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Head covering in Church


Should woman &/or men wear hats in church? Analysing all texts on issue. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Head covering in Church

HEAD COVERING the Glory of God
By ZG Hunt
Today, we have more serious issues to face, than
head covering. It is not a salvational issue.
SDAs, like many others, are majoring in minors.
While ignoring the weightier matters of Character
development - Will persecution reveal the
temperament of the Lamb and not of the dragon?
It is not our hair that is the problemit is our
TONGUES!!! All this debating on trivial things,
is only teaching us to have the character of
the beast.
  • In modern society, some Women reject the wearing
    of hats or veils, giving these reasons
  • It implies women's inferiority to men. ?
  • An example of Paul's male chauvinism. ?
  • A conflict between Paul women prophets ?
  • Un-certainty on validity of 1Cor for today. ?
  • Outmoded practice of the Apostolic Church ?
  • A local and temporary custom. ?
  • Veils were a Pagan Temple custom for prostitutes
    only. ?
  • It is old fashioned ?

  • Is Head Covering Legalism?
  • Legalism is looking to scripture, to earn
    salvation, see how much one can get away with.
    It is not searching, for that, which is most
    pleasing to God.
  • John 1423 He who loves me, keeps my commandments
  • The saints in the last days, will keep all Gods
    commandments, have the testimony of Jesus.
  • Obedience is a work of Grace, follows
    Salvation by grace.

  • Was Pauls main concern Men with long hair
    Women with bald heads? 
  • Romans 1516 That I should be the minister of
    Jesus Christ to the Gentiles.
  • He was teaching the Gentile Corinthians.
    Corinth was famous for its wealth, luxury,
    trade, temple prostitution and idol worship. 

The principal deity of Corinth was Aphrodite, the
goddess of love.  The temple of Apollo had to
have 1,000 young women as courtesans, or public
prostitutes, before the alter of love.Thus the
command to teach, baptize and teach again, was
needed in Corinth.
  • Thus, Paul wrote to the Corinthian believers
  • 1Cor 112 Now I praise you, brethren, that ye
    remember me in all things, and keep the
    ordinances, as I delivered them to you.
  • Head coverings, show acceptance of
  • Gods Creation order, in the church family.
  • Man was given a woman, whom he named.
  • As Testimony to the Angels
  • All this has to do with the glory of God.

ltltMennonites ltQueen Isabella of Spain
Laura Bush Popegt
  • 1Corinthians topics are varied and unconnected.
    The most common topic is
  • The Glory of God in Christian Conduct.
  • 1Cor 1031 Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or
    whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
  • Paul deals with
  • Individual misconduct abuses, then
  • Corporate assembly misconduct abuses.

Abuses The Glory Of God
  • The Corinthian believers were not living to the
    glory of God but to self-glory. This was the
    root of their trouble improper behavior.
  • Having come from a Greek pagan background, they
    still retained a high regard for man's
    leadership, wisdom, intellect, knowledge,
    understanding and eloquence. This led to a
    desire for ostentation.
  • This indicated spiritual immaturity, and the
    abuse of Spiritual gifts.

Abuses The Glory Of God
  • Paul starts by expressing his gratitude to God
    for the Corinthians' many gifts. He praises the
    Corinthians for adhering to his teachings.
  • He then admonishing them
  • 1Cor 129 No flesh should glory in His presence
  • 1Cor 131 He that glorieth, let him glory in the
  • 1Cor 27 God's wisdom is our glory
  • 1Cor 321 Therefore let no man glory in men
  • 1Cor 47 Why do you glory, as though you had not
    received it?

GLORY doxa - "brightness, splendour, radiance,
magnificence, fame, renown and honour". The verb
is I glorify. (In 1Cor 27-8 620 1031
117,15 1540-41,43) --------- GLORY
kauchaomai - "self-glory or boastfulness. I
glory or I boast". (In 1Cor 129, 31 321
47 56 915-16).GLORY physioo - "I puff up
arrogant, boastful, conceited, made proud".
(In 1Cor 46,18-19 52 81 134) ---------
The 1st means GIVING Glory, the other 2 means
TAKING Glory. (Glory1625)
3 Words Translated as "Glory
Individual misconduct Abuses
  • Paul admonishing various abuses
  • 1Cor 46 be (not) puffed up for one against
  • 1Cor 52 In sexual immorality they were worse
    than the pagans and yet were "puffed up"
  • 1Cor 56 Your glorying is not good as a little
    leaven (evil) leaveneth the whole lump.
  • Believers are suing one another in court.
  • 1Cor 620 Ye are bought with a price, therefore
    glorify God in your body and in your spirit which
    are God's.
  • 1Cor 81 Be not stumbling blocks to those with
    tender consciences in respect of food drink
    offered to idols (81).
  • 1Cor 916 it were better for me to die than that
    any man should make my glorying void. For though
    I preach the Gospel, I have nothing to glory of.
  • 1Cor 1031 whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory
    of God

Corporate misconduct Abuses
  • Now Paul talks about corporate gatherings for
    worship, prayer, the Lord's Supper, spiritual
    gifts. (1Cor 11-14)
  • He cautions against being puffed up in the use of
    spiritual gifts, offering the counterpoise, love.
  • 1Cor 134 charity envieth not charity vaunteth
    not itself, is not puffed up, 5 seeketh not her
  • Love is remedy for self-glorification in all its
    ugly manifestations. (Puffed-up 6x)
  • (Edify 8x)

  • Now we can discuss 1Cor 111-16.
  • Just as we must live to the glory of God, so we
    must manifest that glory in gathering for
    Worship, Prayer Communion. Angels witness
    disorder, because Men Women are filling the
    same function, in Church leadership.
  • In Paul's day, Jewish Roman men and women
    covered their heads, to pray. But the Greeks
    prayed sacrificed with heads uncovered.

  • This trade port congregation, had members from
    every nation. Paul reiterates why the Church,
    now 30 years old, cuts across the worship
    conventions of both Jews Greeks.
  • Paul compares the Corinthians, ignoring the
    Christian code of conduct, with the ignoring of
    the common practice in Christian assembly.
  • Pagan Romans offered libations, with the head
    covered" by a fold of the toga.
  • Pagan Greeks had bare or laurel-wreathed heads.
  • Jews wore the Kippah
  • Christian women wore veils.

  • "Among Greeks the habit was to offer worship with
    head uncovered." Alford's Greek N.T., V2 p 564
  •  "The Greeks (men women) remained bareheaded in
    public prayer" AT Robertson, Word Pictures in
    the NT, V4 p159
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Roman custom "heads are shrouded before the altar
    with a Phrygian vestment" Virgil, Aeneid, Bk3
  • "when thou payest vows veil thy hair"
    Virgil, Aeneis Bk3 p403
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "Let not the Wise Men, (Jews) nor the scholars
    pray unless they be covered" Maimonides.
  • "Among the Jews, so usual is it for their women
    to have the head veiled, that they may thereby be
    recognized." Tertullian, 160-225 A.D., De
    Corona, ch4

  • 1Cor 1116 But if any man seem to be contentious,
    we have no such custom, neither the churches of
  • JewsRomans (MF) pray with head covered
  • Greeks (MF) pray with head un-covered
  • Christians (M) pray with head un-coveredChristian
    s (F) pray with head covered
  • Paul did not follow Jewish or Greek custom.
  • It was Gods clear command that men were not to
    cover their heads in prayer, for all churches,
    all Time all Place.

  • Paul explains the Christian worship order, the
    reasons this is to Gods glory.
  • It is an injunction, to Both man woman
  • Man (Glory of God) may not cover his head
  • Woman (Glory of man) must cover her head.
  • Paul then answers his 2 questions1. Why must
    we practise head covering?2. Why must Men
    Women be different?

  • Now, Womans lib theology teaches that this
    ORDINANCE was only for the Corinthian Church
  • But, Paul includes in his greeting a phrase not
    found in any of his other epistles.
  • 1Cor 12 Unto the church at Corinth, to them
    that are called to be saints, with all that
    in every place call upon the name of Jesus
  • Paul starts his Church Order reasoning with
  • 1Cor 112 keep the ordinances as I delivered
    them to you.

  • The epistle to the Romans was addressed to the
    Romans, yet we rightly accept the teachings as
    binding on all generations, in all places.
  • 2 Corinthians was written to the assembly in
    Achaia, Galatians to Galatia, Philippians to
    Philippi etc, yet we acknowledge that whatever
    was written in them was relevant to all
    assemblies, of all times.
  • Yet, when Paul specifically commands this for
    "all that in every place believe, the Liberals
    reject it.

  • To show Universal application Time
  • 1Cor 1437 the things that I write unto you are
    the commandments of the Lord.
  • These commandments include
  • Head covering (1Cor 114-5)
  • Communion practice (1Cor 1123)
  • The exercise of Spiritual Gifts (1Cor 1230)
  • The practice of Charity (1Cor 134)
  • The use of tongues prophesy (1Cor 145)
  • Order in worship (1Cor 1426)
  • Different roles of men women (1Cor 1435)
  • ?Dare any dispute, that only 1 is invalid?

Commands given by God
  • Paul received all his teachings from Jesus, (not
    prophets or apostles) and handed them down to the
  • 1Cor 1123 For I have received of the Lord, that
    which also I delivered unto you
  • 1Cor 153 For I delivered unto you, first of all
    that which I also received
  • 1Cor 112 keep the ordinances, as I delivered
    them to you.
  • These commands were from God

Church Order
  • Church order is GodgtChristgtMangtWomangtChild.
  • 1Cor 113 I would have you know that the head of
    every man is Christ and the head of the woman is
    the man and the head of Christ is God.
  • This is called Creation order, as Man was created
    before Woman, and Children. This shows Gods
    plan through Subordination, to teach Salvation
  • In the Godhead, although All 3 Persons are equal,
    for order to be maintained, there must be
    headship and subordination.
  • The head covering, therefore honors Christ as the
    Creator Provider of salvation, Gods way!

Church Order
  • Man aner means Man, not Husband.
  • Woman gune means Woman not Wife.
  • Some translations imply that only husbands heads
    should be bare wives heads covered.
  • Thus unmarried men women are not addressd.
  • Other denominations teach that married women
    only, are involved here.
  • If an unmarried man can NOT pray with his head
    covered, what about the unmarried woman?
  • But when we see the purpose of the head covering,
    then we will understand that all Men Women,
    Married or Unmarried, come under Paul's

Church Order
  • 1Cor 114 Every man praying or prophesying having
    his head covered dishonoureth his head. 5 But
    every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her
    head uncovered dishonoureth her head, for that is
    even all one as if she were shaved. 6 For if the
    woman be not covered, let her also be shorn but
    if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or
    shaved let her be covered.

Church Order
  • Why were Prostitutes shaved? A shaved head
    shamed her, discouraged her clients. Short
    hair signaled that a woman was emulating a man.
  • Why should Uncovered heads also be shaved?
    Uncovered heads signaled that a woman was
    emulating a mans position. It shamed her,
    discouraged her listeners.
  • If the glory of Christ is the man, then it
    should not be covered.  If the glory of man is
    the woman, then it should be covered, before God.
  • Prov 124 A virtuous woman is a crown to her

Greek ART
  • Some imply that the ORDINARY Corinthian women had
    shaved heads! This is not supported by History,
    Art or the Bible.
  • 1Cor115 is even all one as if she were shaved
  • This shows that the woman had LONG hair on their
    head, else how could they be shorn.
  • So Paul was advocating a head covering, not
    saying that a womans hair is the covering. 

Greek ART
  • Greek art shows women with very long hair.
  • Even the men had long hair compared to today.

Greek Religius Practice
  • Corinth was a major center for Isis was
    popular among women.
  • Archeological evidence also shows that female
    devotees of Isis usually wore long hair and
    curls falling on the shoulder,' while male
    initiates had their hair shaven.
  • Isis made women's power equal to men's.
  • A traditional Jewish Christian view, that loose
    hair was a sign of uncleanness. Proper Jewish
    women braided their hair pinned it up.

Greek Hair Clothing
Greek Snood
Typical Greek clothing (MF)
Roman Veils
Augustus' wife Livia (50 BCE-29 CE)
Male priest
Chief Vestal Virgin
Altar Of Peace
Lucius Apuleius, wrote in 150AD, that women
wore veils when worshiping Isis.
Augustus Julia sacrificing 2Veils
Roman Bride
Roman Womans Hair
Long hair, parted in the middle, wound into a
knot called a chignon, Plaited.
Roman women relied mostly on elaborate hairstyles
and jewelry rather than clothing to vary their
appearance. In ecstatic rituals or worshiping
Dionysus (god of wine and revelry), women let the
hair down like the mythic Maenads (or Bacchae),
depicted in myth as madwomen.
Womans Hair in Pagan Rome
OT Pracice
  • Seraphs cover their faces feet in Gods
    presence (Isa 62)
  • Women in Moses time wore a veil (Num 518)
  • Rebekah veiled herself before meeting Isaac. (Gen
  • It was shameful to remove the veil (Songs 57)
  • No veil, indicates a loss of innocence (Isa

Early Church Pracice
  • Around the year 200, at Carthage, North Africa,
    Tertullian wrote The Veiling of Virgins.
  • Throughout Greece the majority of churches
    keep their virgins covered. ... So let no one
    ascribe this custom merely to the Gentile customs
    of the Greeks and barbarians. For to this very
    day the Corinthians veil their virgins. What the
    apostles taught, the disciples of the apostles
    confirmed. Tertullian, The Veiling of Virgins
    The Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. 4 pp. 27-29,33

200's Christian Catacombs -Rome
Early Church Pracice
  • Tertullian wrote
  • I also admonish you who are married, not to
    outgrow the discipline of the veil. For some
    women do not veil their heads, but rather bind
    them up with turbans and woollen bands. Others
    small linen coifs that do not even quite reach
    the ears.... The pagan women of Arabia will be
    your judges. ... who remain uncovered during the
    recital of the Psalms in prayer they only place
    a fringe, tuft, or any thread whatever on the
    crown of their heads. And they think that they
    are covered!

200's Catacombs-Rome
Early Church Pracice
  • Clement of Alexandria, in 190, wrote
  • "Let the woman be entirely covered ... And she
    will never fall nor invite another to fall into
    sin by uncovering her face. For this is the wish
    of the Word, since it is becoming for her to pray
    veiled." Clement, The Instructor 3.12
  • A woman did not go out in public without
    covering her head Talmud-Bereshit Rab 17 Ket

200's Catacombs-Rome
Early Church Pracice
  • Hippolytus, in 200 wrote
  • And let all the women have their heads covered
    with an opaque cloth, not with a veil of thin
    linen, for this is not a true covering.
  • Hippolytus Apostolic Tradition
  • When thou art in the streets, cover thy head.
    Do not paint the face, (but) veiling thyself as
    becomes women Apostolic constitutions 300AD

800's England
Church Practice
  • Christian women were covering their heads till a
    generation ago. 
  • Were our fore fathers wrong?
  • Was it truth then? 
  • God does not change, and we should not change the
    principles of God, to conform to this ever
    changing, corrupted world.

1200's Europe
Church Practice
1400's England
1400 Germany
1450 Italy
1500's Europe
1560 France
Church Practice
1580- Netherlands
1620- NewEngland
Church Practice
Church Practice
Catholic Practice
Catholicism The requirement that women cover
their heads in church was introduced for the
Latin Rite in 1917 with canon 1262 the 1983
revision declared the 1917 Code abrogated. it
is obligatory for bishops to wear the zucchetto
headcovering (or) ... a mitre ... (but it) is
removed during the Eucharistic Prayer.
Give Glory to God
  • It is an affront to God to draw people's eyes to
    a glory competing with His, in His house of
    worship. In other words... no one turns to stare
    at a woman with her head covered.
  • 1Cor 117 For a man is the image and glory of
    God, but the woman is the glory of the man.
  • 1Cor 129 That no flesh should glory in his
  • Isaiah 428 My glory will I not give to another
  • Angels cover their face, Cherubs veil Gods
    glory. Should we not also show reverence?

Give Glory to God
  • Man (church / family leader), reflects the image
    unveiled glory of God.
  • Woman reflects the fallen glory of redeemed
    sinners. The woman is the glory of the man, but
    not the image of man. Both were in the image of
  • 2Cor 44 Christ who is the image of God (Col
  • Gen 127 in the image of God created He male and
  • Gen 53 And Adam begat a son after his image
  • Rom 828 called 29 to be conformed to the image
    of His son. (1Cor 1549, 2Cor 318, Col 310)
  • Luke 2024 Penny whose image (is) Caesars. (Est
  • Rev 1314 make an image to the beast
  • Whos image is to be reflected in church? Mans
    or Gods?

Give Glory to God
  • We are to walk in the OLD paths, not be
  • Jer 616 Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the
    ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where
    is the good way, and walk therin, and ye shall
    find rest for your souls. But they said, We will
    not walk therein.
  • Heb 414 let us hold fast our profession.
  • Did you know, in 1902, there were only 5 divorce
    cases recorded in the USA?
  • Men treat women with more respect, if they are
    feminine, wear a dress head covering.

Give Glory to God
  • Can Man glorify himself above Woman?
  • 1Cor 1111 Nevertheless neither is the man
    without the woman, neither the woman without the
    man, in the Lord. 12 For as the woman is of
    the man, even so is the man also by the woman
    but all things of God.
  • Both are interdependent. In Creation, woman
    came from man. In procreation, man is born of
    woman. Without Adam, then would be no woman,
    without woman, there would be no men on earth.

Give Glory to God
  • At creation Eve was created equal to Adam. They
    were to complement each other.
  • Gal 328 in Christ there is neither male nor
  • Only after Sin, was Adam placed over Eve.
  • Gen 316 thy desire shall be to thy husband,
    and he shall rule over thee.
  • 1Pet 36 Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him
    Lord whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do
  • Tit 24 woman 5 keepers at home, good, obedient
    to their own husbands, that the word of God be
    not blasphemed.

Give Glory to God
  • Jude 16 And the angels which kept not their
    first estate, but left their own habitation, he
    hath reserved in everlasting chains unto the
  • All through the Bible, a woman is put under the
    rule of her father or husband. Submission to a
    man in God, is easier than to a variable man. It
    is exchanging fear for faith. It is an example
    to fallen Angles who abandoned their position.
  • But a contentious spirit is Maintaining your
    side of the argument having the last word.
  • In a family, Law Grace, must be in balance.

A Womans Glory
  • Can a Womans Hair be her covering?
  • 1Cor 1115 But if a woman have long hair, it is
    a glory to her for her hair is given her for a
  • The word "veil" (peribolaion), is different from
    head covering (kata kephales echon). The veil
    and the long hair, distinguishes a woman from a

A Womans Glory
  • 1Cor 114 having his head covered (G2596 kata)
  • down, about, after, covered (wholly).
  • 1Co 115 with her head uncovered (G177
    akatakaluptos) unveiled - uncovered
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • 1Cor 1115 for her hair is given her for a
    covering. (G4018 peribolaion perimeter) thrown
    around one, mantle, veil covering (Around)

Who is more naked?
A Womans Glory
  • Can Hair be a Womans covering?
  • 1Cor 116 For if the woman be not covered (with
    Hair), let her also be shorn (Hair cut???)
  • 1Cor 117 For a man indeed ought not to cover his
    head (with Hair), for he is the image glory of
  • How can a Woman cut hair that is not there?
  • How can a man not grow hair?
  • Or must a man shave his head to pray?
  • Hair as THE only covering makes no sense!!!

The word "a covering" is used. If a womans long
hair was spoken of, it would say the covering.
The Hair Veil are 2 layers of covering. What
does covered mean?"COVERED concealed
clothed vailed having a hat on wrapped
inclosed disguised.""UNCOVER to strip to
make naked. to bare the head. laid open to
view made bare." - Noah Webster's 1828
DictionaryThis uncovering of the head is like
being naked. Can a woman walk around without a
shirt? Can a woman wear mens clothes, or be
bald? Is there a difference between Men Women?
A Womans Glory
A Womans Glory
  • 1Cor 1110 For this cause ought the woman to have
    power a sign that she is under the power of her
    husband. on her head because of the angels.
  • Satan 1/3 of the angels rebelled against God's
    headship. A woman acknowledges that man is over
    her, then Christ, then God, even when no men are
  • The angles also have authority over the saints
  • Psa 9111 For he shall give his angels charge
    over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
  • It rebukes the fallen angels, in that she
    accepts God's order of head ship, not Satan's

A Womans Glory
  • So a woman who prays or prophesies without a head
    covering, dishonors her husband/father, Christ
    God. The punishment is of Spiritual adultery or
    slavery. Through shaving, her pride is taken
    away, she experiences the same loss of glory,
    that she brazenly offers to God.
  • The Disregard of the Covering, can lead to the
    disregard of other New Testament truths,
    resulting in Laodicea conforming to Babylon.

  • Head covering is an expression of
  • Authority of Gods headship
  • Headship with regard to salvation
  • Self glory replaced by Gods glory
  • Veiling replaces worldly make-up
  • Submission to Gods order Government
  • Glory of God, man woman, in its place
  • Replacing Cultural with Biblical Tradition
  • Creation, equality and interdependence
  • Obedience is not Bondage or Legalism
  • Submission is the evidence of Self-control
  • Jesus is the best example of veiled glory (Phil
  • The Tabernacle Gods glory had 2 veils.
  • The high priest wore a Mitre a crown (Ex 296)

Comments by ELLEN WHITE
Martin Luthers wife-Katharina-von-Bora
Some people use these 2 quotes from Ellen White,
talking about women taking their hats off in
church, as evidence that we no longer need to
obey this command. The sisters, as far as I
could see, removed their hats, and what a
pleasure it was to view their countenances. (8MR
page 19)all the sisters had removed their hats.
... The people were not obliged to stretch their
necks to see over a mass of flowers and ribbons.
I believe that this is an example worth following
by other congregations. (20MR p307)So they
went to church with hats, then removed them!!
Womans victorian hats were not modest, but
prideful. They were full of flowers and ribbons,
which made it hard for those behind, to see or
hear, the speaker.
Large Hats
If the women removed their hats, does it mean
that they had no head covering on? Probably
not. In photos of that era, notice that most
women wore their hair up, in net under their hats
or bonnets. This is especially evident in the
photos of Ellen White, where the snood can be
seen. Snoods or cauls were commonly worn to hold
the hair up, and a hat or bonnet was worn over
the top, when the woman went out of doors.
Under the Hat - Snood/Caul/Net
Snoods / Hair nets / Cauls
Hair pockets / Nets
Quaker dress
Snood / Caul Hats on top
Did EG White wear a hat?
the Southern California ... conference president
put his foot down, but he failed to reckon with
the little woman in the black bonnet.Adventist
Heritage - Volume 02, Number 01 On boarding the
train ... I did not, as usual when traveling in
the night, lay off my bonnet ... CET 147.4
The first car bell was ringing, as I put on my
bonnet. LS80 226.3 I had on an old velvet
bonnet that I was wearing the second season. I
washed the strings and placed them again on the
bonnet. 19MR 31.2
What EGWhite wore
Bonnets in church
A dress, a bonnet, an apron, All the religion a
few poor souls have, is to find fault ... 2SG
287.1 Jenny sends her, her best bonnet. WM
James Parton HR, July 1, 1871 (At my) baptism
A young woman her bonnet was adorned with
flowers ribbons bows and puffs. vanity
LS80 146.1
SDA Pioneers
Sojourner Truth
Mrs Lacey
James White Mother
Ameliana Church Bonnet
Mrs. Merritt
Jennie Trembley
L Hall
In the 1840s, large bonnets hid the face and
hair. ... (In) the 1850s, smaller bonnets with a
ruffle on the back. ... During the 1860s Poke
bonnets were common. http//www.ehow.com/info_8
Ellen White And Head Covering"I was shown that
some of the people of God imitate the fashions of
the world, ... God's ancient people, When they
went in public they covered their face with a
vail. In these last days fashions are shameful
and immodest. The small bonnets, exposing the
face and head, show a lack of modesty. the
curse which falls upon worldlings will fall upon
God's professed people." 2SG 227.1
From Bonnet to Facinator
upon the Sabbath . All should be cleanly in
person, neat and orderly in dress Individuals
have thought it would be wrong to wear anything
upon their heads but a sun-bonnet. ... It
cannot be called pride to wear a neat, plain,
straw or silk bonnet. (un) neatness
strengthens unbelievers in their conclusions.
4bSG 65
The question is often asked by my enemies Is
Sister White getting proud? I have heard that she
wore a bonnet filled with bows and ribbons.
My manner of dress is the same as it has been for
several years. I am opposed to hoops and to
wearing unnecessary bows and ribbons. I have worn
one velvet bonnet two years without change of
strings ... I put the same velvet upon a new
frame and am wearing it again this winter.
1T 251
Typical American Bonnets
Slat bonnet
Straw Bonnet
Cottage Bonnet
Cotton Bonnet 
Ex 296 and thou shalt put the mitre upon his
head, and put the holy crown upon the mitre.
Heb 93 and after the second veil, the
tabernacle which is called the holiest of
all.If the Temple Jesus has 2 veils, then it
is not strange that woman should have 2
coverings as well. (Hair Hood)
A Womans Glory
The Hebrew word (paar)6286 for Glory, Vaunt,
Beautify, Boast (Ex89, Jud72, Ez727,
Isa1015) is similar to the word for goodly
bonnet (peehr)6287 (Ex 3928).But God
will take away the fancy bonnets (Isa 320)
give us His Beauty for ashes (Isa 613). He
will cover us with His robe like an ornament
(Isa 6110, Ezek 3816).But makest thy boast of
God (Rom 217 ).
Final thought
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