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Hair & Face Treatment Offered By Prima


The Prima Britannia Laser Clinic specialises in laser treatments using the most advanced & safest technology available. The types of laser technology used for the removal of hair or thread veins can have a considerable impact on the outcome of the procedure. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hair & Face Treatment Offered By Prima

Prima Britannia Face Hair Treatment
Aging is something we all have to face, and
whilst we cannot stop ourselves from getting
older, we can maintain a youthful look for
longer. One of our longest serving and most
reliable skin treatments is Oxynergy Needle-free
Mesotherapy for a face. Needle-free Mesotherapy
is a non-invasive, and completely painless,
anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment. It
applies a natural solution of minerals, vitamins,
amino acids and antioxidants to your skin to
nourish it and tackle the main outward signs of
aging Mesotherapy for face is highly recognized
in the beauty industry as one of the best and
most effective non-surgical techniques for
battling the signs of aging. It is an extremely
effective, easy, and comfortable technique, and
can be used on the face and body to treat a
number of different ailments. Prima Britannia
uses Oxynergy product to deliver the best result.
Apart from using needle-free mesotherapy for
face, we use Mesotherapy Injections  treatment
for removing the unwanted accumulation of fat.
It is the most effective method for removing
unsightly cellulose and helps improve body
Needle-free Mesotherapy can be used to
treat Wrinkles Fine lines Pigmentation Age
Spots Eye bags Dark circles Double
Chin Acne Hair loss Needle-free Mesotherapy for
face is a natural and effective treatment that
will gently rejuvenate your skin, leaving it
radiant and youthful.
PRP Skin Treatment PRP skin treatment is one of
the most commonly asked for treatments. Everyone
knows that nothing can stop the passage of time
whether we like it or not. It is normal for
wrinkles to appear over the years as part of the
natural process of aging. With the passing of
years, the structure of the skin loses elasticity
and becomes less flexible. So, as life
expectancy continues to increase, so does the
demand to maintain a youthful attitude and a
youthful appearance. Platelet Rich Plasma
treatment works to help you achieve advanced skin
rejuvenation and long-lasting results. Platelet
Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment or Dracula therapy is
a revolution in modern aesthetic medicine. It
is a technique that utilises the patients own
growth factors to regenerate aged and damaged
skin. The growth factors contained in platelets
are able to stimulate different mechanisms to
produce collagen and improve the quality of the
existing collagen.
PRP Hair Treatment London PRP Hair Treatment is a
treatment for hair loss or thinning of hair which
helps with hair re-growth. Growing old is not the
only factor which stimulates hair loss these
days, a lot of other factors affect proper hair
growth from a very young age. This treatment is
suitable for both men and women of all ages. Get
the best solution to your hair problems at our
clinic with the best PRP hair treatment in
London. Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
can Reduce expression lines and
wrinkles. Reduce stretch marks and atrophic
scars. Increase skin hydration
radiance. Regenerate damaged skin stimulates
cell growth. Improve collagen levels and skin
firmness. Improve skin function. PRP treatment
comes highly recommended and has been
scientifically proven to produce long-lasting,
radiant results.18
Mesotherapy Treatment for Hair Loss Hair loss is
a surprisingly common problem for both men and
women. It can be caused by a variety of different
factors, for example, it can be triggered by
Stress Illness Fungal Infection Thyroid
problems Chemotherapy Hormonal changes Pregnancy B
irth control pill
At Prima Britannia Laser Clinic in London, we
have created our own unique non-surgical
treatment for excessive hair loss. It includes a
combination of Mesotherapy and medical
microneedling technique, which combine to make
the ultimate treatment, achieving the best
results in the shortest time. Though Mesotherapy
a cocktail of natural homeopathic medications,
vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the
skins intradermal layer, which nourishes the
root of the hair and triggers regrowth. Two
alternative treatments that we offer are Rich
Plasma Therapy For Hair Loss. These treatments
can be recommended depending on the results of a
checkup performed by our specialist so Book an
Appointment now and get a free Consultation! Our
unique and effective treatment presents a range
of advantages It is highly effective. The
results we have seen in the past have been
fantastic and all our clients leave satisfied
with the visible hair regrowth they have
experienced.It is inexpensive. At our clinic, we
pride ourself on the fact that our treatments are
effective yet affordable so that hair loss
treatments are accessible to everyone.It is a far
less invasive procedure that hair loss surgery.It
does not require any post-procedure downtime,
meaning you can return to your normal daily
activities immediately.
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