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Most Effective Ways of Thesis Revision


We prepared informational presentation to show you the most effective ways of thesis revision. For more details you can visit site – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Most Effective Ways of Thesis Revision

Most effective ways of thesis revision
  • Thesis revision is checking your written piece
    with fresh eyes and from a critical perspective.
    It includes analyzing, formatting, and
    proofreading a thesis in order to improve its
    quality. Revision is about rethinking your main
    points, making sure your evidence supports all
    them, checking paper structure, cleaning up your
    language, and so on.

  • An affordable essay revision is an opportunity
    for you to
  • make sure your thesis is worth to be published
  • see whether it claims what you really wanted to
  • look if it is easy to understand by all your

  • Many students consider revision as a
    time-consuming and boring thing to do, especially
    when they need to revise long papers such as a
    thesis. However, the following tips will help you
    to make this process much easier.

  • Put your thesis away for a while and have a rest.
    If possible, leave it for a couple of days so you
    can check it from a fresh perspective. Use essay
    editor to make sure your paper is perfect.

  • Estimate your evidence
  • The body of your written piece should back up
    your main point you indicated in the
    introduction. Besides, make sure you gave enough
    evidence to support your statement.

  • Leave only the good pieces
  • Eliminate all ideas which are irrelevant to your
    thesis statement. If there is something that
    doesnt fit, cut it immediately. Alternatively,
    use the best online paper reviser.

  • Make your language clear and understandable
  • Ensure that all your claims make sense. If there
    are some hard-to-understand ideas which can
    easily confuse the reader, delete or rewrite

  • It is very helpful to read your thesis aloud.
    Your ear can catch a lot of awkward words or
    phrases. Delete unnecessary words,
    indistinctness, and misused parts of speech.

  • Put yourself into readers shoes
  • Pretend like youre revising your friends paper.
    Can you find the most successful part of a
    thesis? Could you make it better? Look for less
    powerful sections and think how you can improve

  • Cut off all repetitions
  • If you can describe your thought in 1 phrase or
    sentence, write less wordy version. Delete all
    unnecessary and repetitive details and arguments.
    There is no use to state them again and again.
    Dont forget to use a thesaurus to look for the
    most suitable and accurate words.

  • Make your paper flow smoothly
  • Add some transitional words (such as in addition,
    moreover, on the contrary, nevertheless,
    consequently, not to mention, etc.) if there are
    some cardinal changes in your points.

  • Estimate your piece of writing
  • Make sure your thesis demonstrates the new
    perspective on the topic. If you just paraphrase
    already written works or express ideas other
    authors have claimed before, there is no way
    youll obtain a good grade. You should state your
    own point of view, original ideas, and unique

  • Make sure your thesis is specific enough. Narrow
    your focus and dont try to cover everything in
    your written piece. If you find it difficult to
    revise, think about using paper revision service.

  • Check all your paragraphs
  • All of them should look like mini-essays. Your
    paragraphs must tell a story with its own
    introduction (topic statement), a body (argument
    and evidence), and the conclusion (concluding

  • Check paper organization
  • Ensure that all sections in your thesis are
    well-positioned and organized perfectly as well.
    The flow must be logical and lead the reader from
    one point to another. Be prepared to cut and

  • Check your thesis for mistakes
  • Its time for essay proofreading. Check your
    paper carefully and fix all grammar, spelling,
    and punctuation errors, if any. If you are in
    doubt, use professional essay review services and
    let experts correct your errors.

  • Use a spellchecker to spot mistakes. It is very
    effective to revise a thesis from a printed
    version rather than on a computer screen. If you
    have any troubles, try this college essay editing

  • Watch out confusing words
  • Such words as accept/except, pour/pore,
    advise/advice, aisle/isle, appraise/apprise, and
    so on can confuse the reader completely. So look
    carefully and fix all misunderstandings. It will
    be really upsetting if you receive a lower grade
    because of something so avoidable.
  • Check this Google book and find more information
    on the topic.

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