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Organic Plant Nutrients


Many of us are concerned about how safe our garden's fertilizer is. We want to grow our own healthy veggies, but don't want to add to the problem of illness and pesticide poisoning. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Organic Plant Nutrients

Know How to Use Organic Fertilizer for Your Home
  • Many of us are concerned about how safe our
    garden's fertilizer is. We want to grow our own
    healthy veggies, but don't want to add to the
    problem of illness and pesticide poisoning. As
    plant and animal matter decomposition, the
    organic material breaks down into its inherent
    water and minerals. It is the natural process
    which takes place in a chain with a few
    exclusions. This naturally occurring manure
    includes animal wastes from meat processing,
    peat. The mycorrhiza fungi are responsible for
    supplying minerals to the host plants and in
    restoration the associate plants provide
    carbohydrates. Some people claim that fertilizing
    requirements of a garden is knowing when and what
    to apply in order to equip the plants' nutrient.
    An organic fertilizer can provide a natural and
    bio-available source of vitamins to plants.

Tips Of Using Organic Fertilizer-
  • Basically, inorganic fertilizers are made from
    synthetic, manufactured chemicals and our organic
    are made from naturally occurring anatomical
    material. This is the bit of restraints that
    sometimes the line between organic and inorganic
    fertilizers can get a bit blurred. In terms of
    encouraging crop grow Organic Fertilizer is just
    as good as manufactured fertilizers. Whereas
    these fertilizers are evaporated and organic
    fertilizers are more diluted throughout a large
    amount of biomass. On the one hand, this means
    you have to use more organic compost to achieve
    the same effect as a smaller amount of synthetic
    fertilizer. On the other hand, however, this
    means that the nutrients are released into the
    soil gradually in a slower and more consistent
    rate over the course of the crops growth cycle.

Advantages of Soil Stability-
  • The advantage of using Organic Plant
    Nutrients__DdeLink__742_1628131162 is that it
    improves the overall structure of the soil itself
    that leads to healthier plants to grow larger and
    live longer. Soil that has compost, added to it
    improves the long-term strength and stability of
    soil and plants. It remains airy and loose and is
    capable of retaining moisture and oxygen. The
    organic rich array of beneficial micro organisms
    such as bacteria, fungi or earthworms to keep the
    soil aerated and matter in the fertilizer
    attracts for a diverse. This also continually
    adds organic matter back into the soil, which
    creates a self-sustaining fertilizer as the cycle
    repeats over and over as there are always
    nutrients for the plants to absorb.

organic plant fertilizer
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