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Hype advertising - Best advertising and marketing in jaipur


keep enjoy the things of the hype advertising which give you video ads in jaipur cabs - know more at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hype advertising - Best advertising and marketing in jaipur

Hype Advertising Branding Marketing Agencies
in Jaipur
A Presentation By Hype Advertising
Hype Advertising is the registered Trademark of
Clover IT Services Private Limited. At Hype
Advertising we offer you he cutting edge over
your competitors. We dont just offer you the
digital advertising services but also allow you
to maximize your reach to the vast and varying
number of targeted audience. Our innovative model
of advertising ensures that you should make an
effective reach to your targeted audience and
makes a deep connection with them.
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How Hype Works
Hype Strength
  • Creates Public Awareness
  • Customer Attraction
  • Balm for agitated Riders
  • Customer Entertainment
  • Adds X Factor
  • Mobile Digital Solutions.
  • Sales Boost
  • Individuality Factor
  • Competitive Edge
  • Positive prejudice in peoples mind
  • One upper over competitors

Public Awareness
Public Awareness Our info-media devices will
play social messages and news, ads alongside
with the entertaining videos. Here, at HYPE, we
are not just aiming for the entertainment of the
customers but also an in-all general awareness of
the riders. We are trying to make riders aware of
social issues and general current issues as
well. Public awareness for social causes with
well worded texts can evoke feelings in viewers
to promote societal change.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility Our combined
efforts of creating and increasing general
awareness amongst riders can and will lead to
societal changes towards positive horizon. This
is going to add a humane touch to the image of
the company and also magnifying the sincerity of
the initiative taken by your organization to use
its brand power to fulfil its contribution
towards Corporate Social Responsibility, which is
expected of and from all organizations.
Customer Attraction
Customer Attraction Riders are humans. And as a
part of basic human tendency we as humans tend to
get attracted towards the new and the novel. No
other cab service provider company has thought of
using info media tablets in their cabs for the
entertainment of its riders. We know that the
customers will definitely get attracted towards
the new toy in the market and check it out
without a doubt. And even if the customers book
rides to just check out the new info media
service provided by the cabs, bookings will boost
up. You lure the customers and get them hooked
with our shiny new toys aka our tablets.
Balm for Agitated Customers
Balm for agitated customers. What do we do when a
child throws a fit? Well in todays modern day
and world we make the child sit in front of TV or
play a video for them to quieten the child. In
short, we distract the child to pacify him or
her. J-customers are just like spoilt children.
Thus making it difficult to deal with them. We
often call them as rude or mean or angry or
agitated riders. It is found that these J
customers tend to behave less rudely and angrily
when their mind is diverted. And what better way
to distract their mind then to play a video. Give
them something else to focus on.
Customer Entertainment
Customer entertainment Videos are playing.
Well-worded texts are being displayed. Colorful
images are popping up every second. News is
flashing. Trendy ads are running. A handsome man
or a beautiful lady or a cute baby is gracing the
screen every now and then. Its basic
entertainment. The very foundation of
entertainment. And what more could a rider
want. These info media tablets provide
entertainment. All a customer wants is to be
entertained by its service provider. You are a
service provider. And what better way there is to
provide entertainment than through our tablets.
Customer Attraction
Individuality factor
Individuality Factor What sells? UNIQUE sells.
In order to sell a product we need the product to
be UNIQUE. Have that individualized approach that
none other products have. And these tablets will
help individualize the companys image since no
other company is doing so. Together, we can make
us sell more by being unique in the Market.
Add X Factor
Adds X Factor Well X-factor is that special
ingredient that makes your recipe stand out. So
do what no other cab company in Jaipur is doing
to stand out. Have you seen any other company
with entertainment providing tablets mounted in
the cab? The answer is a big fat no. Hence, now
we know how to add that X factor to our recipe
for it to win MASTERCHEF.
Competitive Edge
Competitive Edge As explained above, you stand
out when you have that X factor. When you stand
out, you attract more customer attention than
your competitors. Hence our tablets provide you
with that competitive edge that makes your
competition keel over.
Sales Boost
Sales Boost Ultimately a business runs on
profit. Our end game is profit. We do business
for profit. And when we have the x factor, the
competitive edge and the individuality factor
everything put together in the mix, the company
sales are bound to boost. More number of riders
and frequency of rides are both going to get
connected with us. Sales will have no other
direction to go towards, other than towards the
Positive Prejudice Among Riders
Prejudice means preconceived notion which is not
based on actual experience rather its based on
hearsay or hypothesis. Now we do know that we
have cabs with great drivers, add info media
entertainment to the mix and that makes a
positive prejudice in the minds of people.
It creates a positive curiosity
and mindset in the people, that this is the
company that thinks of us, provides service to
the max and is putting in so much efforts in
order to maintain, retain and amass customers by
going to the great extents of providing
entertainment as well.
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Hype Advertising
Registered Office Clover IT Services PVT Ltd
AB-381, Janpath, Near KK Diagnostics, Nirman
Nagar, Jaipur 302019 INDIA Voice
91-9667522922 Website www.hypeadvert.com
Email info_at_hypeadvert.com
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