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Best IT Institute In Delhi | Aptech Malviya Nagar (1)


Aptech Malviya Nagar best 10 IT training Center and institute in Delhi.We are provide various courses of computer IT software training course in Delhi.Offering knowledge as per the current market standards making them prepare for interviews and the corporate world. We help all graduates make industry ready,theoretical knowledge and live projects to gain more valuable practical experience We offer industrial and summer training programs to enhance their skills and worth in the industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best IT Institute In Delhi | Aptech Malviya Nagar (1)

Presenting Best IT Training Courses
  • At present, a large number of organizations and
    businesses are facing problems hiring skilled
    work force, as not all graduates are industry
    ready who are apt as per industry requirements.
  • This problem arises from the void which is left
    between theoretical knowledge being imparted at
    institutional level and practical knowledge
    required to carry out work at the industrial
  • This makes it quintessential to build a bridge
    between industry and academics and hence fill
    this gap.
  • Our training programs are structured around the
    benchmarks of the corporate world, making our
    students the perfect choice for employers.

  • Aptech Malviya Nagar is the best institute as we
    are pioneer in the information technology.
  • Aptech is known for delivering results and
    excellence in quality.
  • Aptech is phenomenal as per market standards to
    hone the skills of the students.
  • It is prodigious in handling Industrial sessions
    for training the students both practical and
    theoretical wise. It also impart training in live
  • It offer summer training programs for
    professionals like, B.E. ,M.C.A. and
  • It also has tremendous mentors to train the

IT Courses
Career Courses
Professional Courses
Graduate and Engineer Courses
Career Courses
Aptech Certified Computer Professional (ACCP) Pro
Aptech Certified Computer Professional (ACCP) Pro
ACWD Web Devolopment
Aptech Certified Computer Professional (ACCP) Pro
  • ACCP Pro is a vocation program intended to make
    you an industry-prepared proficient, and set you
    up for popular advancements and future IT
  • Remembering the most recent industry necessities,
    the course has been intended to prepare you in
    programming in C, Object-Oriented Programming
    (OOP), web application, portable improvement,
    cloud administrations and lithe programming
    advancement strategy.

The program is divided into 2 terms
  • TERM 1
  • OOP concepts C
  • Programming principles
  • Project Website development
  • UI/UX for responsive designs
  • Optimise web for search engines
  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Building next generation websites
  • TERM 2
  • Java
  • .NET
  • OST

Term 2 has three course specialization choices
  1. Java EE
  2. .NET
  3. Open Source Technology

  • Fundamentals of Java
  • Introduction to big data
  • Markup language JSON
  • Securing web applications
  • Fundamentals of IoT
  • Data persistence with Hibernate
  • Managing data using Oracle/MySQL
  • Project Web application development
  • Object-oriented programming with Java
  • Integrating application with Spring framework
  • Web component development using servlets JSP
  • Developing mobile applications for Android
  • Agile system development life cycle for software

  • Fundamentals of IoT
  • Introduction to big data
  • Markup language JSON
  • Securing web applications
  • Data management (SQL server)
  • Application programming (C)
  • Windows store app development
  • Project Web application development
  • Web application development (ASP .NET MVC)
  • Developing mobile applications for Windows
  • Agile system development life cycle for software

Open Source Technology
  • Markup language JSON
  • Querying with MySQL
  • Working with Drupal
  • Introduction to big data
  • Securing web applications
  • Fundamentals of IoT
  • Project Web application development
  • Fundamentals of Linux operating system
  • Working with open source web server
  • Web application development using PHP framework
  • Agile system development life cycle for software

Ecommerce Training Courses
  • Today online shopping and marketing have become a
    popular trend.
  • Additionally mobile devices and internet have
    made it probable to buy products at any time and
    from any locations in the worlds.
  • As result a number of e-commerce websites have
    come up on worldwide web such as Flipkart, Spyder
    e-commerce,, Snapdeal, Lenskart, and
    many more providing varied ranges of products.
  • E-commerce Master program or E-commerce Course at
    our institute is a unique program expending
    technical knowledge of WordPress, Magento CMSs
    and Drupal.
  • This E-commerce Training course is extending
    across six months duration prepared with high-end
    e-commerce website development tools.

Course covers 3 terms
  • Term 1
  • Office automation
  • Statistical analysis using MS Excel
  • Computerized accounting Level I
  • Computerized accounting Level II
  • Direct taxation
  • Sales marketing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Effective communication
  • Term 2
  • Data management
  • Web productivity tools
  • Programming principles techniques
  • Logic building
  • Power programming with VBA
  • Term 3
  • Building next generation websites
  • Working with open source web server
  • Working with Drupal
  • Dynamic web application
  • development using MySQL PHP
  • Fundamentals of ecommerce
  • Ecommerce implementation
  • Global technology insights
  • Project

ACWD Web Development
  • The course includes
  • Building next generation web sites
  • UI/UX for responsive design
  • Working with Jquery
  • Optimize web for search engines
  • Querying with MySQL
  • Web application development using PHP
  • Project (open source) technology upgrades

Professional Courses
Java Training Delhi
Microsoft .Net training
Digital Marketing Course
Web Development Training
Mobile Application Development Training
Smart professional- VBA Macro Programming
Computerized Accounting with Tally ERP-9 Training
Java Training 
JAVA is a technology that allows Programmer for
software develop and written just once and run on
a diversity of actual computers, Java can be used
to build complete applications that may run on a
computer or be distributed among servers and
clients in a network.Students opting to study
Java have excellent career scenario in web
developed and application programming.
  • Java Training Highlights
  • Be a JAVA expert in just 6 Weeks!
  • Assignment- based learning
  • Live Project Training
  • Leads to Global Certification
  • Certified Experienced Faculty
  • On Track Quality Training
  • Industry Relevant Skills

Microsoft .Net training
  • .NET is very essential for every developer or a
    tester working in the software industry.
  • Develop the web based and the windows based
    application in an efficient manner.
  • Helps an aspirant to enhance his skill set and
    gain in-depth knowledge of .NET.
  • .NET is a Microsoft Web service whichenables us
    to build, deploy, manage and use connected
    security enhanced solutions with web services
  • .NET Training Content
  • Introduction to.NET
  • Web Forms Architecture
  • ASP .NET and HTTP
  • Request/Response Programming
  • Http Request Class
  • HTTP Collections
  • Http Response Class
  • Redirection
  • Http Utility Class
  • Web Applications Using Visual Studio
  • State Management and Web Applications
  • Session State
  • Application State
  • Multithreading Issues
  • Cookies

.NET Training Content continued
  • Server Controls
  • Caching in ASP.NET
  • Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling
  • NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals
  • More Server Controls
  • Newer ASP.NET Controls
  • Menus
  • Master Pages
  • NET and LINQ
  • Data Controls and Data Binding
  • LinqDataSource
  • QueryExtender
  • Personalization and Security
  • Configuration Overview
  • Themes
  • Skins
  • Security in ASP.NET
  • Membership and Roles
  • Login Controls

Advanced Digital Marketing CourseforProfessional
s, Entrepreneurs Job Seekers
Digital marketing (also known as
data-driven marketing) is an umbrella term for
the marketing of products or services
using digital technologies, mainly on the
Internet, but also including mobile phones,
display advertising, and any other digital medium.
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • On page activity
  • Off page activity
  • Bulk mailing
  • Bulk SMS
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Web Development Training
  • We at Aptech Malviya Nagar provides our students
    with the  highest in quality web development
    industrial training course according to the
    present industry standards which in return helps
    candidates to secure placements in their dream
    jobs at big MNCs.
  • We are among the best web development training
    institutes in Delhi NCR providing first-hand
    experience on live projects giving practical
    knowledge as well as job assistance to the
  • We have a team of highly experienced faculty who
    are very well versed with the latest of the
    technologies being used in their respective
    fields and have years of experience in managing
    real time Web Development projects.
  • We provide a blend of practical sessions and
    academic learning to give our candidates an
    optimum exposure that aids in their
    transformation to an industry professional from a
    naive student and helps them getting recruited in
    their respective industry.

Mobile Application Development Training
  • Over the last decade, mobile applications have
    changed the way world has been accessing
  • With the rapid development of mobile devices
    along with mobile networks, a person now can
    access anything from anywhere in the world in a
    matter of a few seconds.
  • Now a days, mobile applications are being
    developed for various leading smartphone
    platforms such as Android, iOS, blackberry,
    Symbian and many more as well as cross platforms
    and feature phones.
  • With the growing demand of mobile devices for
    various tasks has led to a rapid growth in the
    demand of mobile applications and thus mobile
    application development professionals.
  • We Aptech Malviya Nagar provide industrial
    training courses under the guidance of our
    certified experienced faculty to students, in
    order to help them develop their skills, increase
    their worth in the industry and thus secure a
    desired job with big MNCs.
  • Our courses are structured in a way that they
    focus on imparting practical knowledge and job
    placement to the aspirant.

Smart professional- VBA Macro Programming
Why VBA Macro Programming Training Course ?
This Excel Macros and VBA course is for existing
Excel users with a good understanding of Excel
features who need to be able to automate a
variety of tasks. Note Unfortunately, Mac users
can no longer program using VBA.
Modules Covered in VBA Macro Programming
  • Statistical Analysis using MS Excel
  • Programming Principles and Elementary Programming
  • Programming in VBA
  • You learn to
  • Solve a analytical problems using MS Excel tools
  • Develop logic and programming skills using
    programming techniques
  • Use Programming constructs to write programs in C
  • Automate your tasks by writing Macros
  • Develop, test and modify VBA procedures (macros)

Computerized Accounting with Tally ERP-9
Training Delhi
  • Aptech Malviya Nagar provides the best Tally
    ERP-9 training in Delhi NCR based upon the
    present industry standards that enables aspirants
    to sharpen their skills as well as their core
    knowledge thus ensuring their placements in big
  • We have a faculty of well experienced
    professionals who are very well versed with their
    respective fields and are up to date with the
    latest of the cutting edge technologies currently
    in use in the market.
  • We are second to none when it comes to the
    quality of education that we impart to our
    students, making them industry ready and first
    choice for the employers.
  • We have structured the industrial training course
    of Tally ERP-9 in such a way that it includes
    both academic sessions as well as practical
    sessions under the supervision of our certified
  • Thus making them understand the concepts
    thoroughly and giving them first-hand experience
    of working in an industrial atmosphere.

Short Term Courses
Embedded Programming
Hadoop Programming
Oracle Database
C Programming
C Programming
C Programming
Mobile App Development
HTML5 Css3
Open Source Design Patterns
SQL Database
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