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Title: Easy tips for refrigerator maintenance  

Easy Tips for Refrigerator MaintenanceRefrigerat
or maintenance is one of the best ways to extend
its life span and early replacements. Lets walk
through some simple tips on how to care for your

Check door seal
  • Loose door seal wastes energy causing the fridge
    to work harder than normal.
  • Check if the door seal is loose,you can use a
    paper for this.
  • Place the paper between the door seals
    and if you can
  • move it easily outside, it is an
    indication that the door
  • door seal is loose.
  • Clean the seals twice a year to remove food

Keep coils clean
  • If Dust accumulates in the condenser coils,the
    refrigerator cant run efficiently.
  • Vacuuming with the attached brush is best
  • option. Ensure to unplug the refrigerator,otherwis
  • you will end up with an electric shock.

Set the right temperature
  • The ideal temperature range for your
    fridge is 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Bacteria
    growth starts tripling around the 40 degree mark
    and things freeze at 32,
  • so were sticking with 35 to 38 as a goal.
    Also, when putting food away,
  • dont crowd the refrigerator or freezer so
    tightly that air cant circulate.

Fill it up
  • Store a few jugs of water in even if your fridge
    is too big or youre eat out types.

Be prepared
  • An unopened fridge can keep food safe for 4
    hours,a freezer will maintain its temperature for
    48 hours if full.

Cool Off Your Leftovers
  • By allowing your leftovers time to cool down
    after a meal, you are reducing the amount of heat
    added to the interior of your appliance.

Reduce Your Frost Accumulation
  • Depending on your refrigerator, it may
    require a manual defrosting. Buildup can
    accumulate on the coils inside of your
    refrigerator forcing your unit to work overtime.
    If you do not regularly defrost your refrigerator
    and freezer, it may be difficult for the
    appliance to maintain cooler temperatures.

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