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Benefits of BBA distance education


As we all know that BBA distance education course has always a primary choice by students after passing 12th class. Distance Education Delhi has brought a review post about BBA distance education course for his readers. So, here are some unique benefits of BBA distance education course that will help you lots of why you select BBA distance learning for making a brighter career. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of BBA distance education

Unique Benefits of
  • BBA
  • Distance Education Course

  • Here are some unique benefits of  
  • BBA distance education course that will help you
  • of why you select BBA distance education
  • for making a brighter career

Introduction to BBA Distance Education Program
  • The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is
    a bachelors degree in commerce and business
  • The degree is conferred after three or four years
    of full-time study in one or more areas of
    business concentration.
  • The BBA program usually includes general business
    courses and advanced courses for specific

  • The degree is specially designed to give a vast
    knowledge of the functional aspects of a company,
    and also provides specialization in a particular
  • Further, BBA programs help students to expose to
    a variety of core subjects and allow them to
    specialize in a specific academic area.
  • As a result of the degree almost develops the
    students practical, managerial and communication
    skills decision-making capability.

What is BBA Distance Education?
  • The Bachelor of Business Administration Distance
    Learning (BBA Distance Education) is a Distance
    Learning course which covers courses such as
    business organization and systems, management
    theory and practice, basic business statistics,
    communicating skills, marketing management,
    entrepreneurship and small business management,
    international business, new trends, as well as
    tools for financial management.
  • Many global Universities and institutes offer the
    BBA program like Amity University distance
    learning, SMU distance learning, Jamia Hamdard
    University etc.

  • Intermediates from any backgrounds can pursue the
    BBA course.
  • Aspirants can study the same as a regular course
    or on a part-time basis. It is a stepping stone
    to the high-value postgraduate course, MBA.
  • Further, Students study the graduation course in
    Business Administration to get the basic idea on
    the business principles and strategies.
  • As a result, BBA helps an individual almost to
    gain essential knowledge probably about the
    corporate world and also about the

Benefits of BBA Distance Education
  • Here are some of the benefits of BBA distance
    education that will help to clear your doubts
    about the program

1) Personal Contact Programs
  • Many Universities Provide Personal Contact
    Programs to Aspirants and
  • Ensures rich interaction opportunities with
    students which are very beneficial for one.
  • Some universities who provide personal contact
    programs are Amity University distance learning,
    SMU distance learning, Jamia Hamdard University

2) Convenient to Study
  • This is the most important benefit of BBA
    distance education as we all know that today
    almost everyone is busy in their own work. One
    cannot get time for everything.
  • Distance BBA provides an avenue for busy
    professionals who cannot spend time sitting in
  • Through this one can study as per their own
  • As a result, it provides flexibility due to which
    its scope is growing and hence providing the
    convenient working environment.

3) Various Opportunities
  • BBA distance learning provides ample
    opportunities to students.
  • It gives the aspirants skills of the real world.
  • Further, It provides the opportunity for people
    who cannot get a correspondence BBA in their city
    or country to get one without having to move.

4) Very much in demand
  • Bachelor in Business Administration or BBA, as it
    is more popularly known as, is one of the highly
    In-demand courses in todays world.
  • Furthermore, The students who have successfully
    completed their course in BBA have a guaranteed
    job expectation in finance, marketing and (HRM)
    Human Resource sector.

Eligibility Criteria for BBA
Distance Education
  • The candidates who wish to build up their career
    in the field of business and commerce generally
    opt for the undergraduate programs offered in
    business administration.
  • Students who successfully qualify all the
    eligibility criteria specified by the Institute
    get a chance to enroll in the program.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration can be gained
    by anyone who has passed their 12th from a
    reputed college or Board with English as one of
    the subjects.
  • Furthermore, Candidates who have scored a minimum
    percentage of 45 are eligible to apply for the

Scope After BBA Distance Education
  • After completion of the BBA course, aspirants can
    study the Masters program in Business
    Administration. The course structure of the BBA
    program is planned in such a manner that it works
    as a base for the MBA program.
  • Therefore this course helps an aspirant to study
    the economic trends, fiscal policies and also the
    different administrative and commerce-oriented
    techniques. As a result, this deals with the
    various operations and transactions in the
    commercial world which are most noteworthy.

Career/Jobs Opportunities After BBA
Distance Education
  • In addition to higher studies, BBA graduates can
    opt for a wide range of careers also. Probably
    they can seek out for employments in share
    trading, business corporations, industries, print
    media, and so on.
  • Furthermore, they can also work in Government
    sector or in IT industries.

1) Can pursue MBA as well
  • The main advantage of the BBA program is that
    students can pursue the MBA program after
    completing the same.
  • The different specializations in the MBA
    program include Finance, Human Resource, Marketing
    , International Business and so on.

2) MBA - a right choice
  • Having an MBA, the career profile of a BBA
    graduate may change drastically. Hence the MBA
    course helps candidates to reach to the top most
    designations like Directors, Managers, CEOs and
    so on in multi-national companies.
  • Furthermore, MBA professionals can expect higher
    salaries also.

Top 5 Universities for BBA Distance Education
  • The top universities for BBA distance education
  • Sikkim Manipal University- Sikkim Manipal
    Distance Education(SMU-DE)
  • Amity University- Amity directorate of distance
    and online education (ADDOE)
  • Jamia Hamdard University
  • ICFAI University
  • Guru Jambheshwar University

In Last-
  • As a result, this is a good course and also
    provides different streams for distance BBA such
    as online BBA, online BBA marketing, online BBA
    finance, online BBA HR and so on.
  • Therefore, one can go for pursuing BBA and
    earning through it.
  • In addition to this post, distance education
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    admission advice about any course or any

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