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Diet for Weight Gain


Want to put on some weight? Don’t worry, opt the Diet For Weight Gain suggested and specially customized as per your body need by Dt. Shreya Katyal. Drop a mail to get in touch. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Diet for Weight Gain

Gain Healthy Weight Naturally
About Dietitian Shreya Katyal
I, Shreya Katyal, Dietitian and Founder of Diets
More, try to promote a healthy lifestyle with
healthy eating. I am more than happy to direct
people with the right path that not only helps
them in losing their weight but also take care of
your health in a natural way. Being an
experienced Dietitian In Rajouri Garden, Delhi,
I customize each diet plan as per the need of my
clients/patients. I always make sure that the
diet plans I suggest never affect your daily
lifestyle, and are very much in sync with your
eating habits, so that one doesnt have to go out
of the way to follow the diet given. I am
always there to guide my clients through thick
and thin that helps them to gain or lose weight
as per your body need. In almost all my diet
plans I suggest you the best food with a healthy
lifestyle change. I strongly believe that a
healthy body means a healthy mind, with which you
can live longer and disease free . Therefore, my
diet plans turn your weight loss dreams into a
beautiful reality. So, what are you waiting for?
Take your first step toward a healthy lifestyle.
Come and meet me to get your diet plan. And even
if you cant visit, dont worry. Enroll in for
the Online Consultation, and manage your weight
and eating habits at our convenience.
Gain Healthy Weight Naturally
Skinny people usually feel embarrassed due to
being under weight. Lots of people advice them to
do certain things in order to gain the weight
while eating high fat foods. However, such
advices are not always right because not all high
fat foods are good for the body. Some are even
that worst which harms the different organs of
the body in extreme. Gaining weight with the
healthy diet plans is the best alternative to
live a healthy life and enhance the overall
productivity with the same. There are certain
high fat yet best nutritious foods that make you
fit and fine no matter what happens.
Foods That Help You To Gain Weight In The Right
1. Rice The main staple food of different parts
of the country, Rice are high in starch and is
the best low cost carb source which help you to
gain the extra kilos naturally.
2. Nuts And Nut Butters Nuts like Almond,
Cashews, Peanuts and Walnuts are the rich source
of healthy fats that help you to achieve better
results when consumed in the great quantity on
the regular basis. Similarly, nut butters also
helps in the same.
3. Potatoes And Starches Potatoes are another
food to include in your diet if you are trying to
gain weight in the all natural and healthy ways.
They help you to add the extra calories in diet.
Such starchy foods include Potatoes, Sweet
Potatoes, Yam, Colocacia, Arbi, Winter Root
Vegetables, Corn, and Legumes.
4. Whole Grain Foods The whole grain foods are
high in carbohydrates and make you gain weight
simply. The high calories yet well-balanced meals
are combined better with the protein foods to get
the better results.
These are some tips that make you gain weight in
the right ways and let you enjoy the healthy
lifestyle while giving you better results with
the overall regulated functioning of the body. No
matter, you want to lose or gain some weight
Diets More have all the customized plans. Call
to get customized Diet For Weight Gain and Thank
me later.
Why Go For My Diet Plan?
  • I have customized diet plans to help you gain or
    lose weight as per your needs
  • My diet plans aim to give you a well balanced
    nutritious diets
  • I customize the diet plan to banish the crash
    diet options
  • Such plans do not require high efforts for a
    maintained diet
  • It has same results for the online consultations
    as the face to face one
  • All the plans are affordable and effective at the
    same time.

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