
    hearing kit and
  • Cochlear implant is a necessity.
  • Source Hearing Solution

Causes of hearing loss
  • 1.Connexin26(GJB2)-It is protein found in GJB2
    gene and it is most common cause of sensorineural
    hearing loss.
  • 2. Vestibular Schwannoma(Acoustic Neuroma)-It
    grows slowly from an overproduction of Schwann
    cells. It causes unilateral or asymmetric hearing
    loss, tinnitus, and loss of balance.

Hearing test
  • It is very important to take a hearing test
    before buying a hearing kit.An audiologist will
    select the test that will best suits your kids
    age ,ability and overall circumstances.
  • Types of hearing test
  • 1. Behaviour observation audiometry(BOA)
  • 2 Visual reinforcement orientation
  • 3.Play audiometry

Kinds of hearing aids
  • 1.In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids
  • 2.Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids
  • 3.Canal aids
  • 4.Body aids.

Behind- the -ear(BTE)
  • For the kids behind the ear kit is recommended
    for a couple of reasons. Behind- the- ear can
    accommodates various ear mold types and as the
    kid grows the earmold can be easily be detached
    and remade .Its cost starts from Rs 650 and above.

Cochlear Implant for kids
  • It is an Electronic device which passes the
    sound in the form
  • of electrical signals via the hearing nerve to
    the brain.
  • For the kid who suffer from serious to profound
    hearing loss and those who do not have any
    benefit from hearing kits.

Cochlear implant cost
  • It depends on variety of factors such as
    duration and extent of a patients hearing loss
    prior to surgery. It will cost you 40,000
    around in india.

Hearing aids vs Cochlear implant
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing aids are helpful for mild to moderate
    hearing loss.
  • Hearing aid amplify the sound.
  • Less Expensive.
  • No risk with hearing aid.
  • More control over the instrument.
  • Cochlear implants
  • Cochlear implants are helpful for severe to
    profound or hard hearing loss.
  • Cochlear implants transform the sound into
    electrical energy.
  • More expensive.
  • Risk associated with the surgery.
  • Less control over the instrument.

Speech therapy
  • Use easy words like aa, pa
  • Speak slowly so that kid should understand each
    and every word.
  • Read books to your kid.
  • Use hand gestures and connect that hand gestures
    with words.

  • 1. Hearing aid and their molds are cleaned from
    time to time.
  • 2.When not in use should be kept away from any
    kind of heat.
  • 3.Parents should keep an eye on kid so they dont
    pull out the hearing aid.
  • 4.Use of paper clips to attach hearing aid to
    their clothes.
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