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Medical Abortion: Everything you need to know


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Title: Medical Abortion: Everything you need to know

Medical Abortion Everything You Need To Know
  • The medical abortion, i.e. the abortion pill
    is also known as early abortion(are within 10
    weeks of gestation), involves two types of pills
    taken to end pregnancy.
  • It is an alternative to surgical procedure.
  • Many women choose to buy abortion pills
    because they feel the procedure to be more
    natural than the surgery, as it doesnt require
    anything invasive tools or anesthesia.

What does medical abortion involve?
The medical pregnancy termination involves two
different drugs called Mifepristone(taken on the
first day) and Misoprostol pills(taken after
24-48 hours).
The Mifepristone medication is an
anti-progesterone agent. It is responsible for
stopping the hormone progesterone which is
responsible for keeping the uterine lining that
supports the embryo, intact. With this hormone
blocked, the uterine lining is broken down and
the embryo is separated. Mifepristone also causes
the cervix to be softened and widened, therefore
it makes it easier for the detached pregnancy
parts to be expelled. Meanwhile Misoprostol
pills are ecbolic in nature. They are
prostaglandin analogue. After entering into the
system, they cause contractions in the uterus,
which in turn assists in removing all detached
conception parts from the uterus.
How should the Medical abortion be carried out?
  • The medical abortive procedure is carried out by
    following the below steps
  • Swallow 1 tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg
  • Take a 24-48 hours interval
  • After break, put 4 pills of Misoprostol, 2x2 in
    each cheek pouches and wait for 30 minutes for
    them to be dissolved. After they dissolve
    naturally for 1/ 2 hr, you can swallow the pills
    residue with water. The Misoprostol pills are
    chalky in taste therefore, they can be kept in
    the cheek pouches for a long amount of time.

What will happen after abortion with pills?
Bleeding and abdominal cramps are a given after
you have taken abortion pills. Since the
procedure requires abdominal cramps and vaginal
bleeding for the pregnancy parts to be expelled,
these two effects are intended cannot be avoided.
However, other side effects such as nausea/
vomiting, headache, fever, weakness, diarrhea etc
may or may not happen, as it depends on the
individuals reaction to the abortion pills. If
you buy abortion pill pack online, you get side
effects management pills with the abortion pills
themselves. While most women start bleeding 4-5
hours after taking the Misoprostol pills, others
may have a slightly delayed reaction, which is
just as fine. There are others, who take more
than 6 hours for the procedure to start. Ifit is
taking too long, you will have to take 2 more
Misoprostol pills in the same manner to start up
the abortive procedure.
Can I get abortion pills online?
Many women worldwide are bereft of their
reproductive right due to lack of access to
abortive care services. Therefore, they order MTP
kit online because with online pharmacy they can
be guaranteed about their confidentiality, easy
access to medications and cost efficiency etc.
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