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Collection of Latest Fashion Jewelry For Women


This ppt is made on all the collection of Designer Handmade Fashion Jewelry which you can wear on every occasion. we has dramatic lines and bold patterns. An exquisite interpretation of Nature’s enchanting hues and myriad facets, Naturesque - Gemstone Fashion Jewelry.The Online Fashion Jewelry bohemian reflected design and art of the highest degree, flavored with amazing sophistication delicacy of touch fluency of line and general elegance of conception. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Collection of Latest Fashion Jewelry For Women

Essence of symmetry
Essence of Symmetry Jewelry Collection is where
form follows function and shape means style. This
Collection has dramatic lines and bold patterns.
these stunning jewels to your wardrobe and flaunt
the Geometrical jewelry trend in all its linear
and angular aesthetic and appeal.
Seduction of cleopatra
Get mesmerized in a fairy tale thousands of years
back in time to an ancient and flourishing
civilization build around the banks of the river
Nile, where pharaohs were great commissures of
art, jewelry and craftsmanship erecting
monumental structures as the shim and shadowed by
the grandeurs of the great pyramids jewelry from
the jewelry collection  Seduction Of Cleopatra.
An exquisite interpretation of Natures
enchanting hues and myriad facets, Naturesque -
the designer Santorini collection of jewelry from
The V Collection is sure to turn heads like the
azure skies, turquoise waters, scenic rivers, and
enchanting leaf motifs. Crafted to perfection,
specifically for the ceremony of ceremonies and
the ones that precede and follow, every dazzling
piece exhibits shine and splendor. The Garden of
sea of  Designer Silver Jewelry by The V
Goddess of Incas
The Goddess of Inca Collection narrates the yet
untold tales of aristocracy and centuries of
three different specialization spread during
three ages. It goes back in time to create
exquisite Designer Handmade Fashion
Jewelry legacies embellished with glorious gold
and a variety of textures.
Timeless Tresures
At Timeless Treasures Collection of jewelry
offers a large variety of exquisite designs that
embrace timeless styles.We have sterling
necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, pendants
and chains. All of our Designer Silver Jewelry is
made from the highest quality 925 silver and we
use only top quality gemstones in our pieces. You
won't find many of our pieces anywhere else -
whether you are looking on the web or in your
local retail stores.
There is something about ancient Bohemian
Jewelry that sets it apart from any other in
antiquity. That something is more than just a
distinct style or taste. Bohemian jewelry was a
large artery in the analog of each civilization
that rose in the land between the two rivers and
its story is one worth reading. The Online
Fashion Jewelry bohemian reflected design and art
of the highest degree, flavored with amazing
sophistication delicacy of touch fluency of line
and general elegance of conception.
Yoga Jewelry
If you love yoga and you want the world to know,
why not sport some beautiful, yet meaningful
jewelry to represent your passion? Yoga
Jewelry is more than just mala beads .There are a
variety of yoga-inspired Designer Handmade
Fashion Jewelry that allow you to add a little
bling to your daily wardrobe while showing off
your love of all things yoga.
Athenas Lust
From Athens to The V Collection. Athena's Lust
collection traverses the magical world of Greece
where battles raged, chariots breathed fire and
mythical creatures existed. And immortalizes
every facet of a wonderful epoch as it graciously
ends up being on the Designer Silver
Jewelry masterpiece.
Petty betty
The Pretty Betty Collection from The V Collection
is all about the love about the delicate jewelry
trend which you can use it to dress up even the
most casual of outfits, and it adds just the
tiniest bit of shimmer to elevate any look. With
pieces that are so classic and understated, it
perfectly combines elegance and that effortless
cool-girl vibe. Styled delicate Latest Fashion
Jewelry for Women Collection look before heading
out for a date night. This Collection is here to
stay ladies, so have some fun.
Victorian renaissance
The Victorian Renaissance Collection is inspired
by eternal love. The jewelry of this
collection is beautifully detailed in gold and
decorated rubies and other semi-precious
gemstones. In this collection almost every piece
holds meaning for something you want to remember
or a story you want to tell that day from
this Gemstone Fashion Jewelry Collection.
Mystic river
  • Every cell in my body is loved and healthy Your
    aura is simply an extension of you. When fragile
    or damaged it can leave you drained, unwell and
    feeling disconnected from yourself. With Mystic
    River , The V Collection presents vibrant
    sketches of the protective shield. The collection
    is based on labrodite Gemstone Fashion Jewelry,
    it is common to Madagascar, and has amazing
    reflection when directed towards the sun. When
    fragile or damaged it can leave you drained,
    unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself.

Drizzling Druzy
  • Discover your positive chakras, remove the
    negative energies, and rock Druzy Stone
    Jewelery daily to allow yourself to be
    emotionally uplifted at all times. up or down.

Smart is new Sexy
The V Collection presents a collection Smart is
the New Sexy which is having contemporary
refinement jewelry with a keen eye for detail
Indeed it is a very difficult task to select a
piece of Designer Handmade Fashion Jewelry which
will not only give you a cool look, but at the
same time, would ingrain a corporate feel in you.
This is the collection for young office going
Peacock Fantasy
  • Capturing the highlights of a magnificent epoch,
    The V Collection with its Peacock Fantasy
    collection, intricate patterns of colors, dance
    forms and opulent living. Crafted Designer
    Handmade Fashion Jewelry in different colors of
    the feather of peacock every masterpiece inspired
    by peacock is reminiscent of its glory.

Fire of Phenoix
Beyond the sky lie the heavens with the
collection of Fire of Phoenix. The final
frontier, whose mysteries can never be fully
unraveled. This vast and infinite space is
populated with rock crystals Designer Handmade
Fashion Jewelry that are as beautiful as they are
Charms Collection
  • Charms Collection is synonymous to delicate and
    minimalistic designs that add a fun and flirty
    characteristic to the collection. Indulge in an
    Modern earrings and bracelets delicately
    bejeweled with sparkling semi-precious gemstones,
    truly symbolizes  fine aesthetics and
    sensibilities of Online Fashion Jewelry.

Valours of Rajputana
  • Concept of fusion which goes deep into the
    history of our brand of being eternally creative
    and try to be the trendsetter in the Designer
    Handmade Fashion Jewelry industry by bringing the
    rest designs by fusing classic and modern art ,
    ancient history with contemporary vogue.