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Tips to maintain morale of a Call Center


Call Center jobs are the worst job in this developed world. Here with low confidence, where only a few people understand about engagement, they transact with huge turnovers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips to maintain morale of a Call Center

How to maintain the morale of a Call Center
  • Employees leaving your agency? Staffs often stay
    mad and feel unsatisfied? These are no major
    problems for us when it comes to employees
  • Hang on with us for a few minutes and have a
    close look at our solution techniques regarding
    this aspect.
  • A Call Center is a centralized office where
    communication finds its way by the means of
    telephone processing a huge amount of requests,
    every day.
  • It is an open workspace where call center agents
    are provided with a computer, supervisor station
    (maybe one or more), and a headset attached to a
    telephone switch.

  • With the help of computer networks, such as LANs,
    Mainframes and microcomputers, linked with
    additional centers, a call center works in a
    network or often independently.
  • Computer Telephony Integration is the method of
    linking data and voice pathways to the center
    with the help of a new set of technologies.
  • Call centers are broadly classified as Inbound
    call centers and Outbound Call centers. Inbound
    call centers are basically the section which
    administrates enquiries from the customers and
    incoming product support, in a company.
  • Whereas, the section which focuses on
    telemarketing, debt collection, market research,
    and solicitation of political donations or
    charitable funds.

  • In case of a company, most of the valuable
    information is found in the Contact Center. All
    of the customer contacts are managed over here
    and are routed to the company.
  • Being a part of the Customer Relationship
    Management (CRM), contact centers are used to
    manage their customer interactions with large
  • These centers are subjected to work as an
    autonomous in-house department or may take the
    help of a third party coordinating agency
    (Outsourcing Call Centers).
  • Working in a call center makes one realize that
    it is not at all an easy job for an employee to
    sit back in that very chair attending phone calls
    one after the other, clearing doubts or dealing
    with the sales issues.

  • Dealing with customers for too long will affect
    the working pattern or even make any skilled and
    experienced employee, go insane.
  • Now, slipping of the morale of your employees
    will further be portrayed in their demeanor and
    will end up in depleting ones call centers
  • Now, we are sternly going to focus on the aids to
    depleting morale of a call center.
  • As employees in the call center have to deal with
    complete strangers, who in return never really
    behave in a very friendly way.
  • Employees are not so expected to keep their cool,
    it takes more than just hanging banners saying
    Have a nice day.
  • Discussing a few tips which will definitely show
    the companies a path towards higher morale.

A purpose must be fixed
  • Show your representatives that the job they do is
    worthy enough. They aint wasting their time to
    bag a handful of cash, rather it is a much-needed
    and serious service without which customers will
    be blind.

Handing the right tools to work with
  • It is tough for any employee to work in an
    unhealthy environment and with not so good pieces
    of equipment.
  • It is very necessary to provide your staffs
    with best call center software and can maintain a
    good atmosphere in the working place, improved
    morale values are expected, eventually.

Customer connections and interactions
  • If a staff does not know about his/her customer
    with whom he/she have to deal with, it becomes
    troublesome to interact.
  • Enlighten them with customer data and support
    your team and make them believe that their jobs
    aint waste time and labor.

  • During regular raises, paychecks and benefits, a
    warm greeting from the boss is always motivating
    and promotions act as a catalyst to your
    employees morale.

Let the staffs be themselves
  • It is not always appreciated that you, being a
    boss, always order your employees what to do.
  • They are people made up of blood and flesh and
    emotions. Let their personal abilities flow, then
    only they will learn to deal with their own

Proper job titles are a must
  • To motivate your employees, there must be a job
    title, formal environment accompanied by
    objectives and challenges.

Involvement of the employees in the improvement
  • One must know how to make their employees work by
    offering them with issues to fix and have a close
    look at how they manage to fit in the situation.
  • This is a must to get their working methods
    re-designed thus helping your employees to find
    their inner abilities.

Fundraising regarding charity program
  • The thought of improving the morale of ones call
    center boosts the morale of the employees,
  • Showing a few activities regarding the benefits
    of the community like fundraising will make both
    the employees and the community, have a good
    impression on your call center hence boosting
    your employee morale and with  a fun day for sure.

System improvement
  • At times, do listen to your employees complain
    about the systems available at work. This may
    further result in the slip of the morale of the
    call center if not dealt with, immediately.
  • The systems must be repaired or replaced as soon
    as possible and should be kept updated with the

Time invested in explaining benefits and
challenges and being engaged in the workplace
  • There is lack of reason and resulting in absence
    of employees and their will to work.

Having dress in casual attire
  • Going to work, every day, following the strict
    dress code may take a toll on the employee by
    making them think it as a part of their daily
  • Yet it is considered to have a casual day per
    week as a relaxing day while keeping in mind that
    the dress code is necessary. This will give them
    a break from their hectic life.

Motivating your employees to arrange events on
their own
  • Encourage your staff in organizing events where
    the call centers can take part.
  • It will be a great day off, filling in
    communication gap between the employees. It will
    be a day full of entertainment while allowing the
    staffs to get to know each other.

Take measures to increase face-to-face
  • Dealing with day to day digital communication
    technique, employees are more likely to
    communicate over phone calls or text messaging
  • One should get rid of this habit and initiate
    face-to-face interaction to avoid isolation and
    keep the environment stress free. In this way,
    the morale of staffs gets boosted.

An arrangement of knowledge sharing meeting
  • Most of the employees wants to know their
    colleagues better and wants to be inspired.
  • Organizing a breakfast or lunch meeting where an
    opening is given for face-to-face conversations
    where staffs get to know each other and share
    knowledge and ideas thus developing your call
    centers morale and skill set, both.

Offering your staffs with better knowledge
instead of strictly written scripts
  • Strict scripts can be very much stressful for any
    employee to cope up with.
  • Actually, when an employee is provided with
    scripts, his independence of deviating from the
    script is snatched away from him/her.
  • This is, at a higher level, frustrating. Instead
    of serving them with scripts, it is advised to
    make arrangements for training programs and serve
    knowledge as a better dish, through interactive
    sessions which will not only set the employee
    morale high but also result in best knowledge
    transfer making the call center profitable.

Fun events play a major role in keeping your
staffs morale high
  • From your side, arrange a fun competition or
    contest which will act as a stress-relieving drug
    to the non-narcotic mentally unstable employees
    (which they actually become while working
    following the same routine).
  • Few special prizes in the event and giveaways are
    a great way to deal with your staffs morale
  • Though there are many other ways to boost the
    morale of an employee, there is nothing better
    than a celebration.
  • It may be any kind of celebration such as a
    birthday party, boss anniversary (if married),
    success with a project from which the call center
    got very much beneficial, or it may even be a
    farewell party.
  • The objective is to serve them with happiness and
    entertainment and make them feel that their
    existence count.

Creation of a break room to serve your staffs
with some fun time
  • Introduction to break rooms are needed to keep
    the mental stability of the employees.
  • Long duration working requirement calls for
    breaks too, without which there is a high chance
    that a staff will burn out.
  • Staffs will have a place to chat with their
    fellow employees which will eventually reduce the
    level of stress on one hand while increasing the
    morale on the other.
  • Introduction of coffee machines, few handy board
    games or arcade games, or even a couch and a TV,
    is appreciated.

Personal milestone and recognizing it
  • As they are human beings (yes, they are), they
    need motivation and need to set goals and then
    work towards its completion.
  • Working together with other employees give them a
    milestone to beat and in a friendly but
    competitive way, they come up with better ideas
    and revised working processes.

Giving them a clear vision of their career paths
  • Promotions. This is the most effective way by
    which employees get motivated and focus on their
    working scenario.
  • Call center agents are likely to feel low on
    morale and unexcited in their job with
    advancement technologies.

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