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SAP Security Training | SAP Security Online Training - GOT


SAP Security Training is the critical segment offering authorization & validation to the users & solves this validation issue for all the security users. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SAP Security Training | SAP Security Online Training - GOT

SAP Security Training
Skype Global.onlinetrainings
USA 1-516-8586-242
UK44 (0)203 371 0077 / 91-4060 50 1418
Global Online Trainings
To give an overview Global Online Trainings is a
leading training services corporation
specializing in providing Online Trainings and
Corporate Trainings to individuals and
  • Our high quality, competitive and effective
    training services makes us the best in this field
    our professional team carries excellent
    instructional experience through many years and
    understands the complexity of the technology and
    methods of training delivery.
  • We provide the trainings with Subject Matter
    Experts (SMEs) who has good experience in their
    primary skills, currently we have more tutors in
    all the technologies for online trainings and
    corporate trainings.
  • We provide trainings for below technologies
  • SAP (All Modules)
  • Oracle (All Modules)
  • SAS (All Modules)
  • IBM Tools
  • Microsoft Applications
  • Web Technologies and Other technologies
  • Middleware tools / 91-4060 50 1418
SAP Security Training Introduction SAP Security
Training is the critical segment offering
validation and authorization to the users and
solves this validation issue for all the security
users. If In case there is any issue in the
entire SAP system. The Professionals already
working in System Admin, the Security support
and the fresh degree holders, can also join this
training module for offering their career a real
boost. This is the base of SAP and a mandatory
requirement for implementing in every SAP
Security Training module. / 91-4060 50 1418
  • SAP Security Training Overview
  • SAP Security Training is designed for network and
    systems administrator
  • It deal with the complexity of having to make
    judgmental decisions regarding enormously
    complicated and technical data in the SAP
  • It pay attention to new compliance rules and
    security regulations.
  • Most SAP users experience significant challenges
    when trying to manage and mitigate the risks in
  • New security solutions and usually end up facing
    repetitive, expensive re-work and perpetuated
  • compliance challenges.
  • This sap security online training is designed to
    help them properly and efficiently manage these
    challenges on an ongoing basis.
  • It aims to remove the Black Box mystique that
    surrounds SAP security.
  • This SAP Security training contains information
    about SAP security that is not available anywhere
    else to help the student avoid the gotchas
    that may leave them vulnerable during times of
    upgrade or other system changes.
  • SAP is now most widely used ERP today.
  • So to increase the efficiency of the software the
    SAP has separated Security module from Basis and
    enhanced the functions and utilities of SAP
  • As SAP deals with data and applications of the
    company, the use of this data by unauthorized
    person may result in big harm.
  • So we have to protect this access. / 91-4060 50 1418
  • SAP SECURITY Training at Global Online Trainings
  • Global Online Trainings offers international
    standard of online SAP SECURITY trainings with
    100 flexi hour arrangement. This training is
    rendered by best subject matter experts and
    therefore meets best industry demand. Contact
    helpdesk, for getting more info on SAP SECURITY
    training. Sap security Training is one of the
    most important technical module where the sap
    security administrators are responsible for the
    development and administration of user rights on
    sap systems. For success and effective in every
    organization, standard SAP security model has to
    be implemented at all levels. When WE are
    implementing SAP security we have consider some
    important points.
  • What needs to be internal or external treats of
  • From whom it needs to be protected
  • What actions are to be prevent this treats
  • When developing security, you must first
    determine what you want to be safe.
  • SAP security skills, you get exposure to all
    elements of business as each function involves
    SAP security configuration. It is also easy to
    learn and forms a good entry module for
    beginners. Excel in SAP security. The author will
    teach you with live videos and other aids all
    the basic skills needed to be an SAP Security
    administrator in an organization. In no time
    will you have a good insight into all SAP routine
    administration tasks. / 91-4060 50 1418
  • Who should go for this Course?
  • Anyone who has interest in business and
  • Who wants to learn about large scale enterprise
  • Who wants to expand their field of knowledge
  • Who are looking for their first sap break
  • Who wants to improve their enterprise skill sets
  • Why security is important
  • SAP Security helps to give only particular access
    to users to perform their job and restrict
    unauthorized access. / 91-4060 50 1418
  • What is Security Why?
  • Security audit consideration?
  • Data layer
  • Access security
  • Operational security
  • Audit Security Security audit log parameters.
  • Application on R/3 Security.
  • OS level security Change management.
  • Internal Security
  • External Security
  • SAP Security
  • User administration Types of Users / 91-4060 50 1418
  • Authorization Objects
  • Authorization profiles
  • Programming authorizations
  • Authorization groups
  • Missing authorizations
  • Authorization Trace
  • Composite Role
  • Single Role
  • Derived Role
  • Parent Role Child Role
  • Transportation of Roles Role Mitigation
  • The complete User status (SUIM)
  • Locking transactions
  • Restricting access to SAP DDIC / 91-4060 50 1418
  • TOPIC 6 SAP R/3
  • SAP History
  • SAP R/3 architecture Layers.
  • Client administration
  • Spool administration Basics.
  • Background jobs
  • Monitoring
  • Transport management Basics. / 91-4060 50 1418
  • BI-Security
    Training Course Content
  • Overview on SAP B I authorization concept
  • What are the security requirement on SAP B I
  • What are the standard roles and templates of
    authorization concept
  • Standard roles and templates for the
    authorization concept
  • How to create the BI roles and modifications
  • What is the difference between BW and ECC
  • What is the difference between BW and BI security
  • What are the different authorization objects
    involved in BI and BIW
  • Overview on authorization concept analysis and
  • General real time issues on BW and BI / 91-4060 50 1418
  • HR SECURITY Training Course Content
  • Overview on Structural authorizations concept
  • Overview on HR Master Data authorizations
  • Overview on authorization main switches
  • Overview on authorization objects for payroll
  • Overview on info type concepts and table in sap
  • CRM-Security Training Course Content
  • Overview on SAP CRM Security
  • What is the difference between SAP CRM Security
  • Overview on SAP Business Roles
  • What are the Components of Business Roles?
  • How to create the Business Roles
  • How to create the Management role
  • How to create PFCG role
  • How to create role and user assignment
  • Over view on general authorizations and business
    role authorizations / 91-4060 50 1418
  • PORTAL-Security
    Training Course Content
  • Overview on SAP EP Security
  • Overview on user administrations in SAP EP
  • How to manage the UMW roles and portal roles
  • How to upload the ABAP Roles
  • General real time issues / 91-4060 50 1418
  • SAP Security
    Training outline
  • Program Name SAP Security Training course
  • Course Duration 35 Hours
  • Mode Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings According to ones feasibility
  • System Access will be provided
  • Batch Type Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX,
  • Basic Requirements Good Internet Speed, Headset / 91-4060 50 1418
14 Steps To Register
for SAP Security Training at Global Online
Trainings Step 1 Type www.globalonlinetrainin in any of the web browsers, you will find
the Global Online Trainings page. Step 2 Click
an Option called Request a demo option in the
menu bar. / 91-4060 50 1418
Step 3 Fill the contact us form and click on
send option / 91-4060 50 1418
Step 4 You can also leave a message to us by
using the pop up box at the bottom left corner
of the website. / 91-4060 50 1418
Please Reach Us On www.globalonlinetrainings/sap-
security-training Email info_at_globalonlinetrainin / 91-4060 50 1418
Thank you.! / 91-4060 50 1418
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