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Australia Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh (2)


Glee Consultancy Services is a professional student visa Consultancy based in Chandigarh (India), with several years of experience in placing number of desired students in the right universities.We specialize in providing admissions and student visa assistance for Australia,Canada,New Zealand and USA. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Australia Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh (2)

Glee Consultancy Services
About Us
Glee Consultancy services is a study visa
consultants based in Chandigarh.We are dedicated
towards student visa consultancy to students of
Chandigarh and Punjab.Study abroad has always
fascinate Indian students special from Punjab
Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh provide
study visa assistance for countries like
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and UK.
Settle in Abroad
Not sure of what one wants It is very important
to decide what you want to pursue based on your
aptitude, and stick to that decision. Many
students tend to get confused when it comes to
choosing a subject to pursue and choosing a
university. . Instead, focus on how the chosen
subject can help your career in the long run. 2)
Insufficient research Not having the right
information or inadequate research about the
chosen subject or university can lead to more
misunderstanding and/or miscommunication, which
can further result in rejection of the students
application. It is important to prepare a list of
questions, which can help students resolve any
queries or doubts with the concerned parties
before applying for studying in a foreign
institution. Missing out on valuable information
from experienced students Before applying to
any college or university it is always better to
interact with student council or student help
desk at the institution they want to apply
for.This can help you gain valuable information
about the university. 3) Fund Managent Its
important for students to consider their
financial aspect as different countries and
educational institution have different fund
requirement.So you need to be very sure about the
funds availability. Therefore, it is important to
discuss all possibilities regarding student loan,
tuition fees, and miscellaneous expenses with
parents, guidance counselors and the university
where the student is applying to. This can also
help students in determining what their financial
standing is regarding the course they wish to
pursue, and how they can finance their studies
without any hassle. 4)Lack of knowledge about
Visa Processing Due to constant socio-economic
changes and policy reforms across the world, many
countries have had to modify their immigration
and visa procedures, leading to wide ranging
effects on those who wish to study overseas. So
its always better to go for a professional
consultant or gather all information from GCS.
Study Plan for Canada
Study Planis very important when applying for
your Canada study visa.Study plan outlines why
you wish to study in Canada. Following are some
of the questions you need to answer when you are
writing your study plan.Your study plan should be
of one page which answer the following questions
and include other relevant information to process
your application. 1. Why do you want to study in
Canada? To answer this question you need to
explain why do you want to study in Canada.What
makes Canada so special to you?It is always
better to list some of the reasons you are
attracted to study in Canada.You may.You may
include how Canada has well known education
system and its qualification are recognised all
across the globe.Canada is known for its
multicultural society.You can say how you are
excited to experience this new country and its
culture. 2. What is your educational goal? When
you decide to go abroad to pursue your higher
education!Explain what is your educational
goal?Whether it is to continue your education
directly after high school or is it because you
want to expand your knowledge with a master or
post graduate degree.Write about your field of
study that you are interested to study in Canada
and why did you choose this field.Explain how
continuing your education in Canada will further
your career in your home country. Then you will
know if your plans to continue your education
meet up with you career goals. Explain why
studying abroad in Canada will help you
successfully reach your educational goals. 3. Why
are you not studying similar program in your
country of residence? Canadian educational
qualification and education system are well known
and valued all over the world.Explain how you
want to come to Canada to improve your education
and continue learning by studying abroad.May be
schools in your country do not offer the same
course and you found the perfect program in
Canada.Maybe there are not any college or
universities in your country that offer the
programs you are interested in. Talk about the
research you have done to see whether or not this
specific program you are interested in is
provided in your country or not.
Cost to Study in Canada
Studying in Canada is a valuable investment in
your future with access to a premier education,
exciting cross-cultural experiences, and a
globally recognised degree. Not unlike going to
school in your own country, university or college
in Canada for international students requires
some degree of planning and financial commitment
before you arrive, and while you are
here. Affordable Tuition Studying abroad can be
expensive, but Canada offers the lowest tuition
rates for foreign students compared to the U.K.,
Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. This means
you can pursue your studies in a globally
recognized program of your choice at one of
Canadas top universities for nearly half of what
it would cost to attend an equally reputable
program at a private U.S. university. Accommodatio
n If you are planning to study in Canada, you
will need somewhere to live. Many schools offer
on-campus housing ranging from shared
condominiums to dormitory-style housing. The cost
for these may or may not include a meal plan and
or other utilities such as phone and Internet
connection. If you choose to live off-campus,
prices may be lower but will include the
additional cost of furnishings, hydro,
electricity and/or other miscellaneous
expenses. Other Costs of Living Student life
isnt all about studying. Whether you want to
head out with friends, travel to the other side
of the country, or explore the many cultural
events our cities have to offer, youll need to
set aside some extra spending money.
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