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Diet for Thyroid


Is your thyroid making you fat? Don’t give up, walk-in to Diets & More. Dt. Shreya Katyal is here to suggest you the best Diet For Thyroid that helps you burn the extra kilos in the easiest possible way. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Diet for Thyroid

Know More About Thyroid Disease And Your Diet
About Dietitian Shreya Katyal
I, Dietitian Shreya Katyal, Dietitian and Founder
of Diets More by Shreya, try to promote a
healthy lifestyle with healthy eating. I am more
than happy to direct people with the right path
that not only helps them in losing their weight
but also take care of your health in a natural
way. Being an experienced Dietitian In Rajouri
Garden, Delhi, I customize each diet plan as per
the need of my patients. I always make sure that
the diet plans I suggest never affect your daily
lifestyle, and are very much in sync with your
eating habits, so that one doesnt have to go out
of the way to follow the diet given. I am
always there to guide my clients through thick
and thin that helps them to gain or lose weight
as per your body need. In almost all my diet
plans I suggest you the best food with a healthy
lifestyle change. I strongly believe that a
healthy body means a healthy mind, with which you
can live longer and disease free . Therefore, my
diet plans turn your weight loss dreams into a
beautiful reality. So, what are you waiting for?
Take your first step toward a healthy lifestyle.
Come and meet me to get your diet plan. And even
if you cant visit, dont worry. Enroll in for
the Online Consultation, and manage your weight
and eating habits at our convenience.
Know More About Thyroid Disease And Your Diet
If you are a Thyroid patient, so, for sure you
are aware of the terms Hypothyroid or
Hyperthyroid patient, these both are two
different types of thyroids. No matter, which
type of thyroid you are suffering from, it is
crucial to keep an eye on what you eat,
otherwise, it will affect your medication. As a
Dietitian, I am Shreya Katyal suggesting you the
list of foods you should avoid getting the
positive outcome of medication.
Soy May Be A Problem Most of the people unaware
of the fact that soy act as a goitrogen and can
slow down your medication results, therefore, it
is highly recommended for a thyroid patient to
avoid soy.
Coffee Interfere Your Medication Are you a
coffee lover and also have a thyroid disease? So,
you should take a break from your favorite drink
for at least an hour after you have taken your
thyroid medicines.
Intake Proper Amount Of Iodine If you are a
thyroid patient, probably, iodine in your diet
can be a friend or foe, which totally depends
upon the amount you intake regularly. To stay
healthy and fit, avoiding the deficiency and
excess of iodine is essential.
Avoid Cruciferous Vegetables Thyroid patient
should avoid Cruciferous vegetables such as
cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip as they
inhibit the production of thyroid hormone. These
can be eaten in cooked form once in a while, but
raw consumption must be restricted.
Calcium With Thyroid Medication You should never
ever mix the medicines with calcium or calcium
fortified juices. Wait for at least 3-4 hours
before you drink or eat something that contains
As a thyroid patient, it is important for you to
maintain healthy eating. However, because of the
busy schedule, people fail to maintain it, which
affect their medication. So, as a dietitian, I
recommend you to eliminate all above-mentioned
foods from your diet to improve your condition.
To get customized Diet For Thyroid as per your
body need, you can contact me. My offline as well
as online consultation charges are the same and
deliver the great results if you follow them
properly. So, fix your appointment to get my
advice that helps to maintain healthy lifestyle.
Why Go For My Diet Plan?
  • As a dietician I know what is best for your
  • I will recommend you a healthy diet plan that
    improve your quality of life
  • My consultations charges never cost you the arm
    and a leg
  • Ill tell you the healthy way to cure any

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