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Best Dentist in Pune- Devs Oral Care


Dev's Oral Care is one of the best dentists in Pune when you look for the dentist with the latest technologies and highly experienced staff near you.For More information Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Dentist in Pune- Devs Oral Care

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About Us
We, at Devs Oral Care, are a team of
well-qualified and caring dentists. We strive to
alleviate the patients pain with utmost
sincerity. Our office is well equipped with
state-of-the-art tools and equipments. We
maintain excellent hygiene at our clinic. We work
hard to keep the patients satisfied. Once you
walk in to our clinic, you can be rest assured
that you are in safe hands. You will only leave
with a wide smile. A host of dentistry services
are available with us under one roof. You can
get dental implants and cosmetic dentistry
services at Devs Oral Care. You can also get
treatments like dental cleaning, dental
restoration, root canal treatment, gum disease
treatment and orthodontic treatment etc at our
Dental Services provide by us
  • 1. Root Canal Treatment
  • 2. Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Implant Treatme
  • 4. Pediatric Dentist
  • 5. Cosmetic Dentistry

  1. Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or RCT is a procedure of
endodontic dentistry that is offered to provide
relief from the infection that has spread to the
pulp tissues located in the middle of the tooth.
During the treatment process, the diseased or
damaged tooth pulp along with the infected
tissues is removed by our dentists to retard the
spread of infection and thereby limit its chance
of recurring in the future.
  1. Am I a candidate?

As our dentists always strive to have extraction
only as the last resort, we put our best of
efforts to save the natural teeth. Hence we
recommend our patients who have good bone support
to undergo root canal treatment even if much of
the pulp is damaged and has caused major
destruction to the tooth.
Tooth Extraction
In extreme cases of gum disease or tooth decay,
it may be required for the tooth to be extracted
altogether. A dental surgeon can remove your
tooth by administering a local anesthetic, which
will numb the extraction site. If multiple teeth
need to be removed, a general anesthetic may be
administered, which will make you sleep through
the whole process. Thus tooth extraction can also
be painless for you. You will require stitches
after the tooth extraction. The missing tooth can
be replaced by a crown, bridge, implant or a
denture. Wisdom teeth can also be removed by this
Why Tooth Extraction ?
  • Too much decay in the tooth beyond the capacity
    of root canal treatment
  • To pave way for eruption of adjacent tooth
  • To facilitate the arrival of permanent teeth
  • To create room for teeth that are being aligned
    through braces
  • Removal of teeth that have got infected due to
    cancer treatment
  • Wisdom or third molar teeth that are crooked,
    decayed, or have developed a cyst.

Dental Implant Treatment
Dont worry if you have lost a tooth because of
an injury, accident, periodontal disease or some
other reason. You can make up for it with a
dental implant. A dental implant is an artificial
tooth that resembles a natural tooth and acts as
a replacement for lost teeth. It is made from
pure titanium alloys which are biologically
neutral. These implants are accepted by the human
body and they fuse with the jawbone to form a
safe foundation for replacing the tooth.
Types of Dental Implants
Conventional Implants You can opt for
conventional implants if you are looking for a
permanent tooth replacement solution for one,
more than one, or all missing teeth. It is
generally done in two stages, with a span of 3 to
6 months between them. Having carried out
countless dental implants and tooth extraction
treatment in Pune, you can always be assured
about the safety of this methodology. Immediate
Implants These dental implants are done a short
while after the teeth are extracted. If immediate
implants are being done, crowns, bridges or
dentures are not placed immediately after the
tooth extraction, but later. They are done only
if the jaw bone condition is good and robust.
Pediatric Dentist
What is pediatric dentistry? As the name
suggests, pediatric dentistry is a branch of
dentistry that involves specialized treatment for
infants and adolescent kids. Although the crux of
pediatric dentistry is well aligned with the
methodologies of the main stream, it also deals
with the additional aspects of childs psychology
to prepare them for treatments and develop a
trust of safety in their minds.
Why Pediatric Dentist ?
Your babys first tooth starts erupting as soon
as they are 6-7 months old and it is high time to
give prominent attention towards their oral
hygiene. Perhaps, it would be even better to take
action before the milk tooth appear regular
cleaning of gums with the help of a clean soft
cloth would go a long way in maintaining good
oral health. Proper growth and alignment of first
set of teeth, called the milk teeth or primary
teeth are very much essential for the kids.
Pediatric dentistry essentially takes care of all
preventive measures for perfect teeth and gum
care. Moreover it also ensures non-occurrence of
poor bites by thorough examinations.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Devs oral care strongly believes that one need
not be a beautiful person with dazzling features
to captivate the audience. A gentle smile with
perfect dental features would do the needful in
presenting a pleasing personality. As a
prominent cosmetic dentist in Pune, we always
recognize the need for creating a customized
smile make over with the help of cosmetic
dentistry or aesthetic dentistry procedures.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Services under Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Composite bonding
  • Metal free crowns

Contact Us
Our Address D/237, 2nd Floor, Clover Centre, 7
Moledina Road, Pune 411001. Email Us Visit us on
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