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Good Essay Writing: Informal Letter Sample


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Title: Good Essay Writing: Informal Letter Sample

Good Essay Writing Informal Letter Sample
  • Informal letter essay is created for pleasure. It
    is an amusing mixture of facts and your own
    thoughts on the topic written in the
    conversational and less serious tone to engage
    your readers.

  • The informal essay can be informative as well as
    persuasive the only difference you can express
    your opinions, investigation, and humor more
    openly and in a relaxed way. It has no strict
    style but still should have a strong structure
    (however, not so rigid like formal essays have).

  • Essay informal letter is much more personal
    comparing to other academic papers. It can be
    about your own beliefs, attitude towards some
    controversial issue (for example, the death
    penalty, abortion, marijuana legalization, animal
    testing, school uniforms, etc.), or personal

  • Here are some tips on informal essay letter
  • Choose a title
  • It is a crucial component of an essay. It helps
    readers whether your written piece is worth to
    read. Some people read essays just because of
    interesting and catchy topics. So, choose the
    best informal essay topics and convince the
    readers your paper is worth their time.

  • Define the purpose
  • Although youre writing an informal essay, it
    must have a clear and meaningful thesis statement
    which shows your readers about what this piece of
    writing is about.

  • Correct format
  • Despite the type of your essay is informal, keep
    your language formal and clear. However, you can
    use idioms, colloquialisms, etc. if your teacher
    allows you to do so. So, there is no specific
    format for this kind of essay. However, it
    shouldnt be a mess but a well-structured, easy
    to read and appealing written piece.

  • Body
  • There are plenty of techniques you can use in
    your body paragraphs
  • Compression emphasize the main ideas of the
    essay and compress into a few words less
    important points. Feel free to use informal essay

  • Time inversion start your written piece with
    details about the middle part of the story and
    then continue from here.

  • Withholding write provocative questions but
    dont give your readers answers to them
    immediately withhold crucial information up to
    the end.

  • Foreshadowing give some exciting facts and
    remain them unpredictable to your audience up to
    the very ending.

  • Actually, it doesnt matter which techniques you
    will choose the body of your essay must present
    readers the whole view of your selected topic. It
    should also involve all main ideas on the topic
    (one point per one paragraph).

  • Express your point of view
  • In informal essays, youre allowed to use I and
    you. Essay writers can not only speak about
    themselves but also address their audience
    directly. However, be consistent throughout the
    whole essay. Dont start with one point of view
    and change it at the very end.

  • Informal essay structure
  • Stick to the 5-paragraph essay format write a
    catchy introduction, informative and appealing
    body, and a strong conclusion.

  • However, cheap informal essay writing doesnt
    really require a specific format so feel
    completely free. About essay length there are no
    limitations but try to write a short and concise

  • Think about your audience
  • It is crucial to know who your readers are make
    sure they will leave with positive feelings after
    reading your essay. Try to surprise your audience
    and leave it begging for more. Use custom essay
    writing service, if you need professional help.

  • Use accurate transitional words between each
  • Give a credit to an original author if youve
    cited his/her work in your essay.
  • Do a research before writing your essay you
    should be an expert on a chosen subject.
  • Dont plagiarize originality is the key to

  • Dont overdo informality use slang and
    colloquialisms wisely.
  • Express your own thoughts and ideas and be
  • Create a suspense (as authors of fictions usually
    do) and make your story exciting.
  • Find the balance your story shouldnt sound
    overly funny or too boring.

  • Add examples, interesting quotations, pictures,
    and so on to keep your audience curious. You can
    even tell a joke or interesting anecdote.
  • Stick to this amazing rule Do not follow any
    rules. Express your points openly, be witty and
    amusing but reasonable about the level of
    informality. Find more information on the topic
    in this Google book.

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