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Consult with an Accountant in Hollywood


At Velin & Associates, Inc., we provide Hollywood accounting services, including business management, tax preparation / planning services, audit, review and compilation services, as well as, consulting and bookkeeping services at affordable prices. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Consult with an Accountant in Hollywood

Velin and Associates, Inc
WhoWe Are ? ?
We are People Who Roll Up Their Sleeves and Get
The Job Done. The professional services you
receive are only as good as the people who
provide them and the level of effort they put
forward. At Velin Associates, Inc., our people
have the direct personal and professional
experience our clients need.
What sets our firm and people apart is the amount
of effort and care we provide to each of our
clients. At Dmitriy Velin, CPA, it is our mission
to match and treat our clients with personal
attention and appreciation of their livelihood.
Our firms growth is reflected through the
success of our clients. This is why we view our
clients success an integral part of our firm.
Why Businesses Need a CPA
Accounting services offered by CPA firms are
designed to offer flexible, scalable, bookkeeping
solutions to businesses and institutions of every
size. Whether you are a start-up or an
established company, a non-profit or a
for-profit, growing your business or sustaining
the success of your organization is likely your
overall goal. In order to achieve this, business
owners must make sure that they have a strong,
reliable accounting function in place.
Whether you are an individual, a solopreneur, or
a small business, an accountant can help you
manage your finances more efficiently. In some
situations this can mean the difference between
success and failure, while in other situations an
accountant will keep you on the right side of the
law, and will ensure you stay in the best
financial position possible. Velin and
Associates, Inc is a leading Los Angeles
Accounting Firm offering financial services at
affordable prices.
Here are the top reasons for hiring Los Angeles
accounting firms.
1. Tax
Tax law is complicated but an accountant will
first of all make sure that you are in compliance
with your statutory obligations, and secondly
will ensure that you pay the right amount of tax.
When the right tax breaks are applied to your
return, you will get the best value for money.
Find the best tax prepare in Hollywood from the
premier Los Angeles CPA Firm today.
2. Assets
How do you manage the assets in your business? Do
you know what all the assets are and how much
they are worth? Do you efficiently account for
all your business assets including profits,
losses, credits and debits? If not then Public
Los Angeles accounting firms can help.
3. Business Planning
Whatever you are planning for the future of your
business there will be financial implications.
You might also face regulatory issues, such as
employment law or obligations from the Revenue.
An accountant will help you with these things
whether you are expanding, developing a new
product, diversifying, downsizing, selling, or
winding up.
4. Software
  • Accounting software presents several problems to
    the everyday user
  • They are expensive
  • They are difficult to use
  • Most people dont use them to their full
  • Many everyday accounting software packages do not
    have the same functionality as the packages used
    by accountants
  • Any reputable accountant that you hire will have
    a high quality accountancy package, and they will
    know how to use it efficiently.

5. Save You Time
Doing your own accounts and tax returns takes
time often a considerable amount of time. You
might think doing this saves you money and that
might be true in some circumstances. But it is
time that you are not spending working on your
business, or enjoying with your family. Plus in
most cases an accountant can actually save you
6. Advice You Can Trust
The personal relationship between you and your
accountant should not be underestimated either.
You accountant is there to answer questions, and
because they know your business they can give you
informed opinions. Also they are good sounding
boards for business ideas, plans, or financial
decisions. Having someone that you know and trust
at the other end of the telephone is invaluable.
7. Investing
Your accountant will be able to advise you of
potential investment opportunities to help you
grow your net worth. Because they know you, your
business, and your attitude to risk, they can
also help you protect your investments.
CPAs can explain the special tax rules that apply
to businesses including inventory methods, basis
of accounting, start-up costs, asset acquisition,
TE expenses and tax credits 
Experienced Accountant in Hollywood can offer
advice to maximize tax savings opportunities both
for the return they are working on and the
current and later years.
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7315 Sunset Blvd., Suite D West Hollywood CA,
Phone (323) 902-1000 Fax (323)
403-0404 Direct (323) 528-1512
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