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Benefits of darjeeling tea


To enjoy all the health benefits of this tea, try Zaira’s whole leaf organic Darjeeling tea. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of darjeeling tea

  • Darjeeling Tea A Cup of Healthy
    Blessing !

Zaira Tea
What is Darjeeling tea?
  • It is a kind of black tea which is grown in
  • the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.
  • It is made from the plant Camellia Sinensis, the
    same plant that produces green tea and oolong tea
    but it goes through a different method of

Why Should You Drink Darjeeling Tea?
Darjeeling tea goes through different steps of
processing including plucking, withering,
rolling, oxidizing and firing. This in turn
gives it a unique taste and aroma. Moreover,
regular consumption of this tea has amazing
health benefits
It Boosts Healthy Skin
  • Darjeeling tea is filled with
  • various vitamins and minerals
  • which not only nourish the skin
  • and improve its texture but also
  • lower the signs of premature
  • aging.

2. It Accelerates Immune System
  • Theanine found in Darjeeling tea
  • protects the body against various
  • diseases such as common cold
  • and flu. In addition to that it
  • also contains alkylamine antigens
  • that help to strengthen the bodys
  • immune system by guarding it
  • against free radicals present in
  • the body.

Zaira Tea
3. It Prevents the Formation of Cancer Cells
  • The antioxidants like thearubigin and
  • theaflavin found in Darjeeling tea
  • have neuroprotective properties
  • which prevent cancer cells and
  • tumors from developing in
  • the body.

4. It Prevents Tooth Decay
  • Darjeeling tea contains a high level of fluorides
  • which control the formation of teeth cavities
  • and help to fight tooth decay.

5. It Helps in Weight Reduction
  • The polyphenols and catechins
  • found in darjeeling tea not only
  • speed up fat metabolism in the
  • body but also help to curb the
  • appetite .

6. It Helps In Digestion

Darjeeling tea contains tannins that help in
digestion, decrease intestinal activity (making
it useful for those suffering from diarrhea) and
also prevent heartburn caused from acidity.
7. It Makes Bones Stronger

  • Darjeeling tea contains phytochemicals that
    improve body bone density and make your bones
    much stronger.

Zaira Tea
8. It Improves Mental Alertness
  • Darjeeling tea contains amino acids
  • and L-theanine which enhance
  • concentration power and
  • also prevent alzheimers disease.

9. It Reduces the Risk of Heart Attacks
  • Darjeeling tea contains
  • flavonoids that prevent damage to
  • the artery walls and reduce
  • the chances of cardiovascular
  • diseases and heart attacks.

10. It Prevents Gastric Ulcer
  • Regular consumption of Darjeeling
  • tea helps to soothe the inflamed
  • stomach lining and restricts the
  • formation of helicobacter pylori
  • which might result in gastric
  • cancer.

Enjoy a cup of Darjeeling Tea Lead a Healthy
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