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Title: WPDigiPro Review - $9700 Bonus & 80% Discount

  • WPDigiPro review Sell Digital Products with
    Ease and Unlimited Products
  • WPDigiPro Helps You Start Selling Your Digital
    Products in a Matter of Minutes Without Hassle
    Free and No Complicated Setups.
  • https//crownreviews.com/wpdigipro-review
  • What Is WPDigiPro?
  • Today, people pay good money for something that
    has no smell, taste, weight, or volume
  • a product with no physical presence.
  • We live and work in an era of digital downloads,
    which are an enduring mark of our information
    age. The buying and selling of such intangibles
    is commerce as they know it today.
  • According to elearningindustry.com, the eLearning
    market is growing at an unprecedented rate, an
    incredible 51.5 billion revenue in 2016. And
    eLearning is just one of them... just one kind
    of digital products.
  • Enough said, digital product is a BIG thing
    today, and for the future!
  • If you have been struggling to sell your own
    digital product, whether
  • Software
  • Graphics

  • WPDigiPro is a brand new product that Tantan
    Hilyatana and his partner Santosh Singh have
    never released before. But actually, they have
    been using it for over ten months and GENERATED
    112,944.68 revenue when they use WPDigiPro to
    sell their own digital products.
  • With this software, you can
  • Add and sell unlimited products
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Deliver the product automatically to the buyers
  • Send email login to the buyers automatically

How Does WPDigiPro Work? Special Features of
WPDigiPro And if you think only the techie guys
who can do it, forget it now! With WPDigiPro,
you can manage, sell, and automate your digital
product business. With NO coding and NO
complicated setups! So you can... TAP Into
Digital Product Multi-Billion Industry According
to elearningindustry.com, the eLearning market is
growing at an unprecedented rate, an incredible
51.5 billion revenue in 2016. And eLearning is
just one type of digital products. There're also
other type of digital products such as software,
graphics, stock photos, music audios, and
animation videos. Imagine how BIG it
is...! "Digital Product on The Fastest Growing
Business in The World!" TURN Your Skills Into a
Money Machine Whether you are a photographer,
web designer, programmer, running an online
course, running a membership site, web agency,
graphic designer, music composer, or selling ANY
kind of digital products.
They have GENERATED 112,944.68 revenue over the
past few months when they use WPDigiPro to sell
their own digital products. And now is your
turn, selling your own digital products just like
they and other successful online entrepreneurs
do. And Make Money on Autopilot When they run
digital product business, they believe this is
the freedom and the easiest way to make money
online... Because it is! Transaction and product
delivery are done automatically without even
they do anything. And it doesn't matter even
theyre traveling, driving a car, sleeping...
digital product business runs 24 hours a day on
complete autopilot. You Can Build Your Own
Digital Product Business EASILY And QUICKLY
with WPDigiPro! Download Link Protection WPDigiP
ro protects your hard works. The download link is
only accessible by people who have bought your
products. Assign Trial Periods In some cases,
you want to let people try your products before
they buy. So they have added trial option for
your products. Adding License Key If you are
selling WP themes or plugins, you can add license
key for your products. This is the perfect
solution to protect your product from thief and
cheater. Enable Recurring Fee If you want to
sell recurring fee product, EASY! WPDigiPro
featured recurring fee option for your digital
products. Multiple Payment Gateways
Integration Inbuilt payment gateways PayPal
Standard, PayPal API, PayPal Sandbox (both
Standard and API), 2Checkout, 2Checkout
Sandbox. Flexible Product Buy Link Use your
product buy link anywhere such as in button, text
or on third party websites. You can set which
page to call once the product has been purchased.
Click Tracking Save TONS of money by not
spending on third party click tracking
applications. Use WPDigiPro easy to use system
in place which a newbie can also figured it out
in minutes! Product Report Statistic Graph
reporting to see your product sales stats with
date filters and product filters. Email
Notification Purchase receipt, sales
notification, login info, recurring billing
reminder, etc. You can customize the email
content, and turn on/off. Even they have provided
email templates for you, so you can start
selling in no time. Custom Currency You can
sell your products in any currency, it's up to
you to add custom currency. This is the perfect
solution if you're selling in your local
market. Pixel Management So you want to paste
your pixel code? Whether Facebook Ads conversion
pixel, Adwords conversion pixel, or any pixel
code out there! Page Protection Restrict
particular page for e.g. the buyers of product A
only. It's customizable, you can restrict as
many page you want, unlimited pages. And you can
restrict a page for multiple products as
well. Manual Payment Option Trust me, you'll
need manual payment. In a few cases, prospects
want to pay via wire transfer, and you can add
them to be able to access your products
manually. Compatible with WordPress
Multisite If you run multisite on your
WordPress, then WPDigiPro works on multisite
network as well. Autoresponders Integration
Add-On Included Integrated with tons of top
Autoresponders such as Aweber, Getresponse,
Mailchimp, Sendlane, ActiveCampaign,
CampaignMonitor, iContact, ConstantContact, Sendy,
MailWizz, Drip, ConvertKit, MailerLite, MadMimi,
Mautic. And theyll also add more Autoresponder
integration in the future with no additional
cost. 3rd Party SMTP Integration Add-On
Included When WPDigiPro sends automatic email
notifications, you can add custom SMTP for
sending those emails. This is the perfect
solution for better delivery. S3 Cloud Storage
Add-On Included You can put your product files
on Amazon S3. It's the perfect solution for
distributing large files. And your customers can
access the files through your site. Referrer
Add-On Included Inside your WP admin dashboard
you'll be able to see the referring sites that
refer to your website. It's a good feature to
let you know who mentioned your business. EDD
Migration Add-On Included If you already have
your own digital product system using EDD, then
you can migrate all of your products into
WPDigiPro. This add-on immensely saves you lot of
time! Invoicing in HTML and PDF Format Add-On
Included Complete system for generating invoices
for all customers. JVZoo Add-On Included You
get JVZoo add-on at no additional cost. Expand
your market by integrating your products into
JVZoo, just like they do. How It Works To Start
Selling Your Digital Products with WPDigiPro,
It's FAST and EASY in These 3 Simple
Steps Step 1 ADD A PRODUCT You can add as
many as products you want, UNLIMITED products!
From software, online course, graphics, and
more. ANY kind of digital products! Step 2
CHANGE SETTINGS Setup the payment gateway,
Autoresponder integration, email notification,
and more... ALL can be done inside your WP admin
Step 3 START SELLING It's all set... then you
are ready to START SELLING your products. Collect
money and deliver the products on complete
AUTOPILOT! Who Should Use WPDigiPro? How Can
WPDigiPro Help You In Your Business? If You're a
SOFTWARE/WEB DEVELOPER Sell your software using
WPDigiPro. If You're Running an ONLINE
COURSE Sell your training using WPDigiPro. If
You're Running a MEMBERSHIP SITE Charge
recurring fee to your members... daily, weekly,
monthly, or yearly. It's at your choice. If
You're Running a WEB AGENCY Use their agency
license, so you can charge thousands of Dollar by
creating digital product selling system to your
clients. If You're a GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sell your
beautiful creations using WPDigiPro. If You're a
PHOTOGRAPHER Sell your photos using
WPDigiPro. If You're a MUSIC COMPOSER Sell your
musics audios using WPDigiPro. OR, Selling ANY
kind of digital products! If you are a totally
NEWBIE, don't worry! They have provided COMPLETE
documentation and training videos inside member's
area - walk you through all the details about
WPDigiPro and how to use it.
Why Should You Get WPDigiPro Now? Literally You
Can Sell ANYTHING... eBooks Pour your skill and
expertise through ebook. Make money while you're
helping people. Photography Are you a
photographer? You can sell your amazing
photos! Audios Music So you have skill to
create the amazing audios and music tracks? Sell
them with WPDigiPro! Videos and Courses Pour
your skill and expertise through video. Make
money while you're helping people. Web Related
Products WP theme, plugins, web graphics,
script, web templates, and many more... Graphics
Clipart Vectors, clipart, flyer graphics,
business card design, cartoon, character
graphics, and many more. Software No doubt, in
the age of digital people need software for their
business and their daily activities. They need
it very much and eager to buy. Animation
Templates So you have skill in creating gorgeous
animation templates Adobe After Effects, Power
Point, Keynote, and many more. Sell your
beautiful creations using WPDigiPro. Video is
hot now and people are eager to buy! And ALL the
Kinds of Digital Products! You CAN Sell
Them... WPDigiPro can HELP you by managing ALL
the processes... From download protection,
payment gateway integration, automatic product
delivery, automatic members access, automatic
email notifications, and MANY more!
WPDigiPro takes care all the technical stuff, so
your business will run smoothly... then you can
focus on GROWING your business. Exclusive
Bonuses From WPDigiPro INVEST in WPDigiPro TODAY
and get INSTANT access to these bonuses. BUT
please be aware, they can't guarantee you can
get these bonuses once this special offer is
ended. SPECIAL BONUS 1 Digital Product
Creation Your guide to simple and effective
product creation. Cash in on the latest product
creation techniques and learn the secrets just
like the experts do! And the good news is you
don't have to be super-creative to produce your
own unique product. You may always do what so
many others do, and that's to upgrade something
that exists or make it greater and better. Must
have guide for you! SPECIAL BONUS 2 How To
Launch A Digital Product Business Discover how
to start, build and launch your own digital
product business without breaking the bank...
Find out how to create your first digital product
for sale and start getting sales on
autopilot! You'll learn how you actually go
about launching your product and generating huge
sales for it. SPECIAL BONUS 3 Email List
Secrets Step-by-Step Guide If you listen to
pretty much any top marketer, then they will
almost always tell you this. They will almost
always say that the most important aspect of
their marketing - the thing that led to their
success - is email. And there's a very good
reason for this. Discover the step-by-step
blueprint to building a thriving email list and
increase your profits starting today! Increase
your audience as well as increasing engagement.
The single most effective way to do that is with
email marketing. SPECIAL BONUS 4 The New
Traffic Generation and Beyond What you'll need
in order to achieve success is targeted traffic.
That means people who are seriously interested
in whatever information, product, or service you
happen to be promoting. Get ready to give your
business a huge upgrade, because you're about to
discover the time saving, profit boosting magic
of Traffic Generation! SPECIAL BONUS 5 How To
Read Your Customers' Minds
  • In this guide you'll learn the essential ways to
    find your new affiliates, the armies that
    promotes your products! If you want to grow your
    business, you need to grow your team of
    affiliates to increase sales.
  • Inside this video training, you are about to
    learn how to do it right that will really lessen
    your marketing expenses and have great return of
  • SPECIAL BONUS 6 Ways To Find New Affiliates
  • In this guide you'll learn the essential ways to
    find your new affiliates, the armies that
    promotes your products! If you want to grow your
    business, you need to grow your team of
    affiliates to increase sales.
  • Inside this video training, you are about to
    learn how to do it right that will really lessen
    your marketing expenses and have great return of
  • Conclusion
  • Secure Your Copy Today During Their Special
    Launch Discount Before It's Gone for Good. And
    You'll Be Getting
  • WPDigiPro Plugin
  • You Can Add Unlimited Products
  • Complete Documentation and Video Tutorials
  • SEVEN Add-On Plugins Included at NO Additional
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