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An Overview of Drunken Driving Accidents in El Paso


If you are a victim of a drunken driving accident, you are entitled to legal representation. You may file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the driver who recklessly caused the accident. Filing a claim in El Paso is necessary if you want to recover compensation for the damages and injuries you have suffered. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: An Overview of Drunken Driving Accidents in El Paso

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An Overview of Drunken Driving Accidents in El
  • You might think just a quick pint of alcohol
    consumption wont do any bad really, Think Again!
    According to statistics, approximately around
    250,000 people are dying each year because of
    alcohol consumption, I mean out of that 500
    people are killed and almost in every 20 minute a
    person loses his life due to drunken driving
  • How can you just say a quick pint wouldnt do any
    bad to you but may be bad? And the cases for
    drunk driving in El Paso are increasing. The
    question what should you do about such situations.

Harmful Effects Of Drunken Driving Accidents
  • Accidents are never sober, the more the wreck is
    the more the cost not only financially but also
  • Nobody wants to be blamed for something which
    happened unnecessarily due to lack of care, or
    reckless behavior. Here are some harmful effects
    of drunken driving accidents.

1. Lack Of Concentration
  • The influence of alcohol is severe, after
    consumption, the driver will experience
    blackouts, double vision, and lack of
    concentration resulting to poor coordination with
    the vehicle.
  • You wont be able to understand where things are
    going resulting to something serious.

2. Slow Reaction Time
  • Your reflexes slow down because of alcohol
    leading to disability to react quickly to certain

3. Bad Vision
  • Double vision isn't the sole downside.
  • Alcohol slows the attention muscle operate,
    sterilization eye movement and seeing, probably
    leading to a blurred vision furthermore.

4. Low Tracking Abilities
  • Alcohol decreases the drivers skills to
    understand the cars position on the road,
    relative to different cars or objects.
  • The motive force would possibly forget, or
    utterly ignore road signs.

5. Loss Of Comprehension
  • You completely lose your ability to make rational
  • Also at many times, you are unable to recognize,
    analyze the situation youve been through and end
    up creating a mess.

6. Reduced Coordination
  • Consumption of alcohol while driving has never
    done well to anyone it would do the same to you.
    Youll lose your coordination of your body and
    youll feel all lose up and end up having
    unpredictable reactions to situations.
  • While driving, drunk drivers will cause
    collisions, crashes and even hit innocent
    passersby. The latter would then face economic
    difficulties, like medical treatments, lost
    earnings, medications, and even rehabilitation.
    The accident may trigger psychological pain and

3 Steps To Avoid Any Drunk Driver Accidents
1. Distance Yourself
  • First and foremost step to take while facing such
    situation is to slow down your vehicle and try to
    change your lanes and put as much as distance
    possible from such intoxicated drivers.
  • When you see its safe enough, pull over and turn
    to the nearest parking lot.

2. Notify The Police
  • After youre safely parked, call 911 emergencies
    and give them the detailed information about the
    drunk driver like location, license plate,
    vehicle model number, etc and where you saw the
    last vehicle

3. Take A Different Route
  • After notifying the police, decide on a different
    route to continue on your travels. Its better to
    take precaution as even though the driver may be
    the far way he/she might catch up with you or
    already caused the accident.
  • In other words, its safe to avoid that area
    altogether and take a new route.

  • Plan Ahead For Collision Risks
  • Although distinguishing and avoiding danger
    appears to be a straightforward success set up,
    completing this setup is a lot of simply same
    than done. This can be why it's vital to
    understand what to try to if a drunk driver hits
  • First off, youll wish to require a deep breath
    and check out to remain calm. If doable, exit the
    vehicle, get to a secure location aloof from
    traffic, and stay up for authorities to arrive.
    Once they arrive, check that you provide a full
    account of what happened so as for your statement
    to be documented associate degreed used later if
    you opt to pursue an injury claim.
  • There are 4 important things youd need to
    pursue a claim, to secure that the following
    accident has best chances for you to gain your
    compensation for your injuries and damages and
    they are-

1. Documentation
  • Any proof you'll place along from the accident
    scene, like police reports, witness statements,
    or perhaps the video of the crash scene is
    advantageous once presenting your case to a jury.
  • Your lawyer will assist you to gather these
    materials, however, if you have got the
    forethought to collect proof at the accident
    scene, that will be extraordinarily useful.
    Confirm you retain equally of data regarding the
    accident associated your injuries in an accident
    file for future reference.

2. Discretion
  • To avoid miscommunication or damaging
    accusations, refrain from giving a recorded
    statement to the insurance investigator till once
    youve wanted out legal facilitate.
  • You ought to additionally avoid talking with
    anyone regarding the accident (besides the
    police) or posting comments and photos regarding
    it to social media sites these are public and
    might be used against you.

3. Preservation
  • You are more likely to be successful in gaining
    the compensation you seek if you are doing
    everything you can to preserve your recovery.
    Follow your doctors instructions carefully and
    dont do anything that might put your health at
    further risk.
  • Even if you dont think you suffered major
    injuries, its important not to refuse medical
    treatment, as you may have hidden internal
    injuries. Bear in mind that medical records are
    vital to car accident claims should you decide to
    pursue compensation.

4. Representation
  • This could be the foremost crucial think about
    decisive the success of your case. Having a
    talented, full-fledged DWI lawyer in El Paso,
    Texas on your aspect will offer you a determined
  • Additionally, to serving to you gather proof and
    build a robust case, he is going to be there to
    produce support and steerage throughout the whole
    ordeal. Theres no have to be compelled to bear
    this intimidating method alone.

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