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Reviva Clinic Economics of Hair Transplant


India has quickly garnered an impressive reputation for being a hub for medical tourism and hair transplant is a medical procedure that attracts thousands of overseas patients. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Reviva Clinic Economics of Hair Transplant


Now that you have done your research about hair
transplant, you are convinced about its viability
and efficacy. There is just one big looming
question on your mind to which you would like a
concise answer. How much does it cost for a hair
transplant treatment
Although there are other important questions
like, how much time the entire procedure might
take and how it may affect your lifestyle during
the process, the one question that stands out is,
how much does a Hair Transplant Cost? We wish we
could provide you with a single, short worded
answer, in reality, it is not quite so
easy. There are many variables that affect the
cost of a hair transplant treatment. It is true
that FUE hair transplant is one of the few
medical procedures that are not very expensive,
but then again the overall cost of this procedure
differs from one patient to another.
It entirely depends on the scalp condition of the
patient. The technique of the hair transplant
procedure used, the number of grafts the doctors
need to extract and the extent of baldness are
three of the primary factors that comprise hair
transplant cost.
How do these factors affect the cost?
India has quickly garnered an impressive
reputation for being a hub for medical tourism
and hair transplant is a medical procedure that
attracts thousands of overseas patients.All
thanks to the presence of a highly skilled staff
base, state of the art equipment and cost
effective operations. It is safe to state that
the cost of hair transplant in India is on the
reasonable side. Irrespective of the health of
the patient, the cost is affordable for people
from a variety of economic classes. However, it
is difficult to standardize costs due to the
following reasons
  • Varied needs of the patient The way hair loss
    affects patients is not the same. Some patients
    prefer to have a dense graft, some just need a
    minor cover-up. However subtle the differences in
    the needs of the patients may be, the differences
    in the costs per individual may tend to vary more
  • Consultation Every medical procedure begins with
    a thorough consultation. Depending on the
    lifestyle, affordability, availability and the
    comfort of a patient, the time spent on
    consultation varies and with it, the cost of the
    hair transplant procedure as well.

  • Health of the patient The health of a patient
    who has been enduring baldness for many years,
    may not be the same as a patient who has decided
    to show up for consultation after the first signs
    of baldness. Moreover, the area of the scalp that
    is affected dictates the number of sessions that
    are required to restore hair growth. All of these
    variables mean that hair transplant cost for you,
    may not be the same as what it was for one of
    your colleagues at office, for example.
  • Number of grafts required In order to cover
    larger areas of baldness, multiple grafts of
    healthy hair follicles may be required. This in
    turns means longer sessions which in turn means
    an increment in cost.
  • Technique used Although we primarily tend to
    employ the use of FUE hair transplant over FUT
    hair transplant at Reviva Clinic, the choice of
    techniques recommended by your doctor may bring
    in a variation in the cost of the procedure.

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exactly what your condition needs.
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