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Drug Addiction Rehab - For a better life


Facts and Myths about Drug Rehab. Important Facts about Drug Addiction and Rehab. 4 important Phases of Drug Rehab. 4 Things To Do to Have a Successful Rehab. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Drug Addiction Rehab - For a better life

Drug Addiction Rehab
  • For a better life

  • Facts and Myths about Drug Rehab
  • Important Facts about Drug Addiction and Rehab
  • 4 Important Things to Look for in a Rehab
  • 4 important Phases of Drug Rehab
  • 4 Things To Do to Have a Successful Rehab

Facts and Myths about Drug Rehab
  • Drug rehab between facts and myths
  • All rehab methods are based on scientific and
    psychological steps. Many people think that rehab
    attempts depend on luck or random work. Another
    famous misconception about drug rehab is that it
    stops when a patient checks out of a facility. In
    fact, rehab process needs long time of
    supervision inside and outside rehab centers.
    Recovering addicts must go through continuous
    consultations and meetings. Another myth about
    drug rehabs is that they are luxury options. Many
    addicts think that quitting based on their
    decisions only. In fact, quitting is not an easy
    process. It is demanding and challenging.
    Professional help and intervention will make
    rehab a lot easier and more effective.
  • Types of rehabilitation
  • Inpatient rehab is provided by private rehab
    institutions. Patients must stay inside the
    rehab center and get treated. Accommodation
    period inside rehab centers ranges from 6 to8
    weeks. Admission to inpatient centers means that
    you will get 24/7 supervision.
  • On the side, outpatient rehabilitation won't make
    patients stay inside a rehab facility. You just
    need to show up at your therapy and treatment
    appointments. At the end of each session, you can
    go home. You don't have to leave your work,
    school or family to get treatment.

Important Facts about Drug Addiction and Rehab
  • Facts about drug addiction
  • Drug addiction has been categorized as a chronic
    disease and brain disorder. Drug addiction can
    manipulate a patient's brain. A patient will
    believe that using addictive substance will work
    better for him. Over the time, substance abuse
    will make you unable to recognize its bad effect
    on your whole life. People of different ages and
    social levels can be addicts to drugs. Some
    people can be addicted to only one substance,
    while others might be victims of many types of
    drugs. Drugs can threat the future of many
    teenagers and adults. Due to their ability to
    deceive a person's mind, drug addiction can cause
    powerful cravings and lack of self control. All
    types of drugs can actually manipulate your
    brain's chemicals and make you feel happy and
    care-free. With repeated use, your brain will
    become accustomed to drugs impact. Your brain
    will keep sending craving signals till it gets
    enough doses of drugs.
  • Important things for effective drug rehab
  • There are many patients that might relapse after
    checking out of a rehab facility. A successful
    drug rehab process must include many integrated
    elements. Patients will receive top quality
    therapies on many sides such as behavioral
    disorders, detox, and medication. Drug addicts
    are not the same. Each one has different motives,
    needs, time of addiction and different addictive

4 Important Things to Look for in a Rehab
  • Treatment protocols
  • Treatment records
  • Inpatient Vs. outpatient
  • It is all about money

  • Treatment protocols
  • Drug rehab is not one size fits all kind of
    thing. There are many acknowledged protocols and
    treatment methods to cure drug addiction.
    Patients have all the right to know which methods
    will be used on them. They must know the
    medications they will take to handle withdrawal
    symptoms. Recovering addicts need to discuss with
    their care providers whether, the medications
    have side effects or not. You should talk to your
    supervisors about expected drug cravings and how
    to deal with them. You should also know the
    aspects that their protocols focus on. Programs
    that concentrate on behavioral and physical sides
    of patients' characters are always successful.
  • Treatment records
  • Asking for a solid record of successfully treated
    cases is a necessary step in choosing the right
    rehab centre. You have the right to know their
    success rate. Higher rates can indicate that the
    centre is following powerful treatment methods.
    It can also help you predict if you will manage
    to stay clean after checking out. Finding out the
    accurate success rate is in fact pretty easy. You
    can compare the number of the whole patients with
    the number of the fully recovered ones.
  • Inpatient Vs. outpatient
  • Many rehab clinics provide both types. Full
    accommodation at a rehab center gives patients a
    chance to completely focus on recovers, as they
    will leave everything else behind. Inpatient
    rehabs are perfect for long time addicts that are
    not mentally stable any more. Outpatient rehab is
    also convenient if you are not a heavy addict and
    have a proper support system.
  • It is all about money
  • Addiction will take your money and might force to
    sell your expensive items. This also applies to
    rehab. Rehab centers can charge a lot especially
    from uninsured individuals. Winning your life and
    future back is actually priceless, so don't
    hesitate to find proper resources to cover your
    rehab fees. Some local churches or non-profit
    organization can provide drug rehab programs to
    help many addicts. You might even consider going
    for an outpatient rehab as it won't cost as much
    as 24 care centers.

4 important Phases of Drug Rehab
  • Enrolment in a center
  • Detox
  • Rehab
  • Aftercare

  • Enrolment in a center
  • You need to find a proper rehab center that can
    fulfill your treatment needs. Choosing that
    centre doesn't only depend on recommendations or
    suggestions. You need to visit the centre
    yourself before enrolling.
  • Detox
  • Detoxification is when your body disposes all
    traces and residues of the substance you are
    using. Doing this step properly means that you
    can have a successful recovery and rehab. At this
    point, patients can suffer from withdrawal
    symptoms. These symptoms usually appear with 6-12
    hours of quitting the substance abuse.
  • Rehab
  • You can call it the moment of truth. This step
    follows detox and it is all about
    self-confrontation. With the help of
    professionals a patient will be able to
    recognize, admit and face. During rehab phase,
    patients will learn how to accept and deal with
    the reasons behind the addiction without
    relapsing once again.
  • Aftercare
  • This is a very important and challenging step
    because patients will have to leave rehab
    facility and get on with their lives. They will
    get regular follow-ups to help them adjust to
    clean and sober life.

4 Things To Do to Have a Successful Rehab
  • Serious readings
  • Pay attention to what you eat
  • Be active
  • Maintain honest and truthful

  • Serious readings
  • At a rehab you will have access to internet, so
    use it to educate yourself. You must know more
    about the substance that you were abusing. Read
    about its negative effects on your mental,
    emotional and physical health.
  • Pay attention to what you eat
  • Paying attention to what you consume daily can
    definitely benefit your healing process. In your
    food selection, you need to pick balanced and
    healthy meals. Healthy meals are rich in
    vitamins, fibers and proteins.
  • Be active
  • Practicing any type of sports is extremely vital
    for effective and successful drug rehab. Some
    luxurious rehab facilities do have amenities like
    gyms. However, it is not an available option at
    all rehab centers.
  • Maintain honest and truthful
  • You need to be honest with yourself and everyone
    else. You should always keep in mind that being
    straightforward will make your recovery faster.
    You should not lie to your therapists about
    making mistakes or having bad thoughts. Your
    therapists, counselors and supervisors are always
    there to help you correct your mistakes.

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