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How to Find Your Potential Mobile App Development Partner?


While you consider outsourcing mobile app development, how do you decide whom to hire? Read this article to get insights and make an informed investment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Find Your Potential Mobile App Development Partner?

How to Find Your Potential Mobile App Development
  • The number of mobile users has increased
    exponentially over the past few years thanks to
    the constant pace of innovation which is making
    technology affordable. Data from Statistica
    reveals that by the end of 2017 the number of
    mobile phone users would reach 4.77 billion. And
    in 2019, this number is estimated to shoot up to
  • 5.07 billion.

Why mobile application is a business imperative?
  • Given the tremendous increase in the number of
    mobile users you cannot imagine surviving and
    sustaining in the market without coming up with
    your own mobile application. Still if the
    aforementioned figures are not convincing enough,
    lets put a glance on the following stats by
    Channel Advisor Corp., a leading provider of
    cloud-based e-commerce solutions.

  • Their mobile sales had soared to a record 449
    million in 2016.
  • Smartphones had accounted for almost 70 percent
    of the overall traffic and additional 8 percent
    by tablets.
  • Last year on Thanksgiving Day, for the first time
    in their history, mobile e-commerce orders
    surpassed desktop orders. Moreover, a mobile
    device was used to complete almost 53 percent of
    total orders.

  • Mobile applications provide you with easy and
    effective ways to reach out to your target
    audience and also meet with your objectives of
    revenue generation and value enhancement.
  • Given the demand, many mobile app development
    agencies are coming up in your vicinity with
    promises of doing unique and creative job.
    Choosing the right mobile app development
    company is synonymous to success however, being
    spoilt for choice, finding one is a daunting task.

  • In todays post we would discuss how to find a
    reliable mobile app development partner and what
    are the factors that you need to consider while
    choosing your potential mobile app development
    partner. Lets get started!

Utilize Your Professional Network
  • Professional app development companies with years
    of experience are often in great demand,
    expensive and even not interested in all sorts of
    app concepts.
  • Do not underestimate the power of your personal
    network you never know, you might easily search
    out your potential partner via your connections.
    Just make sure you let them know about your needs
    in a precise manner.
  • You can also use options such as personal posts
    as well as social ads but make sure they are
    relevant, visual and have a clear call-to-action
    in place.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media
  • You can post your requirements with your project
    description on social media networks like
    LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  • LinkedIn, for instance, is a very crowded space
    and competitive at the same time. You might
    discover that you are not alone in your search.
    There might come across possible options and also
    find reviews or feedbacks by others. This would
    help you in making a decision.

Research Via Search Engines
  • This is the simplest part wherein you just need
    to open a search engine like Google and type down
    your request. Prior to that you would need to
    decide the region you want your outsourcing
    partner from. Take your time out to find out why
    India is the most preferred outsourcing
    destination in Asia.
  • The search results would show many companies and
    the big names would naturally appear on the first
    page. Their rates would be higher but decide on
    companies based on your needs against their

  • 10 Factors to Consider While Hiring a Mobile App
    Development Company

1. Fully Understand Your Needs
  • The first step towards selecting your app
    development partner is to understand your own
    project requirements precisely. You must be able
    to clearly define the things that you want in
    your mobile app.
  • Now, it is obvious that the functionalities that
    you are looking for would be dependent on the
    industry you are operating in and also on the
    type of products or services you are dealing in.

You would also need to do some research in order
to find out if someone has already made a similar
app. If yes then how you can differentiate and
add some value to it by being innovative.
2. Track Record
  • If a company is adept at mobile app development,
    it will have a proven track record of working on
    different types of projects catering to different
    industry verticals. Their versatility and
    experience will help you determine whether they
    are the best fit for your app development project.

3. Dedicated Project Manager
  • Project managers serve as a bridge between you
    and the development team of your hired company.
    We at Helios understand that cultural gap could
    hinder effective communication which in turn
    could affect the overall project.
  • So to bridge the cultural and communication gap
    we have housed international project managers who
    have been communicating with clients in their
    native languages thus ensuring that subtle
    cultural nuances are taken care of effectively.

4. Turnaround Time
  • It is very important for app development
    companies to be able to work on tight deadlines
    and meet with them each and every time. This is
    because in the digital world if you delay your
    app launch you might lose many potential business
  • So, make sure the company you are going to hire
    has a fast turnaround time so that you can keep
    pace with the competition and stay relevant.

5. Customer-centric Focus
  • A brilliant mobile app development company
    basically focuses on understanding the needs and
    objectives of their clients instead of pushing
    their thoughts on them. At Helios, we first try
    to understand the business goals of our partners
    and therefore we have always been able to empower
    our clients with quality products.

6. Experience In Multiple Platforms
  • A quality app development must be proficient in
    developing app for different platforms and this
    is one of the crucial aspects of differentiation.
    The process adopted for Android platform is
    entirely different from iOS app development.
  • We always allow our clients to select their
    desired platform rather than forcing our choice
    on them. So, you too never go with a company
    which forces you to adopt a platform.

7. Collaborative Approach
  • Your outsourcing mobile app development partner
    should include you as a customer into the
    development process. We include our clients in
    the loop of development to make sure that all
    their business requirements are being met.
    Moreover, this not only enables us to maintain
    transparency with our clients but facilitates
    constant communication with them.

8. Balance Between Quality And Cost
  • You must keep quality of work as the first
    criteria to shortlist the agencies. This is
    because companies offering cheaper rates often
    lack quality, skills, infrastructure, experience
    and creativity.
  • Remember you app is going to be the face of your
    business, so you should not compromise with
  • Cost should be your subsequent criteria to help
    you select the option from the quality-filtered
    results that best fits your budget.
  • Our mobile application specialists are adept at
    delivering quality apps at competitive rates.

9. Consultation On Revenue Generation
  • Your app is not only a window to your target
    audience but also a significant tool to generate
    lead and revenue. Your potential app development
    partner should be able to provide you with
    consultation on how to generate revenue stream
    for your app in order to effectively leverage app
    monetization. This is because the ultimate aim of
    your app is to boost conversions and sales.

10. Long-Term Relationship
  • You should never think mobile app development as
    one-time process. This is, in fact a continuous
    process of development. Therefore, look for a
    company that believes in establishing long-term
    relationship with their clients.
  • Hence, you must also check the reviews and
    feedbacks the company has received from its
    existing clients.

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