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Best Homeopathy Treatment in Hyderabad 26 sep 17


Natural treatment for dengue is an often overlooked, but very interesting option to consider. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Homeopathy Treatment in Hyderabad 26 sep 17

Best Homeopathy Treatment in Hyderabad
  • Natural treatment for dengue is an often
    overlooked, but very interesting option to
  • This article, published in May, 1998, in the
    "Folha de Sao Paulo"(Brazil) newspaper is very
    informative for those seeking a natural remedy
    against dengue.
  • Contrary to what weve been told by allopathic
    medicine, it appears there is a treatment for
    dengue, and even, according to some, a possible
    preventive! Heres our translation of the
    article, which was, of course, originally written
    in Portuguese.
  • (Please note that the subtitles are not from the
    original article. We added them for claritys

  • While the aedes aegypti mosquito spreads dengue,
    and the nations' authorities are still trying to
    contain the epidemic, homeopathy is an efficient
    alternative for the treatment of the disease
    that, in some cases, can be fatal.
  • The State Department of Health has acknowledged
    that the homeopathic treatment is more efficient
    in combating symptoms of the disease, and is
    distributing instructions to doctors in the
    public health services about how to prescribe
    these homeopathic remedies.
  • After meetings with specialists from the
    Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil (IHB), one of
    the representatives of Brazilian homeopathy, a
    Coordinating Committee for the Program of
    Homeopathy of the State Department of Health
    elaborated a protocol for the treatment of dengue
    with homeopathic medicines. Simple and practical,
    the protocol makes it possible for even
    allopathic doctors to prescribe these remedies.

  • Having said the above, it is important to note
    that rehydration and blood testing are procedures
    that allopathic doctors are very good at and that
    are necessary in the case of treating a disease
    such as dengue. Its a matter of working together
    for the good of the patient.
  • It is a great encouragement to me to know that
    there is a natural remedy that can, if not
    totally prevent dengue, at least attenuate the
    symptoms and make for a milder case of the
  • I have not used homeopathic medicine up until
    now, but have decided to try this formula in
    light of all that I have read, and due to the
    lack of other natural alternatives. Ive been
    taking it for about 3 weeks as of this writing.
  • So far, I am impressed with the seriousness of
    the homeopathic professionals and their humanity
    and concern for patients and the general
    population, as well as with the research that I
    have been able to read regarding success rates in
    the treatment of dengue.
  • Natural treatment of dengue and homeopathic
    prevention are valid options that homeopathy
    offers us. As we have said before, your best
    protection is to educate yourself and learn all
    you can so you can make wise decisions regarding
    your health and that of your family.

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