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Weight loss diet plan in delhi


The Simply diet initiative by VS WELLNESS aims to provide highly specific and personalized diet plans to help our clients achieve their desired goals simple diet modifications and control. We are a team of well qualified and experienced dietitians and we pride ourselves with the results of our 1000+ clients till date. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Weight loss diet plan in delhi

Website www.simplydiet.co Contact Us
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info_at_simplydiet.co  Address 149, Patparganj
Industrial Area, New Delhi 110092
About Us
About Simply Diet  No fad, no pills, pure
scientific approach of diet control The Simply
diet initiative by VS WELLNESS aims to provide
highly specific and personalized diet plans to
help our clients achieve their desired goals
simple diet modifications and control. We are a
team of well qualified and experienced dietitians
and we pride ourselves with the results of our
1000 clients till date. Our wide scope of work
includes customized diet planing for weight
loss, weight gain, diabetic diet, sport
nutrition and diet for people suffering
from liver, renal, neural diseases, deficiency
related issues along with special diet plans for
pregnancy, lactation and diet for all age groups.
Website www.simplydiet.co
ServicesAchieve your health and fitness goals
through individually tailored expert guidance
  • Weight Loss
  • Overall Wellness Coaching
  • Our diet is based on calorie count. It is
    nutritionally adequate and appropriate for
    weight loss.
  • Before planning the diet we consider a few
    things like age, height, weight, lifestyle,
    medical conditions and other things that help us
    to plan a customised diet plan
  • Our diet is based on scientifically proven
    methods that help in healthy weight loss, it also
    leads to behavioural change

  •  which helps our clients to maintain the reduced
    weight even after they stop following diet under
    our guidance.
  • We monitor our clients weight daily which helps
    us to track weight loss and keeps the
    clients motivated to follow the plan.
  • Expected Progress timeline We target around
    3-4 kgs weight loss in a month, by only following
    our recommended diet and by including minimum
    physical exercise.

Weight Gain
  • Weight Gain
  • Gaining weight is difficult than losing weight
  • Gaining weight is difficult than losing weight.
    There can be many reasons that may not
    favour your weight gain. The key to weight gain
    is balanced diet. We plan the diet only
    after considering all the medical conditions of
    the person. We do not recommend any supplement
    to gain mass, we aim to attain ideal body weight
    by recommending right food at right time and
    by planning frequent small calorie dense food
    that help to gain weight.

  • This programme focusses on weight gain in
    children and adults. It fulfills all macro and
    micro nutrient requirements.
  • Gaining Health along with weight and increasing
    immunity against diseases is our ultimate
    aim with this form of diet.
  • Before planning the diet it is important to
    know whether you are actually underweight or
    not, for this we consider BMI, If a person have
    BMI less than 18.5, then he/she is
    considered underweight.
  • For gaining weight it is important to have
    calorie denser diet.
  • There can be several reasons that doesnot let
    us gain weight like eating disorder,
    thyroid, diabetes etc.
  • Expected Progress timeline We expect around
    3-4 kgs weight gain in a month.

Diabetic Diet
  • Diabetic Diet
  • Depends on medical conditions
  • Diabetic diet means eating healthy diet in
    appropriate amount and at appropriate timings,
    that will help you manage blood glucose levels.
  • It is important to manage weight, blood sugar
    level and other health risks at the same time
  • Before beginning the diet we collect all
    neccasary details/reports required for us to
    assess your medical condition since diabetes is
    very different for everyone who suffers from it
    and it behaves differently at different stages of

Website www.simplydiet.co
  • We keep a strict check on intake of the amount
    of calories and the requirement of the body
    in accordance with the condition. We keep a daily
    check on your progress and suggest each client to
    maintain a food diary and track blood sugar level
    and weight accordingly.
  • Expected Progress timeline Depends on medical

Pregnancy Diet
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Pregnancy diet is planned according to the
  • Pregnancy diet is planned according to the
    trimester in which the client is in as the needs
    of micro and macro nutirents changes in every
  • For pregnancy diet it is important to include
    food from all the food groups to promote healthy
    growth and development of the baby and support
    good health of the mother.

  • Good amounts of lean protein has to be
    included in every meal to support the
    babies growth
  • We provide healthy vegetarian options for the
    required protein and nutrient intake along with
    recepies and personailsed guidance of cooking if
  • We provide immediate customization of diet if the
    client is suffering from nausea, vomiting and
    other common discomfort

Diet for Children
  • Diet for Children
  • We advice mothers to plan a healthy and creative
  • Childhood obesity is a growing problem and is
    difficult to counter since recognizing the gap
    between chubbiness and obesity is hard however it
    is very important to control it on time else it
    may lead to chronic health issues in later life.

  • We plan specific diets for the growing needs of
    children since they have different nutritiononal
    needs than those of adults hence having the same
    meals as their parents is not enough
  • We advice mothers to plan a healthy and
    creative diet for their children so that they
    get a nutritionally balanced diet and do not feel
    the need to binge on junk food
  • While planning the diet for children we
    consider their nutritive needs,
    prefrences, allergies, appearance and the time
    available with the meal planner.

Pre-Wedding Diet
  • Pre-Wedding Diet
  • Pre-Wedding diet is aimed at helping brides-to-
    be look
  • Pre-Wedding diet is aimed at helping brides-to-
    be look their best for their wedding day. We
    provide a nutritive diet which helps them get
    into shape with shinier, thicker hair and glowing

  • We deal with our bridal clients with utmost
    care and personalization, whether they need
    weight loss, customized diet plans, recepies for
    creative additions to their diets or anything
    related to dieting.
  • In the lead up to the big event stress can
    effect the hormonal balance leading to
    pimple breakouts, rashes and even overly oily or
    dry skin we design our diet in order to
    prevent these from happening.

Sports Diet
  • Sports Diet
  • Sports nutrition is a very strong aspect of our
  • Sports nutrition is a very strong aspect of our
    services as we have dedicted sports nutritionist
    working with us who have catered to the nutritive
    needs of sportsmen in the current junior cricket
  • For sports diet we need to provide the body with
    enough energy (kilojoules) to meet the demand of
    training and enable proper recovery between
    exercise sessions. Training or match days require
    an increased dosage of energy filled foods
    depending on the intensity of the activity.

  • We provide customized diet plans for sportsmen
    and body builders to aid their choice of training
    intensity and factor in the suppliments suggested
    to them by their trainers, we do not recommend
    hard suppliments ourselves as every requirement
    of the body can be obtained thru diet
  • We plan the diet according to the individuals
    training needs, it includes both food
    and hydration
  • We asses their training diet and their
    lifestyle, their day today habits, their intake
    of suppliments and medication if any
  • While planning the diet we focus in increasing
    their energy levels, promote good health, help
    manage weight, improve concentration, develop
    body composition and growth and enhance recovery

Diet for disease and Nutritional deficiencies
  • With extensive experience working in hospitals
    our dietitians are fully capable of dealing with
    the diet requirements of any disease
  • We plan our diet for people suffering from any
    disease like cancer, kidney function disorder,
    liver function disorder, diet for
    gastro-intestinal disorders etc. All these
    disease require special attention through diet

Website www.simplydiet.co
  • We plan customized diet for various
    nutritional deficiencies that can be improved
    by making few dietary and cooking modifications
  • We help our clients understand the reason
    behind specific nutritional deficiencies
    or disease and help them manage their diets to
    solve the problem

  • One Month Package
  • Three Month Package

Website www.simplydiet.co
Contact Us 18008336600
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