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Chemical Industry – Changes It Has Undergone


Change is the key to growth of any industry. The chemical industry has developed and undergone numerous changes with time. With aggressive research and development process, chemical manufacturers strive to introduce alternative products with better usage and sustainability. TatvaChintan – a leading manufacturer of chemical products – knows and has experienced the transformations closely. This piece provides a detailed insight on the major changes and trends observed in the manufacturing of various chemical products with time. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Chemical Industry – Changes It Has Undergone

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Walk Through History
The chemical industry including companies
focusing on production of industrial chemicals
and specialty chemicals were undergoing changes
overtime. The emergence of a wide array of
countries being specialty chemicals manufacturers
started out of consumption and became important
players for exports in the world. These
companies invested in plants built together by
partner countries and eventually emerging as an
industry filled with international players
dictating how business should work in chemical
The problem of protecting the environment seemed
to be a relevant issue even until now. Thus,
allowing chemists to discover new feedstocks to
replace oil and natural gas. The continuous
search for developments did not hinder chemical
manufacturers in discovering alternatives useful
to create products. However, with these
prominent discoveries lied conditions that
greatly impacts society and businesses.
Evolution of the chemical industry
PTC or Phase transfer catalysts
  • One of the developments in chemical industry
    involved Phase transfer catalysts.
  • It was seen effective in terms of speeding up
    results through transfer and combination of
    chemicals producing desired reactions.
  • However, chemists failed to consider the quality
    of such products needed to be manufactured
  • Companies must be able to establish proper
    interjection of PTC as chemical contents of the
    products delivered to the consumers may either be
    harmful or helpful for them.

Organic Chemicals
Organic chemical industry used coal and biomass.
Heating the coal will eventually form coal gas.
Coal tar will be then formed as a by-product.
Coal tar was crucial to the industry as many
useful chemicals can be extracted from it. On
the other hand, biomass undergoing series of
fermentation posed specific challenges. Using
these two examples will help us conclude that
chemical industry continuously discovers methods
of using the products further.
Specialty Chemicals
  • Specialty chemical manufacturers covers a wide
    range of chemicals used in diverse industries.
  • These chemicals are used to provide protection
    in agriculture, paints, inks, dyes, and pigments.
  • These new developments stemmed from research and
    developments made for chemical industry. One
    example of which is formation of household
  • Ink Jet printers came about because of
    innovative changes in specialty chemicals.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals
  • As chemicals role in the society and in the
    industry were proven vital for human well-being,
    chemicals were gaining more attention.
  • Amidst a great number of pharmaceutical drugs
    manufacturers, chemists seemed to neglect the
    need to provide good quality products.
  • Finding the best chemical supplier and
    manufacturers should be given keen consideration.
  • With the rise of pharmaceutical drugs
    manufacturers, cost attached to these chemicals
    will continuously challenge businesses.

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