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Dry Emission and Member Health: When to Worry


Some men might suffer from dry emission, where they don’t release seed when they reach the ultimate pleasure. But what does this mean for member health? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Dry Emission and Member Health: When to Worry

Dry Emission and Member Health When to Worry
By John Dugan
  • When a man is in the midst of a sensual
    encounter, whether with a partner or solo, he
    expects things to go a certain way. But what
    happens when he gets a surprise and things
    certainly do not go as he thought they would?
    Thats the case with dry emission, a condition
    where a man has the sensation of reaching the
    ultimate pleasure but doesnt actually spill
    seed. It can immediately make a man wonder about
    his member health, and even make him worry that
    his typical male organ care isnt sufficient.
  • Dry emission is a rather uncommon condition,
    but when it does happen, it tends to appear out
    of the blue. Thats why its so important for
    every man to know what it is, what it means for
    member health, and what to do if it happens to

Understanding dry emission
  • A man with dry emission will usually have the
    same sensual sensations and experiences as any
    other guy, with only one big difference he will
    not have the satisfaction of spilling seed when
    he finishes with his sensual escapade. Though the
    sensation might not feel any different, many men
    enjoy knowing that they have produced something
    as a result of their efforts. To not see that
    might make a man wonder whats wrong.
  • With dry emission, the body does produce seed
    but it flows down the wrong way. It actually
    winds up flowing down the urethra and into the
    bladder. This doesnt hurt at all, and so men who
    are in the midst of coupling when it happens
    might not notice the issue at first. But
    eventually, when they are taking matters into
    their own hands or finishing somewhere other than
    inside their partner, they will notice the

  • Dry emission usually happens for those who
    have an underlying medication condition, such as
    prostate issues or diabetes. Some men who take
    certain medications might suffer from it as well,
    such as those on antidepressants.
  • For those who are in excellent health, dry
    emission can happen when there is some pressure
    placed on the base of the male organ during play,
    such as a manhood ring or even the firm pressure
    of a thumb. This reroutes the seed to go into
    another pathway.

But what about member health?
  • The good news is that dry emission rarely
    indicates a problem with member health. A man
    might notice cloudy urine after his sensual
    encounter, thanks to seed now being in the
    bladder, but this wont hurt anything. The
    biggest issue lies in infertility. If a man
    intends to get a partner pregnant, he will want
    to get treatment for dry emission as soon as
    possible. And of course, some men might have a
    strong emotional response when faced with this
    issue if thats the case, it might be worth
    going for treatment in order to alleviate the
    worry and continue with a satisfying sensual life.

  • No matter what a man chooses to do about dry
    emission, he should always take the time to keep
    his member health in top shape. One way to help
    ensure that is with a good male organ health
    crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man
    Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
    skin). A man should look to a crème that contains
    a plethora of excellent ingredients, including
    the miracle vitamin (vitamin D) and its
    counterparts, vitamin C, A and B5. These
    ingredients, along with powerful amino acids that
    help the body fight off free radicals and ease
    nerve damage, are best when mixed in with a
    luxurious Shea butter base. Applied daily, a good
    male organ health crème can make a man feel much
    more confident in his member health.
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