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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Laravel Developer


When it comes to finding great Laravel Developer checkout this 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Laravel Developer. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Laravel Developer

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring Laravel

The process of hiring Laravel developers is both
exciting and challenging. Its exciting because
you get to pick the best of the lot who can turn
a good idea into an amazing project. Its
challenging because there exist few, if any,
rules to go by when you start out looking for
real experts. Weve compiled 5 questions that
you need to ask while analyzing and comparing
developers. When analyzed right, the answers to
these questions will help you zero in on the
right resources.
hire Laravel developer
Our Process
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    their ecommerce store. As a team we take pride in
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    cause and our focus is to deliver a 100
    satisfactory solution for client requirements.

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1. Will the developers fit in?
Technical skills are critical but not the sole
criteria. Theres a lot more involved in the
project than hundreds of lines of code. Your
ideal Laravel developers must gel with the
project in terms of understanding, focus and the
market forces that influence your project.   They
should share the same vision and should be as
involved and as excited as you are. Its
important that you and the developers are on the
same page regarding desired project
outcomes.   For instance, you might be looking at
the web application more in terms of extended
support to your existing customers. If the
developers you are talking to have no
understanding beyond sales, you will likely end
up with a project that looks right on the surface
but the core may be missing.
hire Laravel developer
2. Are the developers proficient and updated in
core areas?
Their earlier projects and their preliminary
interaction with you must exhibit proficiency.
Most of the times, you can eliminate the
below-par developers from the naïve questions
they ask you.   Their proficiency is important
for one more reason. Your project isnt going to
pop out finished, fine and dandy, next week. It
will build over time, over weeks and perhaps
months. During this period, the Laravel ecosystem
will be evolving too. If the developers you are
talking to arent in touch with whats the latest
today, theres no way they will catch up once the
project is flagged off.
hire Laravel developer
3. Do the developers fully comprehend the future
requirements and security issues?
When you hire Laravel developers, you need to
closely watch their understanding of not only the
current requirements but also of the future
issues that are likely to crop up. More than
anything, its the developers job to see through
the maze of your requirements and point out why
something isnt best for your project. Truly
proficient developers should ask you questions
that sound uncomforting. Some of the points they
raise may even force you to revisit the original
premise. Rest assured these are good
signs.   Those with an insufficient long-term
understanding of security issues pose a serious
threat to your project halfway into the project,
the cracks start showing up. If there are to be
cracks, they might as well stand out earlier than
hire Laravel developer
4. Are you hiring developers or the brand?
While its a great idea to have a big, global
brand work on your project, what really matters
is the value the brand brings to the table. Its
easy to be swayed by brands and there isnt
anything fundamentally wrong in working with
larger players but remember you arent into a
consumer products business.   Mid-sized players,
more often than not, are more agile. (For
instance, communication flows is quicker and
they're more hands-on.). They might also have a
deeper commitment and identification with every
project.   It may not be easy to disentangle
yourself from the overwhelming persuasion of
bigger brands, but its imprudent to settle for
brands. Always focus on the right developers and
ignore the fluff around.
hire Laravel developer
5. Are the asking rates right?
The first issue youll have to tackle is what
rates are right. While no two projects are
identical, with some efforts you can always find
a few projects you can benchmark your own project
against and get a ballpark figure.   When you see
the developers asking for rates that are
substantially different from your original
estimates, you need to probe further.   Ask what
has changed. Are there some additional security
measures being incorporated? Is the web
application capable of taking on a large load?
Has the degree of expertise required
changed?   Negotiate by all means, but dont pull
down the rates to a state where the developers no
longer find it worthwhile to deliver their best.  
hire Laravel developer
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