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Benefits of Government Jobs


Apply for the latest government jobs in India. Read in detail about the benefits of government jobs. Apply for Govt jobs and have a secured life in this sector – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of Government Jobs

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Job security
  • The most well-known advantage of the government
    job is job security. In a close monetary rivalry
    with the private sector public sector not often
    pays well in money (except the defence job and
    other special agencies of the government) but
    have the biggest advantage of having job security.

Additional allowances
  • The allowances like DA, TA, HRA etc. are
    additional money provided by the government along
    with basic salary to compensate the effect of
    inflation and other extra needs of a government
    employ. Yes, private sector has them, but not in
    every company.

Timely salary
  • The people in government jobs get their salaries
    on time each and every month since for any delay,
    Government is held responsible and as such these
    events are not so common. On the other hand
    salary can be delayed in private sector. It
    totally depends upon the will of the employer
    sometimes when a company in private sector
    declares itself bankrupt the provident fund and
    other money invested in the company is also lost
    with it.

Fixed promotion
  • The government employees enjoy timely and fixed
    promotion. Although these promotions are
    prioritized with respect to the categories and
    merit of the individuals but they are due after
    every certain interval of time. In private sector
    that trend is unreliable these days.

Work stress
  • Government job is the only kind of job in India
    which is stress free or mostly is stress free. Of
    course jobs in defence and medical fields are
    stressful. But apart from that expectation are
    not very high and goals are realistic.
    Performance is not squeezed out of the employee.

Paid holidays
  • Government servants are given much more paid
    holidays than the people working in private
    companies. Some companies in private sector dont
    even have a notion of giving paid holidays.

Annual salary increment
  • There is an annual rise in the salary of people
    in government job regardless of their performance
    in previous year. Imagine that in a private
    sector job.

Pension benefits
  • When you are a government employee you are
    eligible for a lifelong pension benefit after
    retirement and even after your death your spouse
    or family will be eligible for the pension which
    ensures the economic safety of the family even
    after the death of the employee.

Respect and Authority
  • The people in government jobs are looked upon
    with respect especially those in higher
    positions. This can be true for private sector
    jobs too, but authority outside of your job is
    something that is solely the area known to a 
    Government Employee.

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