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What is Dos Operating System


What is Dos Operating System :: MS-Dos Stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System & It is developed by Microsoft Corporation.Dos Operating system was developed in 1981 and its first version was named as Dos 1.00.In Dos work are performed by managing disk And disk files. It Provides a interface between computer hardware and Software programs. Dos is a 16 bit operating system that means it can save and process 16 bit of data at single time. It is a single user and single tasking Operating system. It is NON-GUI(Graphical User Interface) It Works on CUI(Character User Interface)environment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Dos Operating System

welcome to
  • What is Dos Operating System?

  • MS-DOS is known as Microsoft Disk Operating
    system and it is developed, created and designed
    by Microsoft Corporation USA who owned by Bill
    Gates the richest man on the planet.
  • This Operating System or commonly called as OS
    was developed in 1981 and the first version was
    named as Dos 1.0.

  • MS-DOS is a NON GUI Graphical User Interface
    where all the activities such as selecting
    navigation, dropping and all the other computer
    activities are done by basic dos commands like
    copy, xcopy , del , deltree and so on.
  • MS-DOS is a command line operating system where
    all desired result are obtained by using simple
    dos commands

There are basically two versions of MS-DOS (Dos
Operating System)
  • PC-Dos
  • MS-Dos

  • Above Both versions of Dos Operating System have
    been developed by Microsoft Corporation, here
    PCDos was specially developed for IBM Personal
    computer and MSDos was developed and written for
    Personal Computer PC or NON-IBM Personal
  • As there are no such differences found in both
    versions of Dos Operating Systems.

  • Disk operating system (Dos) is a menu driven
    operating system which is simpler to use but is
    not as user friendly as windows. In Todays world
    MS-DOS is not used, windows operating system has
    replaced msdos. Still some people use dos
    operating system as a command line for certain

Basically there are two types of Basic Dos
  • Internal Dos Commands.
  • External Dos Commands.

Internal Dos Commands
  • Internal Dos These commands are commonly
    executed from a file called as command.com which
    is generally stored in root directory or c or c

External Dos Commands
  • External Dos Commands External Dos Commands
    are those basic dos commands which require
    external supporting files which may be present on
    the bootable disk or hard disk, without
    supporting files you cannot run or execute this

Thank you
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