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Artificial Intelligence training


Gain knowledge about the various programming algorithms used for developing Artificial Intelligence systems. The online training in Artificial Intelligence will not only help you in getting better job opportunities, but will also provide a rapid growth in your career. For more info: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Artificial Intelligence training

Artificial Intelligence
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  • Introduction of Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Future of AI
  • Career Responsibility
  • Career Growth and Salary
  • Job Opportunity
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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and
    formation of computer systems that can observe,
    purpose and perform. The primary aim of AI is to
    develop intelligent machines. The intelligence
    should be exhibited by thinking, making
    decisions, solving problems, more prominently by
  • AI is the best field for visionaries to play
    around. It must be developed from the thought
    that making a human-machine is promising. Though
    many conclude that this is not possible, there is
    still a lot of investigation going on in this
    field to attain the final objective.

Artificial Intelligence
  • AI can also be define as the area of computer
    science that compacts with the methods in which
    computers can be made to perform mental functions
    endorsed to humans. But this definition does not
    say what functions are executed, to what degree
    they are performed, or how theses functions are
    carried out.
  • AI draws heavily on following domains of study.
  • Computer Science Cognitive Science
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Linguistics Logic
  • Mathematics Natural Sciences
  • Philosophy Physiology
  • Psychology Statistics

Future of AI
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence
  • 6 ways it will impact everyday life
  • Automated Transportation
  • Cyborg Technology
  • Taking over dangerous works
  • Solving climate change
  • Robot as friends
  • Improved care and Hospitality System

Career Responsibility
  • Scope of Responsibilities
  • ? Product Picker Impossibly high bar for
    product. Able to tell good from bad, and done
    from not enough. Incredibly good judgment.
  • ? Execution Define product features to build
    great products. Moves the organization. Gets
    things done. SHIPS!
  • ? Innovator Creative Problem Solver Ability to
    see tech trends and anticipate how user needs can
    just now be solved with internal software
    experiences or partnerships.
  • ? Industry Domain Expert Knows mobile consumer
    software inside and out. If its mobile, youre
    all over it.
  • ? Organizational Leader Evangelist, Executive
    Presence, Truth Teller, Collaborator, Great
    Demo-er. Able to hire the very best talent.
  • ? Business Owner Understands the key business
    drivers and what needs to happen to drive
    economics. Worries about user perceptions and
  • Responsibilities
  • ? Create, define and prioritize machine learning
    and AI engine that will reside on Moto smartphone
    and tie into the Lenovo cloud architecture
  • ? Apply impeccable consumer mobile experience
    product judgment.
  • ? Identify market trends and engage with fellow
    product managers to identify opportunities and
    problems ripe for innovation.
  • ? Develop compelling business cases for new AI
    experiences that focus on personalizing and
    enhancing the user experience and differentiates
    Moto smartphones from the competition
  • ? Collaborate with internal hardware platform
    teams to plan future software enablers.
  • ? Evaluate partnership opportunities to enhance
    current product offerings and establish ongoing
    relationships with key strategic partners.
  • ? Continually and directly engage with consumers
    (via social forums, consumer lab testing, secret
    shopper, cafe testing, etc.) to refine current
    product and inform new concepts to the greater
    product management organization

Career Growth and Salary
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  • Generally Speaking
  • Depending on your education and chosen
    discipline, working in AI can deliver you with an
    exceptional income. For example, a 2010 report by
    the International Conference on Information
    Security and Artificial Intelligence exposed that
    top gaming and face recognition software
    programmers earned an yearly salary of 125,000.
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics combines wage
    information for engineers with degrees in
    artificial intelligence with its data for all
    other engineers, and reported a 2012 average
    annual salary of 92,030, while robotics
    engineers earned an annual average of 102,190.
  • Impact of Location
  • Where you work can influence your salary to a
    sizable extent. For instance, the BLS's
    information for May 2012 disclosed an annual wage
    for computer engineers of 125,700 in the
    District of Columbia, 112,110 in New Mexico and
    104,800 in Virginia. The industry in which you
    work has an impact, too. For example, those
    implementing artificially intelligent hardware in
    the financial investment field averaged 146,940
    annually, versus 116,030 in other sectors such
    as sales and education.
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Job Opportunities
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  • A career in artificial intelligence can be
    realized within a variety of settings including
    private companies, public organizations,
    education, the arts, healthcare facilities,
    government agencies and the military. Some
    positions may require security clearance prior to
    hiring depending on the sensitivity of
    information employees may be probable to handle.
    Examples of specific jobs held by AI
    professionals include
  • Software analysts and developers.
  • Computer scientists and computer engineers.
  • Algorithm specialists.
  • Research scientists and engineering consultants.
  • Mechanical engineers and maintenance technicians.
  • Manufacturing and electrical engineers.
  • Surgical technicians working with robotic tools.
  • Medical health professionals working with
    artificial limbs, prosthetics, hearing aids and
    vision restoration devices.
  • Military and aviation electricians working with
    flight simulators, drones and armaments.
  • Graphic art designers, digital musicians,
    entertainment producers, textile manufacturers
    and architects.
  • Post-secondary professors at technical and trade
    schools, vocational centers and universities.

About Multisoft
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  • Multisoft Virtual Academy is an online training
    and certification organization that delivers core
    industry knowledge through Artificial
    Intelligence Online Trainings and its intense and
    robust training program, globally.
  • Multisoft Virtual Academy is an online subsidiary
    of Multisoft Systems that deals into a broad
    spectrum of learning solutions including
    Classroom, Corporate and E-learning.
  • We keep on anticipating what the industry
    actually wants from their employees and in order
    to fulfill these expectations, present highly
    interactive e-learning solutions that go above
    and beyond them.
  • With an inception as a small online training firm
    driven by a group of IT and Management
    professionals, MVA has now turned out to be a
    globally acclaimed e-learning platform, imparting
    450 courses including AI Certifications.

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