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3 Basic Tips on Writing an Effective Essay Title


Right title for your essay is very important, but sometimes it is difficult to choose it, check this presentation and discover 3 basic tips on writing an effective essay title. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 Basic Tips on Writing an Effective Essay Title

3 Basic Tips on Writing an Effective Essay Title
  • Creating a catchy title could be the hardest part
    of your essay. It helps your written piece to
    stand out from others and gives the reader clues
    about key points of your paper.

  • It helps to understand
  • Papers tone (Is your essay is going to be
    serious or more neutral?)
  • Structure (Is your written piece argumentative,
    contrasting or expository?)
  • Position (Are you support some position or
    opinion or against it?)

  • To compose an effective and creative title for
    essay, you need to concentrate on the three
    essential points the hook, the key words and the
    source your paper is based on.

  • 1. Come up with the hook
  • The basic rule of an outstanding essay is to
    catch your readers attention from the very
    beginning. The hook is an eye-catching and
    intriguing phrase which tells what your essay is
    about. It can be a play on words, a bright quote
    from your written piece or a great combination of

  • 2. Include one or two key words
  • Your title must be a brief one to two word
    summary of your written piece. However, avoid too
    generalized terms titles such as Paper on
    American Revolution or Report on Charles
    Dickens are generic and dont let the reader
    understand what your papers angle is.

  • 3. Keep in mind the tone of your essay
  • Usually, the title sets the mood of the paper. A
    strong, direct title suits for a persuasive
    essay an informative and to the point title is
    the best for narrative pieces less serious title
    with fun wordplays prepares the reader to relax
    and read a funny paper.

  • Keep in mind what your intended audience is
  • Knowing your audience helps to understand what
    information you should include in your title to
    make it more attractive and interesting.

  • Be provocative
  • It works when youre writing an argumentative or
    persuasive essay. You should come up with a
    provocative statement if your position is
    opposite to the readers opinion, he/she will be
    intrigued what arguments defense your position
    and thus read your essay with a high interest.

  • Dont worry if you cant come up with the title
    at first
  • Many writers create titles to their work at the
    end of the whole writing process. So, calm down
    and compose your essay. A bright idea of a catchy
    title will pop into your mind eventually.
    Alternatively, test out title generator for

  • Work on your title
  • Quite often your title needs to be edited,
    narrowed or expanded a few times. Stay
    enthusiastic and make it informative, even if it
    seems to be quite lengthy (titles to academic
    papers are usually wordy so dont worry about

  • Ask someone for help
  • If you have problems with creating a decent
    title, ask your friend or tutor to read your
    written piece and summarize it in a few words.
    Maybe a brilliant idea will pop into your mind.
    Try this creative title maker to make your life a
    bit easier.

  • Research
  • Look through magazines, newspapers, online
    articles and find out what makes you want to read
    a particular piece of information. It is a good
    way to get inspired and come up with your own
    original ideas.

  • Too general language
  • Stop trying to cover everything in your title. It
    should be concise and informative. Try not to use
    such generic words as society, culture,
    humans, etc. Another option use a clever
    essay titles generator.

  • Too complex vocabulary
  • Some writers want to sound intelligent and
    sophisticated and thus add to each word
    unnecessary syllables. Actually, the language of
    your essay must be clear and accessible.

  • Use puns accurately
  • Some readers are not so good with puns and funny
    wordplay so they can dont even understand a
    supposedly clever title. To avoid this, test your
    idea on friends or relatives to find out if it

  • Clichés
  • Clichés make each essay unremarkable and banal.
    The impression when you have nothing original to
    say is not something you want to get. So, be
    unique and come up with original thoughts. If
    its troublesome, use catchy essay title

  • Misspellings
  • There is nothing worse than a title with errors.
    It tells a lot about your writing abilities so
    make sure youve written everything correctly.
    Watch out words such as its and its,
    accept and except, patient and patience,
    etc. Try essay title generator if you have some

  • Dont worry if your title is not so attractive at
    first. You still have a chance to re-read and
    edit it. You need to make a wonderful impression
    on your readers so stay clever and show them that
    your essay is truly worth to read. More useful
    information you can find in this Google book.

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